• Published 1st Aug 2019
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My Little Avengers: Part 2 - twilightsparkle3562

The Avengers travel to Equestria in search of Thanos, not realizing that Grogar has killed him, leading up to the battle to determine the future of Equestria and the Entire Universe.

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Chapter 1: "Grogar Takes Charge"

Grogar, the first emperor of Equestria, had done the impossible…he had killed Thanos once and for all. Watching his pet Grizzly Bear, Scarface, eat at his rotting corpse brought a smile to his face. In his gold aura, he held a heart, but not just any heart:

It was Thanos' heart.

Without saying a word, Grogar turned around to let Scarface finish his meal while he turned his attention to the group of villains around his table.

"Listen, is there any reason why you pulled us away from getting access to Equestria?" asked Loki. "I mean, what are we even here for if you are not going to…?"

"Silence!" Grogar snapped, glaring at the god of mischief. "My plan to have you get close to Thanos has succeeded and it appears that you have come back to me, King Sombra."

Not wanting to stand in the presence of Grogar, Sombra attempted to leave through the shadows, but was stopped.

"You can't run from your problems, Sombra," Grogar remarked as he pulled Sombra back. "With Thanos disposed of, you shall now submit to me!"

Grogar pulled Sombra close to his face, but the king of the Crystal Empire wasn't going to let a tyrannical despot like Grogar get him down.

"I gave you a chance to conqueror your kingdom and you failed, so now you obey me!"

"I still refuse!" Sombra growled.

"Oh really?" smiled Grogar, sinisterly. "What makes you believe that I will let you have a second chance? You refused my deal, so now I send you back to the darkness."

Tapping into his necklace, Grogar prepared to cast a spell to send Sombra away, but he was stopped.

"Wait!" called Sonata, catching Grogar's attention. "Don't send him away! He's a good leader."

"Sonata," muttered Adagio Dazzle. "You aren't helping in the matter!"

"And neither are you three," Grogar remarked, walking towards the Dazzlings while holding Sombra in his magical grasp. "As far as I am concerned, you are powerless without your amulets."

Taking the secondary pendants made by Thanos, Grogar used his magic to crush them into pieces, much to the Dazzlings' horror.

"What did you do?" cried Aria Blaze. "What did you do?!"

Without saying another word, Grogar casted another spell that sent the Dazzlings from his sight.

"They are going back where they came from," Grogar said. "Where they will be nothing but powerless humans."

Throwing Sombra to the ground, Grogar held up the heart of Thanos high for all to see.

"Now, what do you see before me?" he asked the assembled villains.

"It's a heart," said Hela.

"But who's heart is it?" asked Red Skull.

"It is Thanos'!" cried Grogar and suddenly, his horns glowed a dark red as he pushed the heart into his chest, loudly yelling in pain. The villains watched in shock and disbelief as Thanos' heart was now inside Grogar, who collapsed briefly from exhaustion caused by the process. He then closed his eyes for a moment and finally opened them back up, his eyes now glowing red. "Which now resides in me!"

This made the other villains cower in fear as Grogar turned his attention towards Sombra.

"With the heart of Thanos inside me," he said to Sombra, who was beginning to become slightly scared. "Some of my power has returned to me. Now, I give you one last chance, Sombra. Swear your loyalty to me or suffer the same fate as Thanos!"

Not wanting to bow down to Grogar, Sombra fired a blast of his dark magic at Grogar, who merely shook it off.

"Very well then."

As Sombra readied to fire another blast of dark magic, Grogar chanted an incantation and two black strands of darkness came forward and wrapped themselves around Sombra's forelegs. Sombra tried to free himself, but was unable to. Sombra watched in horror as a black portal opened before him.

"NO! NO, I WON'T GO BACK!" he screamed. "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! I AM A KING!"

"You are a king," Grogar replied, smiling at his actions before turning sinister. "A king of fools!"

Loudly screaming, Sombra was sucked into the portal still attached to the black strands of magic. The other villains were horrified at what had happened.

"Now," Grogar said, turning around to face them. "Does anyone else wish to defy me?"

A tense silence filled the room as Scarface came in with his muzzle covered in Thanos' blood.

"Good. Because from here on in, you will serve me and me alone! Understood?"

With very little options, all the villains bowed to Grogar, including Loki, who couldn't help but feel troubled at what had just happened. Suddenly, Grogar disappeared from view in a tornado of darkness much to the villains' shock. Little did any of them realize that right outside, Grogar's three minions from Equestria were watching while holding a book in their grasp.

"Did…did you see that?" whispered Cozy Glow, the Pegasus filly. "He just sent…"

"I did see it," whispered Tirek, the Centaur. "We've got to figure out how to control the bewitching bell before he finds out."

"It won't be easily with all those strange creatures around," remarked Chrysalis, the ousted Queen of the Changelings. "For now, we work in secret. Understand?"

And the three villains disappeared into the shadows, determined to stay hidden as much as possible.

Meanwhile, at an Asylum on the outskirts of Gotham City, the resident heroes Batman and Robin were bringing a mentally unstable man dressed in the clothes of a scarecrow as he ranted on at the top of his lungs.

"I am the master of fear! The lord of despair! Cower before me and witness terror!"

But his ranting was briefly interrupted by a young woman with her blonde hair in pig tails.

"Hi, Professor Crane," she said.

"Good evening, child," he replied, giving her a small smile before going insane again. "Worship me, you fools! Worship me! Scream hosannas of anguish to Scarecrow, the all-terrible God of fear!"

Taken away by orderlies, Professor Crane was thrown into his cell that he shared with another man, a meek man who was dressed in purple and had a stovetop hat with the numbers 10/6 on the left side.

"You didn't fare well, again?" the man said.

"Of course not," muttered Professor Crane, letting out a loud groan as he sat down. "Batman bested me again. Sometimes, I even wish if I am just wasting my time getting to him."

"There is always a second chance, my dear Jonathan, you know that."

"How could I not know that, Jervis?" sighed Professor Crane. "Perhaps it might be time to maybe go after someone else instead of Batman and his sidekick, Sparrow."

"Uh, Robin, his name is Robin, Jonathan."


Suddenly, the two men noticed a strange flowing of dark magic appear before them and out stepped Grogar, much to their shock and amazement. They had never seen a creature like him before.

"Who…who are you?" asked Jervis, his legs trembling.

"You may call me…Grogar."

"Grogar?" remarked Professor Crane, equally shaking in fear. "What a strange name. I don't know you and yet…I fear you."

"And you call yourself the master of fear," Grogar said as he approached the two men, much to Professor Crane's shock. "Yet, you fear me."

Grogar placed his front left hoof on Professor Crane's cheek. Taking it away, he felt a wetness on his hoof.

"And…you perspire. Heh, heh, you are the model of what I want my enemies to do once I conquer Equestria."

"Equestria?" asked Jervis. "What is Equestria?"

"A land that will soon be mine," answered Grogar. "And I've come to recruit you to take part in my plans."

"Um, if you don't mind my asking, Mr. Grogar," suggested Jervis. "Your offer seems very pleasable, but neither of us can help but wonder how you know who we are."

"I've seen what the two of you have done in this…this…Gotham City. Thus, you are both the perfect candidates for what I intend to do to conquer Equestria. Join me and if my plan succeeds, then you shall both be greatly rewarded."

Both Jervis and Professor Crane looked at each other with confused expressions, not realizing of the roll that they were about to play.

Back in New York, the Avengers were tending to the brainwashed citizens that up until that moment were serving Thanos and his minions.

"So, we were brainwashed?" asked Principal Celestia to Sci-Twi.

"Apparently so," answered Sci-Twi. "That Sombra teacher must have casted a spell to make you go rogue. But, you are all safe and that's all that matters."

"Yeah, but we don't know where the purple people eater went to," remarked Pinkie Pie as she helped Sunny Flare and Lemon Zest to their feet. "I'd like to get my hands on him."

"Well, you can't," said Dr. Strange as he was being treated for his injuries along with Sam and Steve Rogers. "Because according to what I saw, we must carry on alone."

"What you saw?"

"He's omnipotent," said Tony, treating himself with his injuries. "He can see the future and what he sees is Thanos disappeared into horseville."

"That's Equestria, Mr. Stark," corrected Peter Parker, much to Tony's chagrin.

At that moment, Dr. Strange got to his feet and motioned for all the Avengers to gather round, even those who were helping with the injured, both mentally and physically.

"What is it, Doctor?" asked T'Challa.

"We need to go into Equestria and find Thanos," he said. "As far as I am concerned, he might have joined forces with a greater evil."

"What greater evil?" asked Steve Rogers. "Is it someone we know?"

"Either way, we've got to act fast if Thanos gets what he wants," added Bucky, sitting down and reloading his gun. "What do we do?"

There was only one solution to the problem.

"We go into Equestria and look for Thanos ourselves," said Dr. Strange, much to the shock of the gathered Avengers. "By any means necessary."

A few moments later, a streak of gold light flew across the sky and landed in front of the sanctum. The light subsided to reveal a young woman with blonde hair, dressed in blue and red.

"Sorry I was late, Dr. Strange," said the woman. "I guess that…"

"It's all right, Captain Marvel," interrupted Dr. Strange. "Better late than never, I suppose. I need you to take all of Thanos' victims back to their homes and then meet up with us back in Equestria. That is, if you know where it is."

"Don't worry," replied Captain Marvel. "I know how to find my way."

Rising into the air, Captain Marvel used her powers to teleport the Canterlot High Girls and their fellow humans back to their homeland.

"Look, I know it's wrong of me to butt in here," said Scott Lang. "But maybe I should get a hold of Hope and brief her on what is happening."

"I've already reached out to her and her parents," said Dr. Strange. "They are going to be meeting us in Equestria."

Scott felt shocked at what he had just heard.

"Um, what? Ex…excuse me, why are you bringing Hank and Janet into this as well?"

"You will see in due time, Mr. Lang. Now come on, we must prepare to head to Equestria."

And the Avengers followed Dr. Strange into the Sanctum, preparing themselves for their mission to find Thanos, not realizing that his eaten corpse was already being buried by the other villains Grogar had assembled.

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