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”I think this is best for both of us,” Twilight had said, with the kind of smile that betrayed no joy in what she was saying, ”I think this is what we both want, too.”

It was what she wanted. They'd needed to break up. It wasn't working.

At least, that's what she told herself. Every day for a month, every night when her bed felt too big, too empty.

It was what she wanted.

It had been mutual.

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Comments ( 13 )

Touching and we'll written as always :)

Go ahead. Take my heart, my feels and my tears.
I don't need any of 'em anyway.

In all seriousness, Kodeake, my bro, great story, as always.
Your TwiDash fics never disappoint.

Even if they rip our hearts out.

And here's another attack from the onion ninjas. You sure know how to write beautiful stuff to make us tear up inside. :fluttercry: :raritycry:

“How could you have?” Rainbow finally faced her again. “I never told you. Convinced myself you were right, that it wasn’t working. That it wasn’t going to. That there was nothing I could have done. That-” she choked back a sob and finally the tears she’d been holding in fell. “That we’d still be friends, no matter what, and that that was enough for me. And just look out that turned out.”

And just look at how that turned out

Go on, take my heart. Seriously, take it. I don't need it.

Great story though, man.

I enjoyed this - great story! :)

Man if you keep editing I'm gonna have to start, like, paying you or something. Fixed, thanks.

Twidash is my strong suit. glad you enjoyed. I shall make excellent use of your heart to power even more stories to gather more hearts. Then I shall finally awaken Kingdom Hearts!

Er.... Or something to that effect.

Something something hearts darkness KINGDOM HEARTS! (I've been playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts lately...)

That's my secret; this isn't actually a story. It's a powerful spell disguised as a story that summons the oninjas. (Onion-Ninjas). I'm happy to see it work so effectively.

So I quite enjoyed this but I am a little confused. I definitely read the first portion of this awhile ago but I don't know how that's possible considering you just published it yesterday. When I read it before it stopped before they actually had that dinner...

I mentioned in the A/N that the first part of this story was originally published as a one-shot prompt short in my Rainbooms and Romance story. The original ends right at the invitation to dinner. I decided to clean it up and make it into a full story, as it was originally intended to be.

Oh. Well now I feel dumb...especially because I normally read the A/N and the one time I don't it answered my question :twilightsheepish:

.. Wow, that sends me back. Not sure how I feel about these feelings..



Aw, damnit.

And the unbreakable ship repairs itself once again, with the help of kodeake's magic:heart: Twidash forever!

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