• Published 21st May 2019
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Discord's Playdates - Foal Star

Discord goes around Equestria to have fun with some padded ponies.

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Story 2: The trial of the royal padded guard

Cannon Feather was a white-coated pegasus of the royal guard. He was padded like all the rest of the royal guards. At the moment, they were all gathered outside of the Canterlot palace courtyard alongside the padded bat pony night guards. As he waited, he turned around to see a cute bat pony with a grey coat and blue bat wings. She smiled at him, holding out her hoof. "Hey! How's it going?"

The stallion squeaked as he shook it and stammered, "um..m..my name is Cannon Feather."

The mare giggled and chirped, "name's Moonbeam, guess you're wondering why we're out here as well?"

Cannon Feather gave a nod. "Cool name, and no, I have no idea why we're out here. I just heard that announcement from Celestia to come out here for a team building exercise."

Moonbeam looked over and nodded. "Yeah, Luna told us the same thing it was weird. I mean she must have been using her royal Canterlot voice."

Cannon Feather shrugged, "It must have been something important then. Maybe they found a cure for our diaper problem."

Moonbeam blushed as she turned around to look at her diaper. "Yeah, hopefully. These diapers make it hard to fly."

Cannon Feather rolled his eyes and groaned, "You're telling me! Every time I go through a cloud, my diaper soaks up all the water! It's so annoying!"

Moonbeam snickered as she replied, "Well, I guess I fly at night more, so I don't have to worry about that. But I sometimes wear two diapers just in case if that happens."

Cannon Feather couldn't help but daww and comment. "That would be cute to see you flying around double padded like that."

Moonbeam smirked as she replied. "Oh yeah, I bet you would cuter than me with three diapers on seeing you have to deal with more clouds then me."

Discord then suddenly appeared out of nowhere in a cloud of white smoke that smelled a lot like baby powder as he reared up and exclaimed, "hello padded guards! I'm Discord as you all know and I'm the one who called you all down here! For tonight you will participate in what I like to call the Padded Pony Labyrinth!"

All the guards rolled their eyes, and most began to waddle off, not wanting to deal with the lord of chaos and his antics. Discord smirked as he continued, "before you go! I would add that both Princess Celestia and Luna both have sanctioned this little contest to see who will be their bodyguards."

The guards all turned their heads now a little curious as one grey coated stallion asked, "do you have any proof! And even if the princesses sanction this challenge, why would they make you run it!?"

Discord turned around and explained, "well it's obvious, I'm the only one who can judge who can see who will endure the most embarrassing of circumstances while you're in diapers. As you all know, this curse won't go away anytime soon. I have to see who can provide the princesses the most protection and deal with the most embarrassment at the same time."

Discord then revealed a scroll seeing the signatures of the princesses on it. "You see this is a sealed document for a declaration of this challenge and signed by both Princess Luna and Celestia. Now if-"

Some guards still waddled off, not wanting to deal with Discord even for a higher position while many ponies began to murmur among themselves as interest began to grow. Discord gave a nod, "I assume those who have stayed will be contestants, Now first I want each day guard partnered with a night guard."

They all began to slowly find teammates as Moonbeam turned to Cannon Feather and asked, "Hey, would you like to be my partner?"

Cannon Feather face turned a beet red and gave a nod. "Sure, lets partner up." she squealed jumping over his neck and hugged him close as he gasped in surprise. "Wow your quite energetic!"

She giggled, "many call me the Pinkie pie of bat ponies." she kissed him on the cheek and nuzzled into him. He blushed, looking around, seeing that all the day guards have found a nightguard."

Discord gave a nod, "good, now that we're all partnered up let's begin!" he took out both arms and in the middle of the yard a giant labyrinth made of padded baby blue walls and a pink padded floor.

The guards were amazed upon seeing the maze in its full glory with a pink sign overhead that read "Discord's Labyrinth and Play area for Padded Royal Guards."

Many of the guards blinked in confusion on reading the sign as Cannon Feather asked, "uh Discord? Why does it say a Play area!"

The drac smirked as he explained, "hold on and let me explain the rules. First, the main goal is to find the center of the maze, but along the way, you will encounter traps and obstacles. Some will transform you or regress your mind or body. Now if one of you becomes incapacitated, it will be up to your partner to help you to the center of the maze. If you and your partner, however, both become unable to finish, then you'll be disqualified and reverted to your normal state. The first group to find the center become the new personal bodyguards of the princesses. Do you all understand the rules?"

Everypony nodded as he raised a claw, "now go on and do your best."

As they all hesitantly began to enter the labyrinth, Moonbeam whispered into Cannon feather's ear, "hey, let's go last."

The stallion asked, "why? Don't you want to win."

The bat pony explained, "if we go last, and we see ponies turned into babies or whatever then we'll know where not to go."

Cannon Feather chuckled, "ok fine, let's go last." The two moved slower than the rest of the guards entering the padded halls of the maze. Cannon Feather and Moonbeam both waddled down the hall and peeked around one corner seeing a giant teddy bear holding a padded dayguard while the night guard was trying to shout at the stuffed animal. Moonbeam whispered, "let's find another way."

Cannon Feather gave a nod as the two continued onward only to find a ball pit with a rope bridge made of Twizzlers stretched across it. They looked down at a few guards have fallen in and were bouncing around giggling throwing the plastic balls at each other. Cannon Feather turned around and snickered, "hey at least we have wings!"

Moonbeam blushed, "um knowing Discord we probably should just use the rope bridge."

Cannon Feather then turned around and noticed that the fallen guards were bat ponies and pegasi. The stallion gulped, "right, you have a point good thinking Moonbeam."

He gulped as he took hold of the rungs on the sticky bridge and began to wobble around whispering, "don't look down, don't look down."

Many of the regressed guards shouted, "hey! Let's throw balls at him!" He squeaked as plastic balls were thrown at him, and he shouted, "hey, stop that!"

Moonbeam began to climb through as she insisted, "just go!"

Cannon Feather growled, but he continued to stumble on the rope bridge as it swung around and being pelted by plastic balls. Cannon Feather hopped off as he saw Moonbeam struggling to stay on he then took out a hoof and shouted, "hey Moonbeam take my hoof!"

She squeaked "what! Why!?"

He shouted, "just do it!"

She gave a nod as she took out her hoof and grasped it as he grunted pulling her with all his strength and they both squealed flailing over, and Moonbeam plopped onto his diaper making it poof out foal powder and creating audible crinkling noises. She looked down at the dazed stallion smiling at him. "Thanks for the soft landing."

He blushed and replied, "It's no problem, but can you please get off."

She fluttered off and held out a hoof helping Cannon Feather to his hooves who looked down at the poor guards being lifted by a metal claw by the seam of their diapers and taking them out of the labyrinth. He sighed, "we should be more careful now come on."

Moonbeam gave a nod as she waddled alongside him they continued onward until they came upon a conveyor belt with a big green sign lighting overhead. Cannon Feather grumbled, "I have a bad feeling about this."

Moonbeam shook her head, seeing there was a control panel with a screen. She waddled over and explained, "so one of is going, and I'm betting I can control what goes on in there using this,"

Cannon feather peered inside the dark hole and grumbled, "I can't see a thing. Are you sure this is a good idea?"

Moonbeam rose up on her back legs like a toddler trying to grab something from the countertop, revealing her cute diaper with little smiling bast printed on the fabric and purple leak guards lining the diaper. She turned around and smirked, "stop staring and get in there."

He sighed waddling into the confines as the machine replied in a feminine robotic voice, "transporting the subject in progress."

He gulped as he was moved down the line and saw a needle coming from behind he shouted, "moonbeam do something!"

The mare looked down and was going to pull a lever to control the needle, but then she saw a big red button flashing. Unable to help herself, she slammed a hoof onto it, seeing a green button flashing in response. She reached over without hesitating and pressed that one next. Then the blue button began to blink, and she started to drool a little as she hit the buttons on the device giggling like a foal playing with a toy. But she didn't realize those lights were keeping her from helping Cannon Feather as the needle hit his padded rump and injected a liquid inside making his padding grow thicker around his legs. The stallion shouted, "Moonbeam! Help!"

The mare squeaked as she snapped out of her trance and gasped seeing Cannon Feather's diaper growing thicker between his legs spreading them apart. But Moonbeam was able to pull on the lever, and the needle popped out of his padding as he growled, "hey aren't you supposed to keep that thing away from me! What happened?"

Moonbeam blushed as she spoke through a speaker "sorry, um...this dashboard had some lights that hypnotized me. I'll try to be more vigilant."

The stallion grumbled, "you better," he then entered another room where he saw metal claws with three giant diapers coming his way. The stallion shouted, "Moonbeam!"

She looked down at the lever and was going to pull it, but the lights on the dashboard started to glow and blink again this time making sounds. She cooed and giggled like a foal and started to slam her hoof on the flashing lights as they were making a feminine robot voice coo, "good girl! Press the blue button."

The bat pony did as the voice asked slamming her hoof on the blue button and it cooed, "good job! Now hit the red button!"

As Moonbeam played with her dashboard, the metal claws were strapping one of the diapers around Cannon Feather's rump he squeaked, "hey Moonbeam snap out of it! Your not a foal!"

She looked at the screen and whined, "but I'm learning my colors!"

Cannon Feather groaned knowing that Moonbeam's mind regressed a little. He shouted, "um...hey, Moonbeam! Um...there's a lever on that toy do you see it!"

Moonbeam looked up and replied, "yeah, I see it, but it's boring. I wanna play with the blinking lights!"

Cannon Feather squeaked seeing he now had two diapers strapped around his rump and a third was starting to be taped around him as he exclaimed, "Hey! If you pull the lever, I'll get you candy!"

She gasped in surprise, "really ya, gots candy!"

Cannon Feather squeaked as the third padding wrapped around his rump and being trapped, and he shouted," yes! Pull the lever, please!"

Moonbeam giggled "otay!" she then took the lever and pulled it down with all her might, and the metal claws were suddenly raised, and Cannon Feather gave a big sigh of relief. The final touch was for a onesie coming down towards him as he shouted, "hey Moonbeam!"

But she was now back to playing with the blinking lights again as Cannon Feather shouted," candy! You'll get candy if you pull the lever!"

But Moonbeam's mind was now completely fixated on the toy and flashing lights as a baby blue onesie with "padded poofy guard!" on the fabric. He was trapped, and he could hear the button hatch snap as he was pushed out of the end of the conveyor belt wand was plopped down on his extremely padded rump. The conveyor belt then disappeared in a puff of smoke as he turned to see Moonbeam cooing as she played with a toy that had the flashing buttons. The stallion sitting upward in his thickly padded rump grumbled," Moonbeam, can you come over here and help?"

She looked up and then asked, "yeah but ya said ya gots candy, right?"

He groaned, seeing he has no candy on him then his ears perked up. "wait...yeah! There's candy back at the licorice rope bridge! we can go there after you take these diapers off me!"

Moonbeam squealed "yay! candy!" she waddled over and unhatched the onesie and began un-tapeing the diapers. "So what candy is it!"

He sighed, "licorice!"

She squealed and clapped her hooves. "Oh, that's my favorite! I'm gonna eat it all!"

She starred un-tapeing the second diaper only to squeak as his main diaper poofed out due to how thick it was. He groaned getting up seeing the hatch around his rump reattach itself magically making him roll his eyes. He waddled along as they went back to the licorice bridge and he saw that more pegasi and bat pony guards have fallen inside flapping their wings and giggling throwing balls at each other Moonbeam took hold of the licorice and pulled back on it happily. Cannon Feather sighed sitting back, watching as he grumbled, "I wonder how long it will be before she goes back to being normal?"

Moonbeam chewed on the licorice for sometime before she blinked and rubbed her eyes. "um..Cannon Feather?"

The stallion smiled as he waddled over and patted her on the shoulder. "Hey, how was the licorice?"

She gulped the rest of the candy down and sighed, "it's fine; I'm sorry for what happened that devices did a number on me."

Cannon Feather nuzzled her. "Come on let's get out of here before those foals throw more balls at us."

Moonbeam giggled as she fluttered alongside Cannon Feather.

A few minutes go by as the two continued their trek avoiding more traps along the way. They both peered down one aisle to see a royal guard and his bat pony partner trapped in boxes in frilly pink dresses, with white petticoats underneath that showed off their thickly padded rumps. Moonbeam blushed and whispered, "um, let's not go that way."

Cannon Feather gave a nod as they waddled along down the hall and then they came upon a playpen filled with giant teddy bears. Cannon Feather sighed, "so we either go down the frilly dress hall, or we get mauled by teddy bears."

Moonbeam sighed, "I would rather we get mauled by teddy bears. Let's go slowly, maybe their asleep."

The two climbed over the plastic fence and waddled across the ground trying to avoid the dozens of squeaky toys that littered the ground. They waddled along, and Canon Feather's new thick diaper made his sway back and forth. Moonbeam turned around and whispered, "go slower, you almost hit that rubber duckie."

The stallion growled under his breath. "You try walking in this super thick diaper! I can barely move in this thing!"

He then toddled forward only to hit a doll that squeaked, "Hello I'm a little filly! Play with me!"

Both Moonbeam and Cannon Feather gulped as they turned to see the teddy bears waking up and walking towards them. The bat pony shouted, "run Cannon Feather!"

The two ran as fast at their padded rumps would allow towards the end of the playpen. But Cannon Feather was a bit too slow and was scooped up by two of the teddies. He squeaked, seeing they were putting bows in his mane and tail. Moonbeam gasped "they were the ones who made those other guards into dolls I need to save him but how!"

She then saw on the bellies were big dots that read "hug me" She waddled over and hugged one of the teddies as it giggled "Aww thanks."

Foal powder bellowed from the teddy bear enveloping her as she giggled feeling her mind was regressing again. But the teddies seemed to be looking down at her now. Moonbeam waddled over and hugged the other one and felt more foal powder hit her face. She giggled and nuzzled it close and cooed," so soft and cuddly!"

They dropped Cannon Feather down onto the ground, and he turned to see Moonbeam was in the embrace of one of the teddies. He waddled over and tugged on her hoof, "come on we need to keep going."

She shook her head and hugged the teddy closer. "No! I wana hug my teddy!"

Cannon Feather saw a smaller teddy bear on the ground. "Hey, Moony! I got a smaller teddy you can cuddle!"

Moonbeam gasped and fluttered over hugging it "yay! Teddy!"

But this also made the bigger teddy bears jealous, and they started to waddle towards the ponies as Cannon Feather grabbed Moonbeam by the hoof and they both climbed over the plastic fence and plopped on the other side. She giggled hugging her new teddy as Cannon Feather ruffled her mane. "Thanks for saving my rump a second time."

She giggled and asked, "no problem! Ya gots more candy?"

Cannon Feather got up shaking his head. "No, but I'm sure we'll find some more if we keep going."

Moonbeam shrugged, "otay." she then continued to follow Cannon feather along as he grumbled, "I just got her back to normal, maybe candy is the antidote for her regressed mind."

They then came across a rainbow made of skittles raining down and a black pot filled with chocolate coins covered in gold foil. "Candy!" Moonbeam cheered leaping for the gold.

Cannon grabbed her tail tugging. "No stop your going to get a tummy ache if you eat all that!"

"But I want it!" Moonbeam whined wigging her padding behind.

The stallion couldn't hold onto the mare, and she rushed towards the pot of chocolate and started to gorge on it. Cannon Feather watched as the mare's body bubbled and bulged out a little it was foal fat and after she finished the entire pot, she groaned holding her belly. "Ugh! What did I eat?"

Cannon opened his mouth to speak but then closed it. After all, it was rude to call a mare fat, but clearly, she had gotten pudgy. "Um…" He trotted over gently, rubbing her tummy in hopes of helping.

She sighed, "I guess my mind got regressed again, and I ate too much candy, huh?"

Cannon Feather gave a nod, "yeah, it seems candy is also the antidote as well. But we should keep going were probably near the center of the maze."

Moonbeam grumbled, "alright, let's get going." She got up and wobbled along with Cannon Feather feeling slightly more cumbersome, but she wasn't sure why. Her steps were more clumsy, as well. Her friend took some of the skittles on the ground just in case if Moonbeam's mind was regressed again. They continued onward until they came upon a pink room with a large tea table filled with dolls sitting around on the chairs. Moonbeam eyed the dolls and gasped "those are guards!"

Cannon Feather turned around and squeaked seeing the plastic eyes slowly blink. "Oh, dear! This must be the final test but what are we supposed to do?"

Moonbeam tapped a hoof to her chin as she turned to see a set of ruled on a board nearby and read "rules on a tea party, rule 1: you must wear a dress, rule 2: you must say you love diapees and perform a curtsey, rule 3: you may sit down and ask for a cup of tea and talk to the dollies as if they were real, rule 4: you must put five lumps of sugar in your tea, rule 5: you must pee your diaper and ask to be changed."

Cannon Feather scoffed," no wonder so many guards failed this is just embarrassing. There's no way I'm doing that."

"Oh yeah well it looks like your going to lose!" He turned to see two other guards. One was a big brutish grey coated unicorn and a big bulky bat pony both wearing super thick diapers around their rumps. Moonbeam growled, "Bucket Bridle and Night Guard it seems you two made it this far."

Night Guard scoffed," why wouldn't you this was easy! The only ponies that failed this stupid test were too dumb to be guards in the first place."

Bucket Bridle chuckled, "ok, let's not egg these two on. We still need to do this simple test."

Night Guard walked over to a wardrobe and went inside the doors closed shut as it shook about and spat the stallion out wearing a frilly purple dress with a dozen petticoats purple bows in his mane and black mary jane shoes. Every guard burst into laughter as the embarrassed stallion stood there in his embarrassing outfit. Bucket Bridle entered the wardrobe next only for the doors closed and was shook about. What spat out astonished the ponies see his body was turned into cloth his mouth stitched with his eyes turning into plastic as a pretty yellow dress was around him. Night Guard sighed snatching the doll. "Guess it looks like this is going to be a team effort." He waddled back to the tea table as Moonbeam turned to Cannon Feather. "So, do you want to be a doll or a little filly?"

He sighed, "I think maybe you should do the tea party not just because you're a mare. But because you seem to have that cheerful personality."

Moonbeam blushed as she asked, "um...just in case can I have those skittles? My mind might be altered again."

Cannon Feather hoofed them over and whispered, "good luck."

The bat pony gave a long sigh as she waddled towards the wardrobe. The clothes floated out and began to dress her up by themselves.

She squeaked as frilly sparkling silver bows tied her mane into two pigtails. Her tail was tied up with a silver bow as her frilly light blue dress was dressed around her with bubble sleeves, glass slippers and a silver tiara plopped onto her mane. She came out squeaking and whining, "I look like a fairy tale princess!"

Cannon Feather couldn't help but snicker. "You look amazing. I would love to be your prince."

Moonbeam waddled over and gave his thickly padded rump a slap making him squeal as she scoffed, "oh yeah well it looks like your going to be a doll soon instead prince poofs a lot."

The stallion gave an annoyed sigh as he entered the wardrobe, and his body slowly morphed as his body opened up a voice box was then added in place along with white stuffing was stuffed inside as he grew smaller with strings tying up around him. His mouth was stitched into a smile as his eyes turned into a glossy plastic material. His mane and tail were spun into yarn, and a pull string was added to his back. Then a small poofy but very embarrassing pink frilly dress with a dozen petticoats underneath drifted over his head. But the stallion could do nothing as frilly pink socks were drifted over his cloth-like hooves and strapped over with black mary jane shoes. He popped out, and Moonbeam picked him up and dawwed, "Oh Cannon Feather, you make for such a cute doll!"
She couldn't help but pull his back string. "I'm Candy Feathers I love skittles and cotton candy!"

Moonbeam snickered as she wobbled over and plopped onto a seat staring across the table at Night Guard. Discord then suddenly appeared out of nowhere as he crossed his arms and scoffed, "so you two are the final groups well I didn't expect two groups to last this long. It looks like we're going to have to add some more rules."

He then flicked a wand to the board and ordered," first perform rule one."

Both Night Guard and Moonbeam both stood up on their hind legs and performed a curtsied and whispered, "I love my diapee."

Discord clapped "good, now hold that curtsey." He took out a wand and flicked it, making the dresses frills lessen a little revealing more of the diapers which were now bright pink with white ruffles coming out of the backends. Night Guard's face grew a deep red as he sat down as did Moonbeam. Discord then flicked his wand as the dolls began to move about as a teapot moved around pouring its pink-colored sweet smelling tea into teacups as Discord asked, "so my little Moonbeam what do you think of this cute little tea party."

He then poured her cup as she whispered meekly, "it's great, thank you." she sipped her tea as Discord then turned his attention to Night Guard and poured him a cup one of the dolls asked," hey Moonbeam I like your diapee it's cute."

She blushed and replied, "thank you; yours is too."

The doll pulled out a needle, "can I make it thicker?"

Moonbeam gave a small nod as the doll stuck a needle into her padding, making it swell between her legs. Night Guard's diaper was also expanding between his legs both blushing as Discord was adding dozens of cubes of sugar into their cups of tea. The two ponies blushed as they sat there just trying to get through this embarrassing endeavor at this point. Discord then asked, "hey Moonbeam pull Candy Feather's string back. "

She did so as her doll giggled, "Moonbeam is a silly filly! She's only six and still in diapees!"

Moonbeam blinked as her mind seemed to regress as she giggled bouncing in her diaper while Night Guard began to jump and laughed like a filly as well. "Look at my pretty dress isn't it the best!"

Discord clapped his hooves with a smirk, "oh yes, it is both of you are adorable little fillies now go on and pee your diapers."

The two both blushed as they placed their hooves over their padding as urine soaked them as it yellowed the white fabric. Discord then took out a camera and took pictures. "Oh, I'm keeping these!"

He then took both of the ponies by the hooves down one final hall holding their dolls in their mouths. He pointed to a big golden trophy that read, "winner!" at the end of the hall he then explained, "now you two have to waddle down this small hall to that trophy the first ones to grab is the winner!"

The two padded ponies waddled as fast as they could, but the walls were made of glass like shop windows filled with padded dolls and other filly items like dresses, tea sets, and frilly princess style accessories. The fillies looked over and squealed in delight as they jumped up and down, shouting, "I want that! Or I want this!"

Moonbeam pulled the string on her dolly and asked, "hey candy! What dress should I get the pink or yellow one!"

The doll chirped back, "none! Your dress is the best! It has candy in it!"

Moonbeam gasped "candy!" she then took out the skittles from earlier and stuffed them into her mouth. The mare gasped, remembering what she was supposed to win! The bat pony turned to see Night Guard was still too distracted, and she hugged her doll. "Thank you!" she waddled to the trophy and lifted it shouting, "I did it!" A blinding light hit her as it enveloped the entire labyrinth.

Moonbeam woke up standing on a stand looking over a crowd of padded guards all seemingly not brainwashed or harmed in any way. She then turned to see Cannon Feather no longer a doll but a simple padded stallion with his diaper back to its normal size. The mare squealed in delight hugging him as she shouted, "we did it we won, can you believe it!"

Cannon Feather blushed as she kissed him on the cheek again. "Ye...yeah I can't believe it."

Discord fluttered over with a smirk, "well out of all the guard you two were the least I expected to win. But, you two won my little challenge, and that means you two are both their bodyguards to the princesses."

The crowd cheered as he took the two onto his back and flew to room with a sign overhead that read "Do Not Disturb" and opened it, making both Moonbeam and Cannon Feather's mouths drop. They looked upon the two princesses in a giant-sized playpen wearing onesies with Celestia's mane a big poofy pink mess unlike Pinkie Pie's. While Luna's was tied up into two cute little pigtails, they were both in the center of a playpen filled with foalish toys, blocks, dolls, and a T.V was in the back with a show about puppies running around rescuing ponies or something. Celestia looked up and cooed, "so these two are the ones you chose?"

Discord gave a nod. "They performed marvelously so I guess now my debt is paid?"

Celestia climbed out of the playpen and waddled over with the diaper material showing under her leg holes, revealing that she was also wearing a super thick diaper under her onesie. The mare came over and explained, Moonbeam and Cannon Feather. Now that you completed Discord's test, the rules of being a bodyguard are simple. For most of the day, you will remain here guarding the entrance to this secret play area. Moonbeam you'll guard at night, Cannon Feather you'll defend it during the day. You won't ever leave your post as Ill place on enchanted dialers around your rump that'll change you. Nopony will enter here except myself or my sister understand?"

They both saluted and shouted, "yes, Princess Celestia!"

The princess gave each a pat on the head and cooed, "If you do well, every weekend ill let you two indulged in some foalish fun as that's when Luna and I have our special playdates." The princess then grew serious as she continued, "If you fail and somepony discovers this place not only will you be demoted. But the photos taken in his labyrinth will be revealed to everypony understood?"

They both gulped nervously but saluted again and shouted, "yes, princess! We understand!"

Celestia sat back down and sighed, "good, oh, I almost forgot. Once in a while, I'll have you come in and play with us so don't be alarmed ok?" She patted each guard on the head before waddling back to the playpen to continue playing a foal's board game with her sister. The guards just blinked utterly confused, trying to grasp the fact that the princesses were acting like toddlers. Discord fluttered over and yawned "well I'm going to hit the hay, Moonbeam you can resume duty while Cannon Feather can go home or you can stay and play your choice." With a flick of his claw, he disappeared again in a puff of white smoke. Cannon Feather turned around and was going to ask Moonbeam, but she placed a hoof on his mouth. "Hey go on and play with them."

Cannon Feather eyed her. "Seriously? I'm not that interested in acting like a foal."

Moonbeam blushed, "yeah, but I want to act like a foal with you. You might as well get some practice prince poof a lot."

Cannon Feather's face turned a best red again as he then subconsciously scrunched the diaper between his legs. The pegasus gulped and stammered, "Are yo...you asking to go on a-"

Before he could finish Moonbeam pecked a kiss on his cheek. She then jumped back and chirped, "yes, it's a date." The bat pony then fluttered out of the play area with Cannon Feather rubbing his cheek with a stupid grin on his face.