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Pine Breeze is a young, rambunctious filly living in a Indian-esque village. Her father, the chief, is very protective of her. After being invaded by slave-traders, Pine is taken away from everything she knows. Now on her own, she will have to rely on her natural instincts to make her long journey home.

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Huh? This sounds interesting...

The second chapter is about done, would you want it out now?

Take your time... make it your best.

Red Dead Redemption 2 meets My Little Pony. Im enjoying this story so far! It reminds me of the trail of tears with the Native Americans. The vocabulary the author uses and the steady structure moving the story along without focusing to much on little details make this a read you would find in Barns and Noble. The ending of chapter 1 left me in awe. Im beginning to love little Pine Breeze. Keep it up Matrixster!

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