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i like Yugioh and MLP and i have tried to write a story but it seems to be too short. i like to write with other people that won't leave the brunt of the work for me to do.


What if Yami's job was only half done?

What if Yami wasn't a human at all, but an Alicorn sent to Domino for protection when he was just a young stallion barely out of filly hood?

What if the door to the afterlife was just a portal to Equestria?

What would happen if Yami ended up in that small little town with a jumbled memory a day or two before the Main 6 came into town for there first mission?

This story follows his adventures as he tried to remember and recover what he has lost along with some dark secrets nopony knew about not even the wise princesses of the Sun and Moon.

Chapters (2)
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Look’s good

Love the story, oh by the way are we going to see yami bakura again. Can't wait to see the next chapter.

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