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Shining couldn’t think of another option, aside from getting Caramel a Consort. And he’d never go for that.

Hmm. Legitimised changelings pre-reformation? The way it's worded makes it seem like Shining has personal reasons for this.

This might be fun XD

This was amazing, and the transformation process was very well detailed.

So very much according to plan~!

Thank you!!!! I love doing TFs so much. And TGs are one of my favorite things of all time~! I love that you enjoyed it!!!

Heeee, honestly, I was just thinking of something like well-done brothels, but that's a really cool idea instead, one I totes love~!

What are the chances of a sequal?

A very interesting TG concept. Maybe somepony should trick Blueblook into casting this spell? I'm sure Celestia won't mind having niece than nephew.

Uh, I'm not sure! This was a commission (and I keep getting more of those), but I'm not sure what I would do.

...there might be a prequel though. :3 :3 :3

...I swear on Gleaming's new chest that eventually, Blueblood will become Bluebelle! (And totes get a personality upgrade, too~!)

I would love to see that!
As far as this story - A really cool idea, It pushed some of my buttons and I really enjoyed the read :)

A really excellent story other than the fact the sex scenes felt kinda short and non-descriptive. I'd like your permission to add this to the group: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/211885/size-stealing

Heeeee~! Thank you so much, hun~! Don't worry, all sorts of TG goodness is coming your way~! <3

Excellent, thank you so much.

Oh it definitely is!

So do they ever intend to bring Shining Armor back after she's had her child? Because if not then basically they murdered Shining Armor.

Gleaming Shield is clearly a different personality and thus if they plan to keep her forever, then basically they murdered Shining Armor.

Nope~! I don't do mind-deaths, at least not permanent ones. They super creep me out~! His perspective has just changed a little bit~! And he might have a chat with Cadance after all the fun and decide to go back to Shining or maybe stay as Gleaming~!

but aren't they two separate personalities?

I'd think of it more as an altered personality. Like, I don't have the same personality now as I did when I was 18. It's changed~! Mainly, the person is the same, but what they want has expanded (something I have experience with, hun~!)

So she's still Shining Armor?

What about that comment she made where she said that he was a "foolish stallion"?

There were earlier parts during the spell combined with the heat that definitely warped his mind pretty heavily, but those have mostly gone back to what they'd been before... with a new enjoyment of both sexes~!

In this story, Gleaming Shield is primarily just the female name of Shining Armor and vice versa. So yes, they're still them.

Yeah, I know, mind-death is kinda an icky thing for me to deal with when I leave some stories. The worst you'll get is corruption and alteration, but in pretty much all my stories, you'll never get a total wipe. Or if you do... it means that series isn't over yet (and they probably won't stay totally wiped forever~!)

Comment posted by Aether Spark deleted Feb 12th, 2020

Is it that gleaming is a different personality in a similar way to how a person with MPD’s alters are “different personalities.” in that they aren’t separate beings, it’s just the same individual entering a dissociative state and accessing a different set of personality traits(and sometimes memories)

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