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Without us, there is no hate. There is no anger, no vengeance, and no destruction. We disguise our true selves with false truths and empty words, and yet we prosper. We are destined to repeat the sins of the past until it no longer matters. Until it's too late. This is what it means to be human. What it has always meant.

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I am just gonna leave this here as I think it may help you Not that your story is bad its just I can't really see him as knight potential

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

That's actually a good question. Never really put much thought into it. I imagine Matt Nabal doesn't emote too much though.

Yeah he's not really cut out for that sort of thing.

Was this comment your response to me? If so, then you didn't really answer my question. What do the rest of the OCs sound like?

Oh my bad I completely misunderstood the question lol. Quixote has a Spanish accent (on the heavier side), Amethyst has a deeper feminine voice and sounds uninterested with most things. Gabriel's voice is deeper than Matt's and gravely, with the slightest hint of an accent (he tends to fluctuate between relaxed and angry in his mannerisms)

Продолжение будет?

"I just don't see a point in pestering her with something so trivial."

Welp, Twiggles just got burnt twenty shades darker.

This fella went from 0 to 100 straight down to infinity. Yes, straight Down, because I have not the slightest far than fucketh of an idea where his mentality went. This nigga's adaptability is faster than the cover by Sueco the Child. No human changes is this bloody fast. Flash can't keep up with this fella's shifting personality traits. Nigga so fast it took three blackbirds attached to a rocket-powered stema engine to catch up. Discord can jump off the edge of the world this man's personality represents Change more than that amalgamated abomination ever could.

I think about this every now and then and how completely accurate it is lmao

Oh dear, love triangles are here

When he started his tale, Rainbow Dash had started beat-boxing to accompany Matt's rhymes, seemingly having planned this all along.

nice :rainbowlaugh:

Matt had the feeling he was stepping on somepony's hooves accidentally again. "Dash, I..." he began, but she had already taken off back into the skies.

...not-so-nice :(

Romantic tension is one of the most dangerous kind

"We were. For a couple of years, now. It was the happiest time of my life. Merriweather and I had first met shortly after my father passed. I feel like she saved me. But our relationship was frowned upon in our village."

Fag, need to be burned! Sorry I'm get tired of see this in most every fict i read here.

:rainbowdetermined2: stat rhyming/rap story telling was awesome ^^

in the later chapters of the beginning it was rather hard to continue to read.

but the story impruft quite well all the way to the end

Hey thanks for sticking with it! Looking back, I totally agree it's kind of hard to stay with early on.

Great story but I'm confused. What happened to Gabriel's original timeline. Is it now a separate universe where everything is still messed up or did it changed?

Thank you, and sorry for the late reply!

As much as I hate to just say "wait and see", specifics about that topic are going to be discussed in the current story I'm working on.

I really hope that somewhere between the end of chapter 3 and 4 somepony showed him where the toilet was. If not, then between then and now his back teeth have started to float and the whites of his eyes have turned brown.

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