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I write stories that almost makes no sense and I keep on writing to help with my sanity for the following days of my life.


Short Sword is one of the bravest and strongest ponies in the Day guard. His friends and family supports him.

What would happen if it would all go away with just one bite?


I don't know if I should even put in a "Gore" tag in. I don't know what the difference between serious and not too serious gore is. If you find anything wrong in the story let me know.

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Very nice and the delay sucks. Is this all a dream? The ending confuses me a bit.

Also, your story reminds me of something familiar I just finished recently

Well, that's a nightmare to relive.

Was it a dream? Or was it a flashback?
Was it all fake? Is he dead, or somehow got saved?
The ending is in there, I'm not sure if I could say that it's 'hidden'.

I know, The First flashback hints its just a Dream, yet the Ending is Confusing, as it leads to him having been saved, but also its in his Head from the impact.

Well, I intentionally made the ending a mystery to the readers but I guess I can give you the actual ending. If you want to read it.
Seafarer saves Short Sword from his fall and the flashback was meant to let the readers know that she is a pegasus. The "something" that rose from the circle was her escaping the undead. Because of exhaustion, Short Sword fell asleep on the fall.

I suspected that. Though correctly said, he would have Fell uncousness

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