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I am a man from Massachusetts with Autism who enjoys MLP, Disney and writing!


Following their respective defeats, Thanos and King Sombra join forces and escape to the world of Canterlot High where they target Sunset Shimmer and her friends for their magic. But, the Avengers, including a resurrected Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, sense their escape and do everything in their power to protect Sunset and her friends at all costs.

Author's Note: Rewrite of my story "The Rise and Fall of Emperor Grogar."

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 4 )

Love it. I am curious on what happens next.

I missed a short descriptio I missed a short description that difficult because I'm trying my best to describe my story the best I can like you give me an example of what description used for your story if you don't mind cuz I'm new and I'm trying to publish my fish story and I'm having difficulties with a soap can you help me out please.

This story is interesting. I'm not entirely convinced on your explanation on how Thanos brought himself and sombra back to life, thoug. I hope you will give a better explanation later. Meanwile i will follow your fanfic, to see where the story is going.

Most uncomfortable chapter of a story I've ever read

So much religion for the wrong people

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