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Mentally insane, utterly mad, and psychotic beyond belief *leans forward, turning neck clockwise* WHAT THE HELL DID YOU EXPECT!!!


The universe with the Kingdom of Equestria is not alone. Other universes have started to connect to it. Beings not of that universe, nor the others appear. Not as themselves, but as other beings. Can they be trusted? What are their goals? How many are there? Has the Wood Chuck finally chucked more than just wood?

DISCLAIMER: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic belongs to Hasbro. All other anime's/ cartoons/ games belong to their respective creators.

This will be a mult-crossover story. One with elements from different works of fiction. I will provide a list of such as each subject is introduced as well as their respective creators. Please share your opinions as I know I am not great at describing things well. English is my first language.

OH! I almost forgot to mention. I'm just doing this story for fun. To have fun. To create fun. To 🍴 fun. But seriously, I'm just doing this story for my own enjoyment (:ajsmug:). If others enjoy, GOOD for you(:twilightsmile:)! I hope you love it, or like it, or are positive about it(:pinkiehappy:). If you don't, oh well(:fluttercry:).

Cover Art: https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1463691-drawfee

Current Crossovers
Demon's Souls created by Fromsoft
Yu-Gi-OH! created by Shonen Jump
Undertale created by Toby Fox
Goopytale UT AU created by Sunny Cider (adopted by Arts Kislali)
Touhou created by Zun
Justice League currently owned by Disney
Bleach created by Tite Kubo
Othercide created by Lightbulb Crew
Epic War Flash Game series by Artlogic Games(& Rudy Sudarto)
Mad Rat Dead created by Nippon Ichi Software
Kingdom Hearts created by Square Enix

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Why does the story title say (Displaced, sorry)?

Because there are displaced and not everyone likes displaced stories.

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