• Published 21st May 2019
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Discord's Playdates - Foal Star

Discord goes around Equestria to have fun with some padded ponies.

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story 3: Discord's and Trixie's padded magic show!

Trixie was sleeping in her home under the sheets one early morning. Her peaceful sleep was rudely interrupted as from out of nowhere her sheets were torn from her body. She squeaked upon seeing Discord hovering over with a stern look and his claws crossed over his chest. "Morning sleepy head."

Trixie grumbled, "good morning, Discord, what does Trixie hold the honor of having you here?" Her eyes tiredly narrowed.

Discord responded. "Well, I noticed you canceled all your shows and have been doing nothing but hiding in your wagon for the past few weeks."

Trixie growled, "why do you care? Shouldn't you be helping with dealing with this chaos magic or something?"

Discord smirked as he explained, "no, in fact, I've been tasked by Celestia to help motivate ponies to stop worrying about their padded rumps."

Trixie eyed him and replied, "why would Trixie care? She can't be seen in these." She gestured to her crinkly bottom, plain with no fancy print.

Discord took out a scroll and read it out loud. "Dear Trixie, I know that you and many ponies are still embarrassed by your diapers. I was hoping you can restart your shows with Discord assisting you to raise the spirits of ponies and make them feel more comfortable. I know this will be embarrassing and ill gladly compensate you with five hundred bits personally per show if you do this. Your royal highness, Princess Celestia."

He rolled it up and burst out green flames turning the scroll into a pile of cinders and continued, "now, Celestia and I have a good thing going here, so I don't want to disappoint her."

Trixie eyed him and asked, "how would you assist me?"

Discord snapped a claw as a wardrobe appeared. "How about I start by getting you dressed appropriately." He took out a purple thickly folded diaper with stars and moons printed on the fabric along with a cape that looked like it was made out of bedsheets.

The mare scoffed, "Trixie will not be dressed as a foal!"

Discord smirked as he responded, "Even for five hundred bits?"

Trixie sighed, seeing she had been past due on a couple of bills. "Fine! Trixie will do it! however, Trixie will not be treated like a baby!"

Discord snapped a claw poofing a purple pacifier into her mouth and commented, "yeesh someone woke up on the wrong side of the crib this morning."

He floated Trixie up on his magic, untapeing her sodden diaper. "Now, you still need diapers and something flashy, so this will be perfect." He finished unstrapping her as she squirmed about and poured a healthy amount of foal powder on her rump. Discord then proceeded and taped a big purple diaper with the yellow moons and stars printed on the fabric around Trixie's rump.

Trixie coughed a bit as the powder before shaking her head blushing at her attire. "This is so embarrassing. Trixie is still humiliated at the fact that she needs diapers."

"Now, now it's for the princesses," Discord retorted swiftly strapping the blanket cape around Trixie's neck. "I expect you to be on your best behavior."

She growled, "Trixie never wanted to do this in the first place, but whatever. It seems that Trixie doesn't have a choice."

She shifted about in her new diaper and began to waddle around the room, breaking it in. Discord then explained, "I am going to admit I don't do performances. I'll just assist you this one time."

Trixie sighed, "Fine whatever, now before I do anything I'm going to get something to eat."

Discord snickered, "sorry, but we have no time you'll get plenty of food later."

He then snapped a claw and teleported both himself and Trixie to a stage making her squeak seeing an entire crowd of ponies standing about all thickly padded. Even Celestia and Luna were sitting amongst the crowd wearing simple diapers with their cutie marks printed on them. Trixie gaped in surprise as Discord appeared with a top hat and a black cape as he proclaimed, "Welcome to Trixie's and Discord's magic show! Today I'll show you the Great and Powerful Trixie performs great feats with her diaper!"

All the ponies in the crowd burst into laughter as Trixie blushed out of embarrassment and whined, "seriously Discord! Trixie will not be doing magic tricks with my diaper!"

Many ponies groaned in disappointment as Discord took out his wand. "Oh don't worry folks Trixie will perform! Just watch as I start with a classic trick!".

He then zapped the diaper, making her squeak and blinked, "huh, you didn't do anything to Trixie's diaper!"

Discord gave the mare a mischievous grin as he asked, "Are you sure?"

Curious Trixie took a hoof and placed it down into her padding and squeaked as she pulled out a stuffed bunny making the ponies in the crowd oooh and awww. Trixie grumbled, "what else did you stuff in Trixie's diaper?"

She squealed as it started to bulge and shook about with feathers bursting out of the diaper. Trixie took the seam of her diaper with her magic and slowly opened it, and a dozen doves burst out flapping into the sky as the ponies cheered. Discord came over and exclaimed, "well, if you think that's great were just getting started!"

He then took out his wand again as he shot magic at Trixie she squeaked in surprise as she was now strapped in a purple highchair. Discord replied, "now Trixie, woke up early this morning and was quite hungry, so how about we feed her."

He took out a giant jar labeled "mystery Foal food." Taking out a large rubber pink spoon and set it inside the jar and explained, "now let's see how much foal food our little Trixie can eat!"

He then took it out filled with rainbow colored goop and shoved it into Trixie's mouth. She blushed seeing how the food seemed to taste so good like strawberry ice cream mixed with cheesecake. However, the second scoop looked like a sickly green color as it was shoved inside her mouth. This time it tasted like mashed peas, kale and spinach all mixed together making her want to throw up. However, she could barely catch her breath as another scoop plunged into her mouth. Discord continued with another scoop of foal food as it went back and forth between the good sweet foal food and the bitter, nasty flavors. Discord then paused as he exclaimed, "now I think that Trixie has eaten enough, don't ya think?"

The mare blinked as she was confused and looked down and gasped in disbelief sending her belly was now pudgy and bulging outward like a balloon. Discord took out a giant foal bottle filled to the brim with chocolate milk. "Now, let's see if this can help!"

Without warning, he shoved the rubber nipple into Trixie, and the mare groaned as she gulped down the milk. It was warm, sweet, and quite tasty. Despite being concerned, knowing that the milk was going to do something to her, she seemed unable to take the bottle out of her mouth. The mare continued to gulp down its contents as her belly and body expanded. She grew bigger and bigger until Discord pulled the bottle out and then took the bloated Trixie out and placed her over his shoulder as he proclaimed, "watch as I the Crafty and mischievous Discord burp The cute and padded Trixie with one swat on her padded rump!"

He lined himself up to her thick diaper and gave it a pat making the mare let out a long burp as thousands of bubbles flew out into the ooohing crowd. As she deflated Discord placed her back down the magician hiccuped more bubbles and gave a bow as the ponies cheered! Trixie continued to bow, loving the praise. "Thank you! thank you!"

Discord flew over and snickered, "well, after drinking all that chocolate milk went through you. let's see how Trixie's diaper can handle it."

The mare blushed as a hisss echoed from her diaper, making many ponies in the crowd giggle and awww. Trixie whimpered, feeling her purple diaper swell and expand as the wetness indicators disappeared. It continued to increase now into an enormous bulky size. She squeaked as her diaper grew so massive that even her legs were lifted off the ground. Discord pulled the back of her diaper and proceeded to pour an entire pitcher of water and watched as the diaper swelled a bit more. He then plugged a tap into the front of the diaper, he then turned to the audience and replied, "now, you may think pee will come out when I turn this but I'm going to tell you that your wrong."

He opened the tap and took a giant mug as it filled up with lemonade and chugged it down. "Aww, cold sweet lemonade."

Many ponies awwed as he placed an entire barrel under the diaper and pulled on the tab as lemonade poured out and into it. Trixie whimpered and shook about feeling so awkward about this until it was filled and Trixie's diaper was back to a reasonable size. Getting up, she checked her now dry diaper as Discord gave out fresh glasses of lemonade to the crowd all nodding in approval as it tasted quite good. Discord then cooed, "don't worry it's not pee trust me on that one. Now, while you enjoy your lemonade Trixie and I will go for a five-minute intermission." He then took the blushing Trixie by the hoof and led her backstage."

Once backstage, Discord turned around and asked, "so...what do you think? Are you enjoying yourself."

Trixie crossed her hooves and with blush and admitted, "you know what? That was fun. I think Trixie can do this!"

Discord gave a nod. "Good, I hope so! In any case, we need to start the next act soon." He then took out a giant rectangular box. "This time we're going to need a volunteer from the audience."

Trixie squealed "all right!" she then took a baby bottle and chugged it down. The mare than waddled back out onto the stage and proclaimed, "hi, everypony! Trixie is back with a new trick may I have a volunteer!"

The audience members all gave each other nervous glances and whispered amongst each other as she looked around the crowd. The mare spotted a padded Starlight Glimmer in the crowd and asked, "hey! How about you come up here and help me Starlight?"

The light velvet coated mare shrugged, "alright I've assisted in your shows before this shouldn't be any difference."

As she walked up onto the stage as she was escorted into the big box the mare blushed as it closed shut. Trixie then picked out a big toy saw and started to cut through the middle of the box. As it opened was cut in half, she then took the bottom and placed it on top, making every pony gasp.

Trixie then opened the top box and showed Starlight's face which now had a hoofball helmet made of diaper material as she growled and snarled through the padding. Everypony bursting into laughter. Trixie then snapped her wand as Starlight was placed back in the box and they shifted about then the boxes opened again revealing Starlight's body where she was now wearing her diaper looking like a thick white padded onesie around her upper chest making everypony burst into even more laughter. Trixie then placed her back into the box as they shifted about once again and Starlight squeaked as she stepped out with her entire body in a padded diaper suit now strapped around her body. As Trixie proclaimed to the audience, "now give Starlight a round of applause!"

They all started clapping their hooves, and Starlight bowed clumsily as she quickly waddled back into the audience being too embarrassed to say anything. Trixie was quite happy with her work as she turned to see Discord come over with a smirk on his face. "Well I am quite happy to see our Trixie finally getting others out of their comfort zone, I'll pick the next volunteer."

He pointed a claw straight at Celestia and asked, "hey, why don't you come up here and be a volunteer?"

The princess eyed him but shrugged flying over and landed next to Discord and asked, "so what do you have in store for me?"

Discord placed a claw to Celestia's mouth. "You're just going to have to wait and see!"

He then took out a giant wheel as he strapped her onto it as she grumbled, "you better not do anything too embarrassing."

Discord smirked, "come on, you spend your weekends acting like a foal. I can't top that!"

The princess alicorn and blushed as she then spun the wheel and spun the princess around and around at a relatively fast speed. He then took out darts and aimed at Celestia who squeaked as they hit her diaper and they absorbed into the padding, creating an image of something foalish like a rattle, baby bottles, and teddy bears. It even got bigger after he threw every dart the diaper around her rump also way thicker ballooning between her legs. Discord then took Celestia's hoof as she waddled over with her face now a beat red and was too embarrassed to say anything as she simply bowed. Everypony applauded as she grunted, flying back to her spot. Trixie snickered "now Discord, I think that it's about time you became the assistant."

She opened her diaper and took out three foldable hoops made of plastic foam like substance and threw it into the air. As they levitate, she asked, "now Discord step through these hoops."

The draconequus grumbled as he flew through the three hoops and laid himself through them. Trixie smirked as she flicked her claw as they poured its energy into him. The draconequus was slowly powdered all over his body as a diaper was placed around his rump. He squealed as he burst from the other end and plopped down fully padded and covered in foal powder with two big pink blushes burned through his cheeks, making everypony laugh. Trixie turned around and rose up in their showing off her thick purple padded rump and exclaimed, "I think that you look rather good in all that foal powder, but Trixie can make you look even better!"

A onesie suit appeared around him with a red polka dotted bow tie and rolling around on a giant ball making everypony laugh and jeer. Trixie raised her hooves as she then added giant foam balls flying overhead and he had to juggle them while balancing on the giant ball at the same time. The laughter and jeering turned into applause as Trixie zapped him again and all the balls and foal powder disappeared, leaving him in just a giant thick diaper. The crowd continued to applaud as Discord squeaked taking off his diaper. Trixie then took out a hoof and helped Discord up as they both bowed as the audience all stood up and continued to applaud. Discord blushed as Trixie rosed onto her back hooves once again and exclaimed, "thank you! Thank you! The show is over for now as Trixie needs a break! We shall return in a few hours!" They then broke off as the two waddled quite happily backstage.

The two now sat across from each other on a small table backstage drinking baby bottles that were filled with chocolate milk. Trixie blushed as she asked. "So...am I going to be able to keep the enchanted diaper?"

Discord shrugged, "I guess if you want, I have to admit your getting into this more so than I expected."

Trixie bounced up and showed her padding in their fully crinkly glory and exclaimed, "Since everypony wears diapers, I have the best magical diaper ever!"

Discord snickered, "well, I guess so I did design it myself, my little troublemaker."

Trixie blushed as she waved a hoof. "Stop it Discord; you keep flattering Trixie! It's making me all giddy!"

Discord flew over and placed a graduation cap on her head and proclaimed, "I guess your now an official graduate of knowing how to use chaos magic."

She gasped and asked, "wait, are you leaving Trixie? You can't! Trixie needs your assistance in making this work!"

Discord replied, "well, I guess that just means I'm going to have to pair you with some new assistants."

He then snapped a claw as two guards appeared one was a bat pony mare and the other was a white-coated stallion pegasus both thickly padded. Discord turned a claw and explained, "this is Cannon Feather and Moonbeam both astounding guards. I'm sure they can assist in your shows if you want?"

Trixie waddled over and looked the guards over and replied," fine they'll do."

Cannon Feather started to stomp about and shouted, "seriously! We didn't sign up for this!"

Moonbeam also shouted, "yeah! Cannon Feather and I were on a date, and you just ruined it !"

Discord blushed as he tried to explain the situation. "I know, I know...but Trixie here needs help with her shows, and you two are very dedicated and doing a great job. If you do, I'll ask Celestia to raise your pay."

Both looked at each other and gave nods as Cannon Feather replied, "well she needs to schedule her in advance as we both still need to guard the princesses during their...um...special time."

Trixie shrugged, "Trixie is fine with that as she also needs to reschedule things."

Discord gave a nod, "well that settles it...except that Celestia wants you to do this show throughout Equestria."

Trixie sighed, "look, that's going to take some time getting all over the place, though."

Discord gave the mare a pat on the head, "I already solved that issue, and a few more come on, I'll show you."

They all started to enter the wagon and gasped seeing a new big purple changing table with a large bed with rails, a play mat that looked like a map of Equestria, along with a closet filled with foalish props. There was a model of Trixie's wagon on the ground, and he explained, "if you put this wagon on the map you'll instantly teleport there. Trust me; I have selected open areas where nopony will be hurt." Trixie started to tear up and then she waddled over and hugged draconequus and whispered, "Discord...thank you."

The draconequus blushed as he patted the mare on the back. "It's okay, don’t get all emotional on me okay!”

Trixie broke off the embrace and replied, “alright Discord, just thanks Trixie really needed this to get out of her slump.”

Discord backed off with a blush growing on his face as he continued to explain, “now if you need any help just let me know."

The show mare then threw her new cape aside as she pointed at her diaper. "Trixie has all the help she can get."

Trixie then waddled off as she went to do another show and stood on her back hooves showing off her cute thick purple padding and kicked her forelegs in the air as she proclaimed, "watch out world! The great and padded Trixie is coming!"

Discord snickered as he crossed his claw and snickered, "That will do Trixie, that will do."

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it. Looks cute and beautiful as well. When it te next chapter is going to be and im like to see more of this story

Now this is a bunch of side stories

How can there be a sequel when the story that this is a sequel to is incomplete?

These were side stories going on around the same time as Pinkie Pie's just to give more context of the extent of the Diaper curse

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