• Published 1st Aug 2019
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My Little Avengers: Part 2 - twilightsparkle3562

The Avengers travel to Equestria in search of Thanos, not realizing that Grogar has killed him, leading up to the battle to determine the future of Equestria and the Entire Universe.

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Chapter 2: "Traveling to Equestria"

The Avengers had defeated Thanos and his army, but not the way they wanted to. Now, they were back in the sanctum, trying to figure out what to do next for as far as they were concerned, Thanos was still alive…and there was only one thing to do…

Travel to Equestria.

"Seriously, Dr. Strange?" remarked Peter Parker. "You want us to go to Equestria? But…but, are you sure that what we should do?"

"Of course, kid," added Tony with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, sitting down in a chair next to his protégé while looking at Dr. Strange. "If Doctor Magic Man here thinks that a cartoon land is real, then we should believe him."

"I know it's real only to those who believe, Stark. Trust me, you will believe. As far as I am concerned, Thanos wasn't pulled down under his own accord. Someone wanted his powers."

"The Gauntlet?" asked T'Challa.

"Yes, your highness, but not just the Gauntlet."

Activating his magic powers, Dr. Strange produced a hologram of Thanos before using a different spell to only show Thanos' skeleton.

"What is this?" wondered Peter in a hushed voice. "A science class, Mr. Stark?"

"This…" explained Dr. Strange. "Is what whoever brought Thanos away is seeking from him. Look at his chest."

All of the Avengers looked intently at the x-ray as Strange carefully magnified the hologram towards the spot on Thanos' chest he wanted the Avengers to see.

"It's…his heart," remarked Steve, placing his damaged Captain America shield against a wall. "Why would someone go after Thanos' heart?"

"Because, Captain Rogers," replied Dr. Strange. "Thanos' heart holds not just the power of the Gauntlet, but his spirit as well. If his heart is taken out of his body, his spirit is also removed from the body."

"So basically, Thanos is in that heart," said Wanda.

"That is correct, Miss Maximoff. Thanos is impossible to capture as we all know. That's why the only way to true capture him, is to extract the heart from his chest."

"But," added Rhodes. "What if whoever it is that took Thanos underground had already extracted the heart from him?"

It was at this moment that Dr. Strange removed the hologram altogether.

"That is why," he said quietly to Peter. "We need to go into Equestria because if Thanos is still alive, we can capture him before his heart is extracted. Now, keep in mind that this is not mandatory. If you wish to back out of going to Equestria, please speak now or forever hold your peace."

This made Tony and Pepper give each other a rather awkward glance at one another. Dr. Strange waited for anyone to back out, but none did.

"Very well then," he said. "We leave at once."

It was at that moment that Steve spoke up.

"Wait a minute," he said. "Someone should at least dig deep into what Thanos was doing near Canterlot High. If there is anything Thanos had left behind there, we could use it to our advantage."

"Cap's right," added Sam. "If any case, Bucky and I can go with him and then we can catch up with you later."

"Yeah, I'll go as well," added Scott. "Being a father myself, I know what these kids are thinking. And, by the way, my daughter watches Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls."

"All right," said Dr. Strange, knowing that he had to find a sense of flexibility with the four Avengers. "You shall go and see what Thanos might have left behind. There is a portal to Equestria in front of the Canterlot High School. Once your investigation is completed, you shall travel to Equestria from there."

"You got it, Doc," said Bucky, getting up to reload his gun.

"As for the rest of you, prepare yourselves. We leave immediately."

At that moment, Dr. Strange then proceeded to cast a spell as a shot of gold light came out from his fingertips and proceeded to surround the remaining Avengers. The light lasted for a few minutes before disappearing from view.

"Okay," scoffed Tony. "What was all that about?"

"When a non-Equestrian enters Equestria, they automatically become a pony, Tony," answered Dr. Strange. "This is a spell that protects us from becoming ponies."

"Why would you do that?" wondered Peter. "It wouldn't be so bad being like one of the ponies of Equestria."

"And what if Thanos attacks us while we are ponies?" reminded Dr. Strange. "If he does attack, we wouldn't be able to defend ourselves."

"Listen to my friend, the Doctor, Pete."

Awkwardly, Peter said nothing as Dr. Strange casted another spell on the cauldron of cosmos that pulled the Avengers excepted for Steve, Sam, Bucky and Scott through into Equestria.

"So, what do we do now?" asked Bucky, looking over at Steve.

"We gather evidence and check on those affected, Buck," Steve answered. "Because you never know what may be useful in the long run."

Meanwhile, at Arkam Asylum, Grogar was still trying to recruit Jervis Tish and Professor Crane into his ranks.

"Reward us?" wondered Jervis. "How would you reward us?"

"Yea of little faith, I see?" remarked Grogar, looking at him intently. "Tell me something, Jervis, didn't you have a human female you were in love with once?"

A scowl came onto Jervis' face upon hearing this.

"I did," he answered crossly. "But then Batman took her away from me."

"What if I can reward you by bringing her back to you?" offered Grogar. "And with the powers of my bewitching bell, I can force her to love you back."

The more Jervis listened, the more excited he had become.

"As for you, Professor Crane," he said, turning his attention towards the disgraced educator. "You were dishonorably discharged from your place of employment, yes?"

"I was, Grogar. I was a professor who loved to frighten things: people, animals, all the same. Why, I became obsessed with fear's crippling power. You know how it is."

"Well, I can tell you that if you join me, I can help you get your position back."

Professor Crane was delighted to hear this news, but Jervis wasn't so sure.

"But what if Batman…?"


"Batman is our enemy, the one who put us in this situation to begin with," explained Jervis. "There is no question that he will go after us in…wherever it is you are taking us to."

Just then, a strobe of light flashed through the hallway and Grogar realized he needed to act fast.

"You must go," whispered Jervis to Grogar. "If they catch us…"

Acting fast, Grogar tapped the powers of his necklace and managed to teleport himself, Jervis and Professor Crane out of the cell. The orderly on duty saw the flash and raced over to the cell, only to find Jervis and Professor Crane gone.

As quickly as they had disappeared from Arkam, Grogar and his two new recruits found themselves back in his lair.

"Where are we?" asked Jervis.

"This is my lair," answered Grogar, leading them down the steps towards the lair's main floor. "Where you shall call home for a brief period of time until our goals are completed. Now, follow me and I shall give you your assignments."

Without saying a word, the two enemies of Batman followed Grogar into his crystal ball room where several villains were lounging in.

"Who are these two fools?" asked Hela, stretching and flexing out her wings. "What do they want?"

"They are here to join our ranks, my child," answered Grogar. "I have plans for them."

"What about the rest of us?" asked Red Skull. "And for that matter, Herr Grogar, what about Ego and Herr Tomes?"

"Patience, my red headed friend," said Grogar with a small smile on his face. "It is apparent that they will most likely fail to finish the task that has been assigned to them. Besides, our new recruits have talents that I would put to good use."

Turning towards his crystal ball, Grogar activated it and showed Vulture and the ponified Ego still trying to find their way through streets of Canterlot.

"Look, why don't we just give in and admit that this is all a waste of time?" suggested Adrian. "Grogar will understand."

"Oh, he'll understand, all right," replied Ego sarcastically. "When he makes you pay with your life. Do you want him to go after your wife and daughter?"


"Then shut up and do as you are told!"

Suddenly, Ego looked up and saw a series of fans blowing on some of the castle's rooftops.

"They must have increased the security of the castle," said Ego. "It will be difficult trying to get in."

At that moment, the two villains looked to see a pair of guards standing in front of the courtyard.

"But there is a way," said Ego, laughing quietly under his breath as he charged up his horn, pointing it right at the guards. Firing a blast, the guards were struck in the chest as Ego and Vulture moved towards the castle doors. The sounds outside caught the attention of Bruce and Sunset, who ran out to see what was happening.

"What the hell?" gasped Bruce looking down towards the running unicorn and fast flying vulture. "How did they…?"

Leaping over the castle wall, Sunset guarded herself at the doors, stopping Vulture and Ego from going further.

"Stop right there!" she yelled, her horn charging, but Ego wasn't listening, firing a blast of magic from his horn, to which Sunset quickly shielded herself from. Enraged by what was happening, Bruce leapt over the wall and the Hulk came out in a pony form. Roaring loudly, the Hulk reared on his hind pony legs, determined to protect Sunset Shimmer.

The commotion also caught the attention of Tempest Shadow, who ran down the hallway while Princess Celestia followed.

"Fizzlepop, what is it?" she asked.

"Trouble," answered the broken horned unicorn. "Follow me!"

No sooner did Tempest open the doors did Vulture suddenly take notice. Knowing that Grogar would severely punish him if he didn't fight back, Vulture flew down at Tempest Shadow, trying to use his claws to strike at her.

For several minutes, the two reformed mares did everything in their power to defend the castle from the invaders along with the Hulk, but it was easier said than done. Finally, it took a blast of alicorn magic from Princess Celestia that knocked Vulture out of the sky. Seeing this chance, the Hulk followed suit, pummeling Ego hard onto the ground.

"Your highness," cried a female guardspony. "What happened? Is anypony hurt?"

"No one," gasped Princess Celestia, looking down crossly at Ego and Vulture. "But, take them to the dungeons. I would like to have a few words with them."

Ushering several more guardsponies, Celestia, Sunset, Tempest and the now-calming down Bruce watched as the two trespassers were taken away.

"I don't know what is going on, Princess Celestia," gasped Sunset. "We just saw them charging for the doors and…"

"You did what you had to do," Celestia reassured her former student. "All of you. Once they are settled into their new accommodations, I'll have a few choice words for them."

Meanwhile, at that very moment, the Avengers found themselves at the edge of the Everfree Forest in Equestria, still in human form thanks to the spell Dr. Strange placed on them.

"Is this Equestria?" asked Tony, looking up the wooded area. "Or is it the backwoods?"

"It is Equestria, Stark," answered Dr. Strange. "We are in the Everfree Forest."

No sooner did Dr. Strange say those words was a low growling sound heard. Sensing this, Dr. Strange turned around and fired a blast of his magic at the intruding creature, revealing itself to be nothing more than a cockatrice, that quickly flew away in fear.

"Keep your wits about you," said Dr. Strange. "This is Equestria and nothing is at it seems."

So, the Avengers were about to begin their hunt for Thanos, not realizing that he was already dead…

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