• Published 13th May 2019
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My Little Avengers: Part 1 - twilightsparkle3562

Thanos and King Sombra escape to Sunset Shimmer's world and attempt to steal the magic of her and her friends...

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Chapter 4: "Stark's New Chief"

With the death of Tony Stark came a huge change for the company his family built from the ground up. Pepper Potts was now in command, the Chief Executive Officer of Stark Industries. To her, it seemed like a bad dream she wanted to wake up from. She wasn't meant to be in this position, Tony was. All that she had on her desk was their wedding picture and the picture they took at their daughter's baptism.

Now they were nothing more than memories encased in a pair of picture frames. She had to move on with her life. Her time of reflection ended when a knock on the door of her office was heard.

"Come in," she called and the door opened to reveal a young woman around Pepper's age, her long red hair down to her shoulders and dressed in a very nice dark blue business suit consisting of a long sleeved jacket and calf-length skirt. The sounds of her matching dark blue high heels tapped on the floor of Pepper's office in a melodic rhythm and a gold pearl necklace hung around her neck. "Ah, Julia Carpenter. I trust you continue to get adjusted to your new role as Chief Operating Officer nicely?"

"Well, you know these things take time, Pepper," replied Julia. "After all, I've only been at Stark for 10 years."

"Yeah, but Tony sure sees a lot of potential you, Julia…or at least he did."

Pepper looked down at all of the papers that she needed to organize, yet she didn't have the energy, nor the motivation.

"You really miss him, don't you?"

"Very much," replied Pepper, somberly. "I know what he did was for the fate of the universe, but part of me asks myself why there was no alternative? Wasn't there meant to be another way for Thanos to be beaten? Tony always kept his secrets hidden from me, even after we were married and had a child together."

Julia pulled up a chair and sat down next to her new boss, feeling nothing but sympathy for her.

"It's not really my place to say this, Pepper," the newly minted COO tried to explain. "But, I was once married to a man who kept all his secrets from me and when I tried to get him to open up, he just either pushed me away or threatened to kill me if I didn't stop meddling in his business."

"Yes, I remember that," Pepper remarked. "It was right after Tony revealed himself to be Iron Man. You ditched that husband of yours and moved here to New York with your daughter, right?"

"Yes, but before we divorced," continued Julia. "He told me that I would never amount to anything that I would only be good at low wage jobs. I went to school in Denver, I got my business degrees and here I am, working to give Rachel a promising future in life."

Pepper admired the determination that Julia had in her, but still no words could erase the pain of losing Tony. This was Pepper's biggest challenge and she was going to be facing it alone.

Suddenly, another knock was heard at the door and in stepped another of Tony's life long friends, a dark skinned man with artificial legs.

"Sorry if I came in unannounced, Pepper," said the man. "Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing. Hiya, chuckles."

"Hi, Jim," Julia replied, merely waving her hand. "Enjoying your new role as head of security?"

"Well, I'm getting used to it. Gotta admit that for a former air force colonel, this is quite a change of pace. How you holding up, Pepper?"

"It's tough, Jim, you know that. It's just that…I hope that Tony can see what I am doing by leading his company."

Jim took his hand and placed it on Pepper's, giving her a warm smile as well.

"He is seeing you, Pepper," Jim whispered. "And he is smiling down on you right now at what you are doing."

Just then, a cell phone noise was heard and Julia reached into her suit jacket, pulling it out and stepping out of the office.

"Must be her daughter again," sighed Jim, rising to his feet. "Just hope and pray Morgan doesn't end up like Julia's kid."

"Well, Rachel is older and is also a pre-teen, something that Morgan will become one day, although I hope not in the way Julia's daughter is.

Julia went back in the office, sticking the phone back in her suit pocket.

"Rachel?" Pepper guessed.

"You guessed it, playing hooky from school. She is so grounded for the next month," sighed Julia, exasperatedly before redirecting her attention towards her bosses. "What did I miss?"

"Um, maybe it's best I leave you two gals alone, what do you say?" suggested Jim. "And remember, Tony's watching."

Once Jim was gone, Julia also followed suit, leaving Pepper alone in her office. Little did she know that she would soon be getting an unexpected visitor.

Meanwhile, not far from Canterlot High, a dark skinned man walked in the town park taking in the fresh air that was available for breathing. He had been given a major responsibility and couldn't help but wonder if he too, was up for the task ahead.

"Steve, why would you choose me to take on the mantel of Captain America?" he asked himself, sitting down on a bench. "I…I don't know…I'm just not ready yet. Well, you are a rather old man after all and do want to retire."

"Perhaps Steve sees a lot of himself in you, Sam," replied another man with a silver arm as he sat down next to him. "Maybe it's also because you are nervous and not sure if you can become the next Captain America."

"Suppose you are right, Bucky," sighed Sam, watching two runners from nearby Crystal Prep running past them. "But, I'm also the Falcon. I have wings, I mean, it won't be easy to do a double act."

"You can do a double act, Sam, I know it. Steve didn't choose you to fill in his shoes if he knew you couldn't multitask."

But as Bucky was talking, Sam noticed three girls walking along the side of the park. Suddenly, alarm bells went off in his brain and it was apparent that something about these girls was amiss.

"Sam, what is it?" Bucky asked only to be silenced by a hand to the face. "What's wrong?"

"I've seen those girls before," Sam whispered. "They were here just a few days ago, just rummaging around the trash cans for food."

"They must be homeless," suggested Bucky. "Leave them alone."

But the soldier in him prevented Sam from leaving them alone. As he approached the girls, they began to sing harmoniously and release green toxins into the air. A pair of runners breathed in the gas and one of them trip the other onto the ground.

"The hell?" Sam whispered to himself as he ran over to the runners side. "You guys okay?"

"Back off, this doesn't concern you!" snapped one of the runners, pushing Sam away.

"Hey, you guys might be hurt!' cried Sam, shocked at what he had just heard.

"We're fine," said the other runner as he and his partner began to verbally berate each other. It was becoming clear to Sam that the three girls were causing this.

"Hey! Hey!" Sam called out to them. "What do you think you are doing? Did you cause those two guys to start fighting?"

This made the girls stop singing and turn towards Sam. As they turned, their eyes glowed red, revealing themselves to be the Dazzlings.

"You know better than to interrupt a girl's mealtime," laughed Adagio as she clenched her fist and punched Sam in the stomach, knocking him back onto the ground.

"Sam!" cried Bucky and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pistol. Aria Blaze saw Bucky running and used her magic to pick Bucky up and toss him onto the ground. Rebounding from his punch to the stomach, Sam attempted to confront the girls again, but before he could, they disappeared from his sight.

Seeing Bucky on the ground, Sam helped him to his feet.

"What the…what the hell was that?" gasped Bucky.

"I don't know," said Sam, trying to shake off the pain of his stomach punch. "I don't know."

Suddenly, a portal opened up in front of them and out stepped Dr. Strange.

"It was the Dazzlings," he answered. "I'm Dr. Stephen Strange and I need you both to come with me."

The two runners that had been arguing up until that moment saw what was happening, only for Dr. Strange to cast a sleeping spell on them.

"What's going on here?" Bucky asked.

"Just follow me."

Shrugging their shoulders, Bucky and Sam followed the wizard through the portal.

Meanwhile, the Dazzlings returned to Thanos' hideout near Canterlot High with their newly minted energy coursing through their bodies.

"Have you acquired enough energy?" he asked, looking out the window at the sun

"Yes, Thanos," replied Adagio, bowing to him. "We would have gotten more had it not been for the intrusion of two humans."

This made Thanos turn and face his newly acquired warriors with a strange look on his face.

"What two humans?" he asked, keeping his head on.

"One of them was a dark dude and the other had long hair," explained Sonata Dusk. "Got to admit, the long haired dude was cute."

"Put a sock in it, Sonata," muttered Adagio.

"If this is of any indication," Thanos said. "This might be the work of those wretched Avengers."

Of course, the looks of confusion befell on the Dazzlings' faces upon hearing this.

"Who? Avengers?" asked Aria as Thanos walked by them. "What are you talking about?"

"They were the ones that killed me for my actions," Thanos replied, snarling slightly as he looked down at the infinity gauntlet. "But, my revenge on them will come soon enough."

Just then, Sombra walked in much to Thanos' chagrin.

"Where have you been, Sombra?" Thanos asked. "You should have come back hours ago."

"I'm sorry, Thanos," gasped Sombra, trying to catch his breath. "But I felt like I was being followed. I think that the two sisters might be onto me."

"What two sisters?"

"The principals at the school, two sisters. They might have guessed my identity.

"Well, keep your presence down," ordered Thanos. "If you know what is good for you, Sombra."

"Uh, King Sombra?" asked Sonata Dusk, excitedly. "The King Sombra?"

"What is that to you?" remarked Sombra, looking over at the youngest Siren.

"Nothing," said Sonata meekly.

Rolling his eyes, Thanos turned his attention back to the plan in development.

"Well, you are to return to your mission at dawn, Sombra," ordered Thanos. "Once you have the opportunity arise, I want you to make your move and take the magic of Princess Celestia's student and her friends. As for the rest of you, I want you to continue preparing yourselves for the next phase of our plan."

"What next phase?" asked Adagio.

"You shall see in due time," answered Thanos, turning around and leaving Sombra alone with the Dazzlings.

"He's up to something," remarked Adagio as she looked at her fellow Dazzlings. "But, I don't know what it is."

They would all find out in due time…

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