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I may or may not have been an enderdragon


In the beginning was the primordial, now there are only remnants, what we consider the arcane.

But what if there's something beyond the veil? What if the cultists were onto something? They carved the way to find out.

The other thaumaturges laughed at them, or in the case of near the end, were afraid of them. They would show the others, where rituals failed, thaumaturgy would prevail!

Anyone who figures out what I'm basing all this on gets a cookie and can suggest an 'addon' if you know what I mean.

Also, don't spoil it in the comments or this reward is null and void :P

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mayhap equivalent exchange or its successor to be added EMC seems right up a Thaumaturge's ally after all

P.S. love the goggle prop looks just right

Pretty sure it's the official image. Also I'd like to avoid EMC, I've ruined fun WAAAAAY too many times with EMC. Right now I'm working off the 'base one', if you get what I'm putting down, along with some stuff from tainted and witching gadgets, if you know those two. Also working from 5, not 6. 5 is far more completed than 6 and has more addons.

Comment posted by epiccuttlefish deleted May 16th

Perhaps tinkers construct?

Hmmm, maybe. Tinker's tends to be hard to get good weaponry at low levels, and aside from their cloak the Thaumaturge didn't come with any real supplies. Think starting from scratch with high level items from a single 'path'.

Hmmm, don't know that one. Too bad it doesn't have a .7 version, the pack I'm playing right now is .7 because I play with a .7 purist when it comes to mods. Plus she LOVES thaum 5, but since it doesn't have a .12 release.... yeah.

Oh, it isn't .7 restricted, I was just commenting about the fact I wish it did so I could play it to get a better feel for it(Plus it looks fun). The basic idea is any of these addons(Like the daybloom in botania) the Thaumaturge will learn here. Astral sorcery might be started from say, the Thaumaturge scanning Luna and finding another aspect.

Either the Tainted Magic add on for this mod or maybe Ars Magica 2 would be cool. That is, if you want to deal with the Warp a bit more, or if the spells and items you can make with Ars Magica are not too excessive or too different from what you have in mind for this story. Its just an idea though. Ultimately what you decide to use for this story is up to you.

I have a friend who like ars, though I've never played it myself. Tainted is on the list of things to explore already. If you look through the comments you should be able to get a rough idea of what I'm planning to do with the story, hopefully not enough to make you want to stop reading though

Thaumic Horizons and Forbidden Magic(for the cross mod compatability) Also Gadomancy.

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