• Published 21st May 2019
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Discord's Playdates - Foal Star

Discord goes around Equestria to have fun with some padded ponies.

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Story 1: Celestia and Luna's Dreamland

It had been two weeks since the chaos magic that had left them permanently in diapers. Both Celestia and Luna were enjoying a calm dinner, but Celestia was grumbling. “You have no idea how hard it been since we’ve been stuck like this. It’s embarrassing having meetings hearing crinkles every minute.”

Luna grumbled, “you have no idea? I have to spend every night reassuring ponies who are worried about their reputations being in diapers that they’ll be okay. Anxiety is through the roof right now throughout Equestria.”

Celestia gave a nod and replied, “yeah, there’s not much we can do, we tried to make it seamless, creating a free tax on adult diapers and adult foal supplies. I made diaper changing stations available throughout the kingdom. I gave free diapers to all the nobles and made them as less foalish and poofy as possible, and they still complain.”

Luna scoffed,” don’t get me started on the bed wetting situation. I had more soaked sheets and bedding; then I’ve dealt with since being released from Nightmare Moon.”

Celestia sighed, “I just wished we had a break from all this; it’s starting to get on my nerves.”

As if he’d been snooping, Discord appeared out of the teapot with a pout. “so you two are still complaining? After all, I did for you.”

Luna slammed a hoof down and shouted,” how dare you enter here! You made us a laughing stock in front of our subjects!”

Discord waved a paw and scoffed. “Oh, please, if it weren’t for me, you two would have no idea how to run things here.”

Celestia's cheeks fumed with anger. “Still, you made us say some embarrassing things! You’ve permanently damaged our reputations!”

Discord huffed crossing his arms. “it’s not like, the nobles can say that about themselves now that they're in diapers. Come on, if I didn’t brainwash you, then that scroll would have never been signed, and you would be buried under heaps of dirty diapers and diaperless ponies going about leaving feces all over the place. I did you two a big favor you should be thanking me.”

Celestia replied, “why would we thank you for brainwashing us?”

Discord shrugged “I assume you two were quite fond of forgetting about being princesses.”

Luna stomped her hooves about and whined, “stop trying to weasel out of it! Nothing you say will make things right!”

Discord snapped a claw and popped a purple pacifier into Luna's mouth. “Now, now, don't get all fussy on me, lulu.”

The princes mpphed through the pacifier giving short angry suckles. Discord then casually strode over to Luna patting the padding. The princess in return blushed and kept sucking on the pacifier.

Celestia seeing Discord babying Luna a little made her smirk as an idea popped into her head. “Well, Discord I think there could be a way to repay us for brainwashing us without our permission.”

Discord turned around and eyed Celestia. “Oh yeah, what do you want? An endless supply of cake?”

Luna burst into laughter, kicking about making her diaper crinkle. Celestia shook her head and asked, “I would propose that you give us a mini vacation. My sister and I have been working non-stop to keep things in Equestria running since this diaper crisis began. We could use a short break. And since you’re so good at getting foal supplies, you must be natural at babysitting, right?” She asked, trying to butter him up a bit despite her outburst before.

Discord this time blushed having a feeling on what Celestia wanted replied, “well, I got a lot of experience now after caring for you two while on out on our little road trip.”

Luna blushed remembering that experience still suckling on the pacifier. “Well, I'm sure things won't’ be that out of hoof this time around.

Celestia gulped as she asked, “Well, what I'm trying to ask is, Discord, can you be our daddy again for a day?”

Discord paused, unsure of what to say. He then gave a big smile seeing that this would be quite fun and exclaimed, “oh why not!? This time we can have more fun!”

He snapped a claw as he took out two big foal bottles filled with chocolate milk. “Now, before we begin, I need to regress your minds.”

Luna popped her pacifier out and squeaked “wait! I don't mind having a day where were babbied, but I don't want my mind regressed again!”

“We said no brainwashing,” Celestia growled as she glared at Discord tapping her hoof. “We do it our way.”

Discord blushed and explained. “This time there is no brainwashing, this is a special formula that'll make you two will be as rambunctious as Flurry Heart.”

Celestia and Luna both looked at each other before bursting into fits of laughter. Celestia looked up and asked, “Discord, Shining, and Cadence can barely keep up with Flurry. Do you think you candle two alicorn foals?”

Discord crossed his claws and scoffed, “oh yeah I can! I'm Discord lord of chaos, and you two can't do anything as crazy that I've done already.”

Celestia was well aware of how hard a time Twilight had with Flurry and couldn't help but smirk enough. “Well if you are sure,” she said, expecting some chaos anyway.

Discord then snapped a claw, and the foal bottles opened into their mouths as he growled, “just, drink your chocolate milk and be babified don't worry about me.”

Both Luna and Celestia shrugged as they chugged their chocolate milk, their minds slowly melt to that of foals as they forgot things little by little. They began kicking their legs and giggling with excitement as they made their diapers crinkle and creating clouds of foal powder poof through the leg holes.

Discord seeing that his magic was kicking in he removed the bottles and asked, “now just to make sure you two have minds of babies I need to ask you some questions.”

Both princesses squealed as they clapped their hooves and bounced up and down shouting incoherent gibberish. Discord laughed, “That settles it, you two can't even talk anymore. Well, I think it's time your mini vacation starts now.”

Once Discord had made sure to foal proof his house, for the most part, he poofed the two into the living room. He had even made the carpet all soft and foam like. Celestia giggles pressing her hooves int it right away amused by the feeling. Luna meanwhile was trying to walk as she hobbled around and she kept losing her balance and plopping onto the seat of her diaper.

Discord looked around and explained, “I'm going to need to babyfy this place some more.” He snapped a claw again as tons of foal toys and items appeared, big foam blocks, A chestful of dolls, a tea party set complete with pink plastic china and a little pink tea table and chairs. A Diaper changing table, along with two cribs with one having Luna's cutie mark printed on it and Celestia's cutie mark printed on her's.

Luna staring around at all the toys cooed her horn glowing to life as stuff started to float in the air. The filly clapped making various items move around erratically. Celestia giggled managing to grab onto one the dolls that were floating and was dragged into the air. Her wings flutter open to stabilize herself as she was flown around the room by the random magic.

Discord seemed to think he was proving Celestia wrong already he crossed his claws and proclaimed, “ha! things are going fine already! This is gonna be a piece of cake.”

“Cake” Celestia managed to babble laughing as she kept flying. Just as turned around by luna magic, the little blue foal sneeze dropping her magic in an instant. The eldest sister, unfortunately, was sent still flying through the air impacting right into Discord with her big diaper bottom with a cloud of foal powder poofing into his face. Discord groaned breathing in the foal powder she continued to bounced up and down shouting, “Cake! cake! cake!” Her horn shot magic out again as it slammed into a plushie and transformed it into a giant birthday cake decorated in pink frosting appeared in the middle of the room.

Discord carefully pushed Celestia off him and eeped and moments later watched as the two foals darted to the cake in the blink of an eye. Celestia instantly started taking hoofuls of cake and shoved it into her mouth. While Luna fluttered upwards and squealed as she fell slamming into the cake, creating a crater and sending smooshed pieces of cake all over the room.

The Lord of chaos was stunned as he whispered, “what is going on here? Are they using the chaos magic in my dimension or something?”

Celestia muzzle was quickly coated in pink frosting and bits of cake laughing innocently. She clapped her hooves beaming. “Cake.” She scooped up a glob of icing and tossed it at her sister. Luna only giggled until it impacted her face and soon an icy food fight broke out, causing more cake to fly all over.

“Hey stop that.” Discord rushed over trying to grab hold of Celestia as she buzzed around no doubt now hyped up on sugar. The princess shot magic out of her horn and a giant pink slide appeared. The princess began to climb up it dragging the Lord of chaos along. Discord rolled his eyes as he slowly came up after her but as she reached the top Celestia turned around and threw cake into Discord’s face making him shout as he fell down and into the cake below creating a second crater next to Luna who was still covered in the pastry who just laughed and clapped her hooves in childish glee. Celestia then squealed in delight as she went down the slide and slammed into the cake one more time. The entire nursery was now hoof deep with the smashed pastry. Discord groaned getting up slowly seeing Celestia and Luna were back to their cake fight. He lifted his paw to snap it away groaning. “Okay, that enough cake.”

With a snap of a claw, the entire nursery was cleaned instantly with all traces of cake was gone. Celestia and Luna were whining at the loss of their favorite food stomping their hooves in frustration. Discord ran a claw down his face and groaned “oh no, I know a temper tantrum storm is coming!

Luna started throwing the blocks at Discord while Celestia took the pot of tea and threw it toward him as well. Discord squeaked as he ducked just in time dodging the teapot flying across the room as he shouted “that’s it! I think it's about time you two got a time out!”

The shouting, of course, only made the two burst into crying, and somehow, their tears started to form a river. Discord dawned a life jacket and produced a canoe as he approached the two rowing towards them, regretting his outburst. Discord came over and plopped the two into the canoe, making them cheer up almost instantly, seemingly forgetting about being angry seeing themselves floating around. “Well, this brings a new meaning to cry me a river.” Discord smirked as he snapped a claw as rubber duckies and a waterfall made of bubble bath soap appeared, and the river water began to fill up with pink bubble bath bubbles. “This is a great opportunity to clean out that cake that got all over your coats.”

Discord first removed the diapers with a snap of a paw and plopped the two into the bubble bath river and let them splash about seeing it wasn't that deep.

Luna held up one of the rubber duck making quack noises booping said duck to Discord nose. At the same time, Celestia laughs as she made a bubble beard as if acting like Starswirl.

“Oh, my, you need a shave.” Discord joked uses a little squeeze to wipe at her cheeks.

Luna was glaring at her sister getting jealous she was getting more attention she then formed her own bubble beard and shouted “daddy! daddy!”

Discord turned around and snickered, “I'll shave you too, Luna, don't get all jealous and turn into Nightmare Moon again.”

The princess alicorn pouted. “I not, jelly!”

Celestia stuck her tongue out. “Lulu jelly! Lulu jelly”

Luna whined in anger as she splashed Celestia, who cried back and began to splash back at her sister.

Discord slammed a claw to his face. “Ugh! how did you two manage to run a kingdom together if you can't even get through bath time!”

He then dug a claw under the river and pulled a plug as the water began to swirl around as Celestia and Luna cheered and were carried by the current babbled incoherently until their bottoms landed on the bare floor. “Now can you two get along?” he cooed.

“Lulu, jelly.” Celestia stuck her tongue out again.

Luna horn glows casting magic on Celestia causing the man to turn into pink jello. “Hehe, jelly!”

Celestia whined as she shot magic at Luna's mane, turning it into jello as well. They both were going to fight again but Celestia being curious took some of Luna's mane and sucked on it and cooed “yum! its Bubewies!”

Luna was curious as well about Celestia's mane and licked some of it and giggled “oh! as stabewies!”

They continued to suck, and checks on their manes as Discord just watched with an amused smile seeing them eat their manes until both mares were bald causing the two to just laugh some more. “Oh alright, you two, let’s get you back into fluffy diapers, and you can play more okay?” He cooed as the two foals hugged into his chest as he scooped them up.

They both were placed on the changing table and he tapped a claw to his chin. “Hmmm, So I start with diaper cream.” he took a can that looked like a can of whip cream. He then poured it out onto the two mares bottoms swirling it about just like whip cream. and started to run it over the two mares. The two worm around as he did so making it just take longer to figure things out. He then produced two giant plastic shakers as they poured out over the two’s rumps and they giggled as Discord rubbing the powder over their bottoms. He then took out the thick white diapers and slides them under them trying to find the nail holes. The two sisters kept swishing their tails around as he growled, “Come on hold still,” He grunted taking a solid minute to needle the tails into the back holes. He then finished taping the diapers up sealing the tabs he smirked seeing that Celestia’s diaper had little pink rattles printed all over the padding with pink leak guards while Luna’s diaper had little purple pacifiers printed all over the padding with violet leak guards. Then he looked over the bald heads and smirked, “looks like you two are going to need two need some new hair.”

Discord produced a watering can and poured it over their heads watching their manes grow back Celestia’s grew out poofy much like Pinkie Pie’s and tied it into two giant pigtails with yellow ribbons while Luna’s grew out into two smaller pigtails tied in purple ribbons. He then snapped his claw once more, and both were placed in onesies with Luna in a plain purple onesie and Celestia dressed in a simple yellow onesie. Taking both of them off the table, he placed each princess in their perspective cribs and tucked them under some baby blankets. The two squirmed about and babbled, “dada” at him making Discord’s face turn a deep red. He quickly popped their pacifiers into their mouths and cooed, “now got to sleep and have a nap, when you wake up, we can have more fun, okay?”

They both nodded, and they laid their heads back onto their pillows and suckled their pacifiers as they watched mobiles swirl above them with a small quaint nursery rhyme came out of them. The two tired princesses soon drifted off with smiles on their muzzles.

Discord watched the two princesses sleeping soundly as he sat back onto a couch as he gave a sigh of relief, “That was quite an undertaking, I think Celestia may be right this is way out of hoof even for me! I only hope they take a long nap.”

Celestia was the first to wake up yawning and stretching her limbs she could hear a diaper squelch between her legs. The princess knew she peed her diaper during the nap and it from the loud squelching it was clear she soaked her diaper quite heavily. Celestia pulled herself up and looked over to see that Luna was still sound asleep slowly bobbing her pacifier up and down in her mouth. Celestia turned to see that her onesie flap had popped open revealing her yellowed diaper swelled up to twice its size. Celestia squeaked as she fell back down onto her squishy diaper making Luna wake up. Being startled, the little foal started to whimper and then cry. The princess of the sun babbled, “Lulu dun cwy.”

Luna turned towards Celestia and whimpered, “I pee pee in my diaper.”

Celestia looked over at Discord and whispered, “looks like dada nappy. Got to wake him up and change own diapees.”

Luna gave a whimper and kicked about, “I want daddy!” she then began to cry. In an attempt to make her sister stop, Celestia lit her horn and watched as Luna’s crib transformed into a giant pink castle built of cake that grew out from the ground making Luna’s eyes grow wide as Celestia blink in surprise to see how big it was. Luna then flew out of her crib and plopped down onto her soggy diaper as she followed Luna into the castle gasping to see it looked like the one in Canterlot with the same two thrones made of cake and guards lined the halls made of jello. On the throne was two bibs that looked like their regular. They giggle as they tied them around their necks. Celestia turned to Luna and babbled, “We pretty princesses.”

Luna nodded as she asked, “so wanna eat cake?”

Celestia babbled “wets make it better.” Her horn glows again, and she shot energy into the middle of the castle creating a pool of ice cream swirling about. Both Celestia and Luna cooed and awwed. The princess of the night then grunted as she cast magic, creating a water slide with a river of chocolate milk running down into the pool of ice cream. Both mares quickly went up a flight of stairs and sailed down the chocolate milk slide plopping into the ice cream with a big splash. They floundered about giggling and splashing the ice cream soaking it up into their mouths and swallowing as much as possible. It wasn’t long after that Discord awoke to the laughing and the sounds of the roaring chocolate milk. The tired and groggy lord of chaos grumbled, “what are those fillies up to the-” His mouth dropped as he looked over to see the castle made of cake flowing overhead. He shouted, “how do they have this much chaos, magic!”

He then paused and gasped, “The chaos magic in them from the chaos meteor. It's somehow mixing with the chaos magic in my dimension, turning their desires into reality! I need to return them to Equestria before they turn it into a pretty princess theme park!”

He flew through the front doors and saw the princesses swimming about in the melted ice cream and chocolate milk pouring from the slide. Both Celestia and Luna looked over and squeaked seeing the angry Discord “alright, this vacation is over.”

He then flew over at the two, but they squeaked and flew upwards, leaving their soggy sodden diapers filled with ice cream and urine. Discord shouted “get back here!” he tried to fly at them but Luna giggled zapping Discord making a giant thick diaper poof around his rump and in his surprise, he fell into the ice cream pool making the two fillies burst into laughter before flying off. Discord growled having to climb out of the pool of ice cream. Discord looked down at his body covered in the white and brown goop. He simply flicked a claw cleaning himself off in an instant and continued to crawl up the stairs; then he waddled down the hall in his thick diaper, making him have an adorable waddle. But Discord was too furious to care as he suddenly burst through a door to find the fillies were now in silly poofy dresses and back in thick pink diapers drinking tea. Celestia looked over and giggled, ”hey daddy we play tea party!”

Luna turned around and jumped up and down, “yeah join us please!”

Despite him being frustrated, he found it quite cute seeing two playing tea party something relatively normal. “Look, I need to take you two back to Equestria. It’s getting too dangerous for you to stay here.”

The two began to whine again and could see their horns flaring up. Discord quickly held out a claw and exclaimed, “but we can play one quick game of tea party if you like!”

Both princesses stopped crying and gave Discord big goofy smiles as Luna babbled,” daddy needs less.”

Celestia gave a nod, “daddy needs pretty pink dress” She lit her horn and drifted a pink dress around him as his diaper expand and turned into a pink color. The draconequus blushed to try to hide his diaper with his claws pressing his gown over the padding to no avail. He grumbled waddling over and plopped down in his diaper, creating a cacophony of crinkles with the princesses cheeks flared. Celestia grabbed the pink teapot with her magic and clumsily tried to pour tea into Discord’s cup but spilled it all over the table. She squeaked, “sorry, daddy!”

Discord turned around and sighed, “don’t worry, it’s just tea.” He then took the teapot and ired himself a cup. He then turned to see Luna trying to use her magic to sip her tea only to have it spill all over her dress. The draconequus flicked a claw and turned said cup into a safer pink sippy cup. Celestia blushed, ”um can you turn my cup into a sippy cup?”

Discord snapped a claw transforming her cup as well before asking,” so you two made all this by yourselves?”

Celestia gave a nod. “Daddy, isn’t it cool!”

The draconequus looked around seeing the room filled with pink it made him want to puke. “Gosh, what is with you, mares and your obsession with pink?”

Luna pouted and crossed her hooves as she babbled, “I wike purple better. Tia made me wear a pink dress.”

Discord gave a nod and replied, “I see that’s still that's quite a lovely dress you’re wearing Lulu.”

Luna twirled about in her frilly pink dress showing off her cute pink diaper without a care in the world and squealed, ”tanks daddy.”

Discord chuckled “no problem cutie. But I think you forgot something, little princess.” He then threw a plastic silver tiara on the mare’s head.”

She squealed in delight as she bounced up and down in a series of diaper crinkles. “Oh, it so pwetty/ tank you!”

Discord laughed, “that’s a fine cutie!” He then sipped his tea and squeaked in surprise, seeing his scales and body started to turn pink. He meeped hopping up and stepping back as the cup fell out of his claw and crashed onto the floor. Celestia squealed “my pwank wowked! Daddy pink pwincess now!”

They both laughed as Discord scowled “that's it I’ve had enough!” he snapped a claw turning his fur and scales back to normal “we're going back to Equestria.”

But before he could do anything, he heard a hiss and looked down to see the front of his diaper was now soaked yellow. The draconequus squeaked as Celestia and Luna laughed and waddled away. “Oh no, you don’t.” he reached out his paw materializing foal leashes which latch around the two alicorns. To his surprise, though, he was dragged along as they pulled. “Wow, woah there, gah!”

After what felt like a full on a rodeo, three rings circus, and three-year-olds birthday party, Discord manage to teleport the two back to Equestria using a sound snap to dispel the mind regression. He panted flopping to the floor, holding up the small white flag. “Ugh, okay, you told me so! I give up!”

Celestia blinked as the magic left her body, and she looked down at Discord and smirked, “well it looks like I won.” She boasted then suddenly groaned, feeling her stomach gurgle.

Luna groaned as well holding her belly looking as if she was going to puke as she asked. “I feel horrible, what did we eat?”

Celestia groans soon follow as she too curled in protest. “Ugh, I feel like we swallowed a gallon of sugar and candy.”

Discord got up and explained, “Well, you did! The chaos magic within you two combined with my own magic from my dimension, and well you kids desired sugary sweets you two conjured a ton of it.” He crossed his arms. “And yes you two were both extremely rambunctious! You made Flurry Heart look like a perfect angel!”

Luna groaned in pain. “You didn’t think to stop us!” A loud toot escaped her bottom, making her blush.

Celestia blushed as she felt another growl from her belly as she replied, “well, it was our fault too is we did ask for this.”

“Well, I take it back! I don’t want this!” Luna whined.

Discord, rolled his eyes. “Oh stop, it's just a tummy ache anyways I realize now babysitting you two was more than I could handle. So maybe next time I’ll get some help…” He then snapped his claw once more teleporting the princesses into Celestia's bedchambers He tucked the two mares under the sheets and pulled out a T.V as he instructed, “now you two lay down, relax, and watch some T.V.”

He then clicked the remote, and a big purple dinosaur appeared singing songs and dancing with foals. Celestia and Luna groaned and laid back on the bed watching the silly show. Discord gave the remote to Celestia and explained. “Now while I'm gone looking for some help for our next play date you relax and get better, ok?”

Celestia sighed, “sure Discord and...sorry for being such a brat I know I was rambunctious as a foal.”

Luna gave a nod and agreed. “Yeah me, too; we must have caused a lot of trouble.”

Discord ruffled their manes. “Don't worry, I can fix my dimension and you two were rather cute. Now I better get going.”

Celestia giggled seeing the soggy pink diaper still strapped around the draconequus rump and whispered, “oh Discord, um...you’re still wearing a diaper.”

He squealed, seeing the slightly yellow stained pink diaper still around his waist and turned around. “uh thanks I’ll just go change myself first.”

Discord snapped a claw and disappeared as Luna laid back watching the foal show and sighed, “well, it was rather relaxing even if we were acting like Flurry Heart.”

Celestia nodded. “Indeed, not too bad,” she said before looking into a mirror and blushed once more seeing their manes were done up in pigtails, with her's being super poofy like Pinkie Pie's mane and commented. “After we get better we should go spruce up before ponies see us like this.”

Luna snickered “maybe we should keep it like this we do look rather cute. Maybe we can start a fashion trend. Imagine if everyone started
looking and acting like actual babies.”

Celestia gulped and whispered, “I hope that doesn't happen. If so, we're to be in huge trouble.”

“Oh, I think you worry too much. What are the chances our new manes becoming become popular…”