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come to see death, come to see madness, come to see other side of a story


A new group of villains started their reign of crime in Equestria. The mane 6 will have to face the yin to their yan. Arrogance, fear, cruelty, greed, duality and chaos, they are the symbols of anarchy.

Chapters (5)
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If you like the story so far please press the like button if not tell why in the commets and i will respond

The first chapter was good but how easily discord died semes a little unrealistic, but this story is vary good so far:pinkiecrazy:

Just out of the gate and already hit in the face with a sledgehammer. Sounds about right.

Discord never felt this kind of fear, it was the first time he felt this kind of fear, the fear that he will hurt fluttershy, so to prevent this he killed himself

Don't worry next chapter will be less dark

Comment posted by darkfire95 deleted May 12th

No sorry it is a kind of what if batman villains excisted in mlp

Please tell me you had Kylo Ren in mind when you wrote Flurry in this chapter.

P.S. Do I have your permission to voice act all the villains? It's just so good being bad.

Of course I did its a child who carrie the dark legacy of a family member

Good, because when I wrote "It's just so good to be bad" I was saying the line in a Joker voice.

Wait are you going to read it in youtube beacue if so call me by my real name N.R

No, I just meant read it to myself. I just like voice acting.

Me too. Like Cummings and Jay and Paulsen and Hamill...I could go on.

Arrogance - The Riddler
Fear - Scarecrow
Cruelty - Poison Ivy
Duality - Two-Face
Greed - The Penguin
Chaos - The Joker

Why is poison ivy a kirin, I mean if she gets angry she could been the forest. Good story still, keep up the good work.

This didn't remind me of Hypno's lullaby at all, nope. This chapter doesn't freak me out at all. (Subtley glances left and right with fearful eyes). Not at all...

Well shit. That escalated quickly.

Well next chapter the big guy would appear and I didn't want you to wait

Yay! I get to do my Joker voice!

What can i say except you welcome

Annnnnnd now that song is stuck in my head.

I have good news and bad news and amazing news the good news are that the joker will appear, the bad news are that this will be the last chapter and the amazing news are that this story will be a part of a series

What happened to my comment on here?

I have no idea please write it again

Hope you liked my adaptetion of joker it drove me mad trying to bring you the best i can

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