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For as long as she could remember, Strix has lived in the depths of the infamous Everfree Forest, the lone owl-pony resident of its shade and gloom. As an omen of ill fortune, as well as her unique appearance, she's since become an myth that parents tell to their foals to get them to behave, something that Strix is not overly fond of. Tired of being alone, she ventures to Ponyville to find acceptance, and hopefully, a partner that will love her for who she is.

Written for the 1st Monster Mare Story Competition (Unpopular Monsters) Contest

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Strix is adorable

I thought so too. Maybe I should write another story with her...

*sniff* I smell a sequel!! But really, I love Strix, she's so adorable and cute. I would like to see a sequel, I'm quite curious about these two.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and the chance of a sequel is pretty high

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