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Super Trampoline

"What kind of backwards ass loony-toons bullshit is this..." > blinks "Oh, it's Super Trampoline. Nevermind." ~Nyronus


Author's Note:
According to the rules, posting the same story twice is okay if the two versions have different ratings.

This is a story about Super Trampoline bugging Twilight and receiving sage advice from Pinkie Pie, and pondering his own mental state. It's not particularly good or interesting. I wrote it in about an hour, just to get through some writer's block.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 6 )

Before I even read... is that cover art relevant? Because it scares me.

No, fortunately. I just like finding weird cover art.

where do you even find stuff like that?

That coverart, though!

All I can say, is that it is....corny.

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