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Raising a Human in Equestria - Flame6666

I don't know what's going to happen :)

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Ch 1: What in the World?

Just to clarify, this story takes place five years before the Nightmare Moon incident. Also, the human is one year old.

What in the World?

Editor: The Special Pegasus

Out in the great expanse of Sweet Apple Acres, a foreign creature crawls about. Equipped with nothing but its one piece blue nighty and diaper, it explores its new environment. Trees all around with great big shiny red apples filled the creatures eyes, a single dirt path just in view, and a loud snoring barely reaches its ears. As it crawls, trying to find the noise that it hears, an apple falls from one of the trees and hits the creature on its backside.


Off in the distance a cyan Pegasus mumbles in her sleep, "F-Five more minutes..."


She tosses in her sleep and mumbles again, "I said five more minutes..."


The Pegasus shoots up and yells, "I said FIVE MORE MINUTES!"


"For the love of..." She flew down from the tree and started to follow the crying. When she finally found what was making all of the racket she stopped in her tracks. When the creature spotted the Pegasus it stopped its crying and just stared at it. After a minutes or so of the staring contest the creature started to crawl to the cyan Pegasus. "No... no no no stay! Staaaay! Stop coming closer!" but the creature just kept coming. "A-A-AJ!!!" She flew off down the dirt path with the small creature slowly following.

* * *

A stetson wearing pony came trotting out of a big red barn. She just got done with all the apple bucking for the day and needed some down time, so what better to do then go back inside and have some of her granny’s homemade apple juice. As she was about to open the door to her home, she heard a familiar voice cry out her name.


Applejack turned just in time to see her friend shoot out of the trees and fly toward her, "Rainbow! What's got you so excited?"

"There’s this... this THING in your farm! And it's coming this way!" Rainbow yelled.

"What kinda "thing" is it?"

"Well it's small, no bigger then a new born foal. I think it was wearing something because its face and body were two different colors and from what I could see it had no fur besides like, a tiny bit on the top of its head. But that's not the worst part! It was sooooo loud, AJ! It was like being in middle of a thunderstorm!"

"Ya mean that thing over there?" Applejack pointed over to where Rainbow came out of.

"Oh Celestia there it is!" she turned back to AJ, "We have to trap it somehow."

"How do ya reckon we do that?"

"Uhm..." She looked around the farm frantically and spotted the barn. "Oh! We can trap it in the barn! Okay you go and hide behind the door and I'll lure it inside." Rainbow flew off closer to the creature and AJ went to the barn and opened the door for the trap.

The creature crawled toward the pair but stopped when Rainbow got close, "Okay little... thing... follow m-me." She started to slowly fly toward the barn with the creature almost in reach. With the creatures speed it took about seven to eight minutes but as they finally got close enough Rainbow rushed in and the creature playfully followed.

"Hurry on out Dash before it gets ya!" Applejack yelled as she closed the bottom half of the barn door.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Rainbow yelled back, but as she flew over she accidentally flew just in reach of the creature and was grabbed by her tail. "Oh no! It’s got me AJ, help!"

"Oh horse apples, I'mma comin' Dash!" Applejack jumped over the bottom half of the door and rushed to Dash's rescue. She grabbed Dash's fore hooves and pulled, setting Rainbow free and making the creature fall face first into the dirt of the barn. The creature got up and started to hiccup and tears ran down its face. "Uhm Dash... what do ya think it’s doin'?"

"Wha?" Rainbow turns around and see the creature crying, "Oh no! It’s going to start with the loud crying!"


Both fillies covered their ears in an attempt to block out the crying, but to no avail. Dash made her way toward AJ and yelled, "We need to go and find Fluttershy! She might know what to do!" Applejack nodded and they made their way out the barn with the creature left behind. They ran and flew with panic in their hearts as they made their way to Fluttershy's cottage on the edge of the Everfree Forest.

As the cottage came into view Rainbow Dash picked up the speed and went straight for the door. "Fluttershy open up! We have an emergency... there's a monster at Applejacks farm and we need your help to get rid of it!" she yelled as she banged on the door. After a minute or two with nothing happening she tried again, "Come on Fluttershy! If we don't hurry who knows what kind of damage that thing can do!" Again nothing happened.

By then Applejack was at the front with Rainbow and she asked, "Anything yet?" Dash responded with a shake of the head. "Maybe she's not home? Come on, let’s go ask that Rarity girl, those two seem closer than two peas in a pod nowadays. She might know where she is." With that the two ponies made their way back to Ponyville.

* * *

"Thank you for inviting me over for tea Rarity, it was really thoughtful of you." A butter yellow pony told her friend.

"Oh think nothing of it darling, I just love some company whenever I have some tea and no other pony would make for a better companion then you would." Rarity responded after a sip from her tea.

A blush appeared on Fluttershy's face that she tried to cover up with her mane. "I'm sure that there would be plenty of over ponies that would make better company... what about Rainbow Dash?"

Rarity rolled her eyes, "Oh please Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash would be some of the worst company out of everypony in Ponyville! Honestly I can't figure out why you are even friends with that brute. And that mare she's always competing with, Applejack I think it was... well she's just as bad. Oh but don't get me wrong dear, they’re both good ponies, it's just that they are just soooo... uncouth." she grimaced

"Oh Rarity, I'm sure that they can act civil. I bet that the next time you see them they will act-" Fluttershy was cut off by a loud crash at the door. Both fillies turned their heads over to the entrance of the kitchen just in time to see Rainbow flying in the doorway with AJ close behind, both breathing heavily.

"Why did you two crash through my door!" Rarity yelled.

"No time to explain... there is... there is a monster on AJ's farm!" Rainbow said through gasps of breath.

Fluttershy started shaking, "A m-m-m-monster! What k-k-kind of monster?" she squeaked out.

"The loud kind, now come on before it starts trouble." the farm pony said and ran out the building with the others close behind.

* * *

Back at the farm the group trotted along the main path. As they were walking an old looking green mare sitting at the front porch of the house waved them over. "Hello dearies, what’re a bunch young ‘uns like yerselves doin’ this fine day?"

Applejack took a step closer and said, "Good evenin’ Granny, we got ourselves a situation here on the farm that we need their help with. Ya wouldn't happen to know where Big Mac and Apple Bloom are would ya? We could use him in case things get out of hoof and I wouldn't want Apple Bloom ta get anywhere near the thing."

Granny put her hoof to her chin and looked deep in thought, "Well... Big Mac is out at the market place selling and Apple Bloom went to the barn ta play I think."

AJ's eyes grew to saucer plates, "She’s at the barn! Come on girls we need ta hurry!" Applejack made a mad dash to the barn with the other four ponies following close behind.

"Wait, Pinkie Pie!? Where the hay did you come from!?" Rainbow yelled at the pink pony after noticing that she was with them.

"What? I want to see the baby." Pinkie sang while bouncing.

"What are you even talking about!" Dash yelled at her again.

"Don't question it Dash! We need all the help we can get!" AJ yelled. The barn was close now, just a few more yards to go. When Applejack got close enough she pivoted on her fore hooves and bucked the barn doors open. Turning back around she yelled, "Apple Bloom! We’re here ta... save ya?" What they saw left AJ and Dash slack jawed. Over in the middle of the barn was Apple Bloom and the creature both... giggling as little Apple Bloom tickled the creature with her tail. The five ponies walked in and Applejack asked, "Uhm... sugarcube, what is it that y'all are doin'?"

"Oh hi, AJ! I was just playing with this little guy. He was crying real bad and I had ta try and help him." Apple Bloom said after she stopped tickling the creature.

"Him? How do you know it’s a him?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well, what else would he be?"

"I thought you two said it was a monster." Rarity started, "But to me it looks like a newborn."

Rainbow scratched the back of her head, "W-Well you didn't hear the thing-"

"Him." Apple Bloom corrected.

Dash rolled her eyes, "HIM crying. Now that it-"

"He." she corrected again.

"Now that HE stopped, he ain't so bad."

"So uhm..." Fluttershy said.

"Yes dear, what is it?" Rarity asked.

"Oh it’s just... Uhm... now that we know he's not a monster, what do we do now?"

"What do ya mean, sugarcube?"

"Well we can't just leave him alone. He's only a baby after all.

"Are you suggestin’ that one of us should take him in?"

"Well I can't take him. I'm pretty sure he would just fall through the floor." Rainbow stated.

There was a explosion of giggling that came from the baby. Pinkie was holding a puppy shaped balloon and was bumping it against his face. "I would take him," she started, "But I'm sure that the Cakes wouldn't want a baby running around the store just yet."

"Well that just leaves Rar, Fluttershy, and me." Applejack stated.

"Well I would love it if he came with me." Rarity said, "Just think of all the new types of clothes I can make for him! Plus I'm sure that he would be able to keep Sweetie Belle out of my hair whenever she comes to visit."

"I wouldn't mind if he stayed with me. I'm sure that all of my animals would help me if I needed it." Fluttershy said.

"Well, he and Apple Bloom seem ta get along pretty well and Ah'm sure that Granny wouldn't mind looking after him when I go out applebuckin’." Applejack added.

Just then Pinkie Pie jumped next to the group and looked at the wall and said, "So who will take the baby home with them? Will it be the seamstress Rarity! The caretaker Fluttershy! Or the apple farmer Applejack! I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that you do."

"Uhm... Pinkie, who the hay are you talking to?" Dash asked.

"Oh, no one Dashie, no one at all." *wink*

To be continued

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Normal- "Why would you pick this? What is wrong with you?"

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AN: And to clarify a few more things, the mane 6 are about 16 years old right now and I know what you’re thinking: "Aren't they a bit young to raise a baby" or "Why aren't they living with their parents?"
And the answers are: I like to think that in pony society it is perfectly fine to leave the house at the age of 15 or so. Why? Because at that age they would have learned their basics at school and would know what their talent is. So they could be a productive part of society and would be able to find a job at that point.
And if you think about it 4 out of the 5 more or less have already got a place to live for free, AJ lives with family, Dash made her home, Pinkie works for a room, Rarity's parents paid for her place. Fluttershy is the only one that might have paid for hers, then again I like to think her place was just a hole in the ground and the animals helped make it what it is today.

Thank you reading this chapter and remember... let’s have fun with this :3