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When Trixie and her friends accept an invitation to celebrate Maredi Gras in Neigh Orleans, they arrive hoping to have a week of carefree fun in the Big Easy. However, when the daughter of a prominent local business pony is pony-napped, it is up to them to find her. Teaming up with Simbi, apprentice to the Voodoo Queen, the gang will on a quest through the city to track down those responsible. They will cross paths with pirates, voodoo, demon gators and more as they do whatever it takes to bring the lost pony home. Set in the Lunaverse.
Co-created with Dmgtitan
Edited by Wolfstorm56

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The first part of this chapter probably could have used a once-over by an editor. Zelime’s bit is also a little exposition-heavy; I can’t help but think that some of these details could have come out later in the story as it progressed rather than being dumped up front.

But on the other hand I do like the idea of Carrot Top having the reverse of her normal fame problems here. David Hasselhoff is huge in Germany, that sort of thing. And Raindrops having little fear of spiders is also great. Which reminds me, at some point I wanted to do a camping episode that has most of the cast huddling in their tents due to rain at some point, while Raindrops and Snails are outside in it splashing around without care.

Anyway. At work right now so I can’t do too much, but when I get home I can add this to the group properly. Given the timeframe, were we leaning more tail end of Winter, or start of Spring?

Woot, more Lunaverse.
Hopefully Trixie backstory too.

"“I may have sent letters of our exploits to back the family … often,” the magician admitted."

Shouldn't that be 'back to'?

“Yes and no,” Trixie admitted. “They don't stay around for Maredi Gras anyway. They always rent out the place and the family goes on holiday and since they know I’ll be claiming this back as a work expense they charged me double.”

Aww!, I was hoping to get a chance to meet them all.

I'm surprised CT didn't freak when her mane changed colour.

Thanks for the feedback.

In terms of time frame we were leaning towards the start of Spring. Main thing is that it is set after Title Match

Right! Added to the start of the Spring season for Season 2, right after Title Match.

Oh, right, that too! She really likes her mane, after all.

Probably some, but a fair amount of backstory has already been done for Trixie. Some of it by Zap, actually.

Good so far. A nice setup for a probable adventure.

I'm guessing that as an alchemist, the Zonies naturally identify more with Carrot Top than the other Elements of Harmony, and that's why they've embellished stories about her so much.

Great the read another story from you of the Lunaverse. Your previous one Title Match is still my favourite Luna verse story so far. :pinkiehappy:

“Give a chimera a wet willy?”

I'm not sure which is more ridiculous. The claim, or the fact that it's true.

“My current record is a minute, 39 seconds.”

I'd say that that's still impressive.

At that Carrot Top went slightly misty-eyed as she pulled Crystal in for a hug. “You are definitely my favourite part of Neigh Orleans.”

When it comes down to over all cuteness, Dinky still holds the top of the list easily. But for individual moments, this certainly would give Dinky a run for her money. Though I'd still think that filly Trixie beats this. In fact, I think filly Trixie is about on par with Dinky. Wait... If filly Trixie was just as tooth-rotting as Dinky, would that mean that adult Dinky will be just as much of an egocentric showmare as Trixie?

“She’s hugging me, Carrot Top is actually hugging me!” Crystal squealed in fangirlish awe,

It's official. Dinky had just been bumped out of first place. And now I must see the dentist.

Glad your back and I see already your humour in writing is still top notch. :rainbowlaugh:

FINALLY! I've been missing this story and you for so long!

“Marginally less so,” Trixie admitted with pursed lips.

"I swear to the Stars it's like there's some force out there that just loves watching me squirm."

Raindrops whistled nonchalantly.

“You know she technically didn’t answer the question,”

Friggin' tease. :derpytongue2:

Big Daddy

I predict...there is a plan to somehow use the title of King of Neigh Orleans as part of some ritual to take over the city. Something-soemthing Friends on the Other Side.

All right! Great to see this again. Ah, a kidnapping! Crossed somewhat with CLue it appears. Good. I love that movie. Tim Curry was fucking awesome in that movie.

Late, but when I saw Colonel Mustard I was sure that this was going to become a Cluedo style murder mystery.

Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Miss Scarlet... This is Clue! Colonel Mustard, in the Bedroom, with the Candlestick. But seriously though, I'm guessing that that pony from earlier who was denied entry has something to do with this.

When I saw the part about the glowing green letters, my first thought was that changelings were somehow involved. Then I remembered that changelings are considered a myth in the Lunaverse (Ocellus being the exception, since she's from a different universe).

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