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Through the inky void, the TARDIS escaped into the vortex on to a preset destination. The Doctor is in trouble and he's sent his trusty space-time machine out to one of his trusted friends from long ago in his life. The TARDIS lands on Twilight Sparkle's doorstep, years after he last left her to answer a call from his own race. The Doctor is calling for help but he had little time to prepare any kind of plan. The exact details of what happened are locked within his 900-year diary, which is encrypted with a scrambling spell so nopony may dwell upon its contents. With no other way to find the instructions to help, she decides that she has to read the book all the way through in order to bypass the advanced spell. But the creatures of the void have followed behind, and an amnesiac mare with an alleged connection to the Doctor is the only thing to escape its grasp. The future fate of the Doctor lies in Twilight's hooves, a mare with an unknown past, and the 900 years of written words.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 5 )

So this is a story about 900 years of useless backstory?

I'm trying to make it not like that, but when you put it like that it makes it harder.

A month old, a Doctor Who crossover, and ... insufficient likes/dislikes to even show up?

I'm glad that people appreciate my work so deeply. I don't know how so many stories get popularity but thank you for noticing my work.

Correction: Time Ponies since it’s Gallopfrey

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