• Published 13th May 2019
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My Little Avengers: Part 1 - twilightsparkle3562

Thanos and King Sombra escape to Sunset Shimmer's world and attempt to steal the magic of her and her friends...

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Chapter 2: "Something Doesn't Seem Right About Him"

Sunset Shimmer arrived at Canterlot High completely unaware of the stalking going on behind her and her Canterlot High friends. In fact, she had something else on her mind.

"Hey Sunset," said Rainbow Dash, arriving at her locker. "Looking forward to seeing Power Ponies: Endgame this week?"

"Can't wait, Rainbow Dash. It'll be nice to finally get to see how the Mane-iac get beaten. I want him to pay for killing half of all life in the universe."

"You and everyone else here in Canterlot High. I actually have my Zap costume all set up. Too bad I can't show my shield."

"I'm pretty sure it isn't any different than the real thing," chuckled Sunset. "Either way, we're showing our Marvel pride."

The two friends went off to their first class just as the humanized Sombra and Thanos approached edge of the school and hid in the bushes.

"What are you proposing to do?" whispered Sombra to Thanos.

"We need more power for the gauntlet," answered Thanos. "We need the power that the former student has along with her friends. But, only if you get…close enough to them."

It was apparent to Sombra what he needed to do. He needed to get close to Sunset and her friends and allow Thanos to take their magic. But there had to be a way to properly do it.

"Tell me, what is that?" Thanos asked, seeing a notice on the entrance doors.

"It seems like they are looking for a teacher," answered Sombra. "In…social studies."

"Then why don't you get this job?" suggested Thanos. "You can get close to Sunset and her friends then."

The more Sombra thought about it, the more he also began to picture himself not as a teacher, but as a principal. He needed an army and there was no better army than an army of teenagers.

"I can get us more than magic," Sombra said, trying to get out of the bush only to be stopped by Thanos. "Come, let us prepare."

"Why should you prepare?" asked Thanos, holding Thanos by the scruff of his cape. "You are a king, you can command for anything you desire."

He then look down at what Sombra was wearing. He was wearing a human business suit, but the cape and the crown were a dead giveaway.

"Hmm, I can see your concerns," muttered Thanos allowing Sombra to remove his crown and cape. "Now, you are like one of them, Sombra. Go and make yourself known."

Climbing out of the bushes, Sombra dusted himself off and walked towards the door where a guard stopped him from going inside.

"You got to have a pass to get in, sir," the guard said.

"Uhhh…" muttered Sombra, trying to figure out what to do. From behind the bushes, Thanos used the magic inside the gauntlet to magically give Sombra a pass, handing it to the guard. "Here is my pass."

Taking the pass, the young guard began to notice that something was off about Sombra.

"Flash Magnus," called a light blue colored female human. "What is going on here?"

"He says he is here to interview for the social studies teacher position, Vice Principal Luna," answered Flash Magnus. "I was…just asking him for a pass."

"Thank you, Flash Magnus," she said, motioning for Sombra to follow her. "I will take it from here. Follow me."

Entering the school's main office, Sombra followed Vice Principal Luna into the office of a female human with light skin and dressed similar to Vice Principal Luna.

"So you are here to interview for the vacant Social Studies teacher position, yes?" the Principal asked.

"That is correct," answered Sombra, hiding his true intentions. "I am a previous teacher at another school in this area."

"Indeed," remarked the principal. "I'm Principal Celestia, head of Canterlot High School. I trust you've met my sister, Vice Principal Luna."

"I have."

"Now, were you a recent teacher at Crystal Prep? Teaching Social Studies?"

Of course, Sombra had to remember that he hadn't been here for very long and he had never been in the human world before.

"Why do you ask?"

"You…just mentioned it, Mr. Sombra," said Vice Principal Luna, feeling slightly confused while Sombra was beginning to feel nervous of his true motives being uncovered.

"Uh, yes," Sombra said, quickly correcting himself. "Terribly sorry about that. I'm just a…little nervous."

"Don't be. We can't have our teachers show fear in front of our students."

"Easier said than done. Uh, forgive me," stammered Sombra. Little did he know however that he was getting help from a power source that only Thanos held in his grasp.

"Are you more than willing to be a teacher here?" asked Principal Celestia.

"I am," answered Sombra, his mind suddenly becoming more and more at ease. "And I am willing to teach your students great things."

But the sisters weren't convinced. To them, there was something off about Sombra that caused them to have serious doubts.

"If you say that you are willing to teach our students," said Principal Celestia. "Then, I am willing to give you a trial run. Can you start tomorrow?"

"Of course, I can," said Sombra, rising to his feet and shaking the principal's hands. "You won't be sorry."

As they watched Sombra leave, both Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna had their doubts on the matter.

"Something doesn't seem right about him," said Principal Celestia. "I've been to Crystal Prep plenty of times and well, I've never seen Sombra before."

"We're definitely going to have to get to the bottom of this," remarked Vice Principal Luna, immediately going to a loudspeaker on her sister's desk. "Twilight Sparkle, report to the principal's office immediately."

"Why are you calling Twilight?"

"Because as a former student, she can tell us if 'Sombra' really taught at Crystal Prep."

Outside the school, Sombra dashed outside where Thanos was waiting.

"They hired me right on the spot," he whispered, excitedly.

"Excellent," whispered Thanos, looking at his infinity gauntlet. "Soon, we will get what we want and have an army to kill two birds with one stone."

"But, the principals were almost onto me," remarked Sombra. "They almost saw through my guise."

"That is because I have powers beyond your wildest imagination, Sombra," answered Thanos, activating a gold light that emerged from one of the spots in the gauntlet. "With the mind stone, I can control minds at random and I used the stone's energy to make the principal's hire you."

"What's going on?" Sci-Twi asked with a look of confusion on her face as she walked into Principal Celestia's office. "You said you both wanted to see me about something."

"Yes, Twilight Sparkle," replied Vice Principal Luna. "Sit down."

"Twilight," said Principal Celestia, gesturing for Sci-Twi to sit down in front of her desk. "When you were at Crystal Prep, do you recall having a social studies teacher named Sombra in any way?"

A look of confusion befell upon Twilight's face.

"No, I don't think so. Why do you ask?"

"There was a man applying to be a teacher and he claims to have taught at Crystal Prep."

"Indeed," muttered Sci-Twi. "If he was teaching, it was probably after I transferred here. You can ask Principal Cadence about it and besides, she might have a better answer than I do."

"Thank you, Twilight," answered Principal Celestia. "You may go back to your class and tell Miss Cheerliee I apologize for having to pull you out."

Once Sci-Twi was gone, Principal Celestia got on the phone and called Crystal Prep.

"Cadence?" she called once an answer went through. "It's Principal Celestia, how are you?"

"Um, fine, I guess," replied the young principal, sitting in her office. "What can I do for you?"

"Just a quick question, Cadence," explained Principal Celestia. "We just had someone in here interview for a vacant social studies teacher position and he claims to have been a teacher at Crystal Prep?"

The baffled Principal Cadence immediately rummaged around in her desk trying to find faculty files, but found nothing.

"What is the teacher's name?"

"Sombra," answered Principal Celestia.

"I'm sorry, there is nothing on Crystal Prep having a teacher named Sombra," sighed Principal Cadence, much to the worry of the sisters.

However, Thanos was quick to detect what was happening.

"What is wrong?"

"Another school principal is trying to blow our cover," cried Thanos, activating the energy of the mind stone once again, this time trying to control Cadence's mind.

"Oh, wait," said Principal Cadence, pulling out a blank file. "There is a binder here that says there was a Sombra who taught here and he seems to be very good with the students. I think you've got a good teacher joining your ranks."

But the Principal sisters were unconvinced.

"Well, okay, if that's what you found out," said Principal Celestia worriedly. "Thanks, Cadence."

"I don't believe a word of this, sister," remarked Vice Principal Luna. "Not a single word."

Later at lunch, Sci-Twi was sitting with the rest of her friends trying to process what had just transpired.

"A new social studies teacher?" remarked Sunset. "Since when did that announcement come?"

"I don't know, but both Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna were concerned," said Sci-Twi.

"Well, maybe its just some guy that intimidated them or something," said Rainbow Dash. "Besides, we got to start looking forward to seeing Power Ponies: Endgame."

"I agree," said Applejack.

"Positively," added Pinkie Pie while Fluttershy and Rarity silently nodded in reply.

However, Sci-Twi couldn't help but feel concerned about what had transpired earlier in the day and in fact, even Sunset was feeling slightly concerned.

"Look, I don't know about you guys, but I have very bad feelings about this," said Sci-Twi. "Doesn't it seem a little odd that a new teacher would come in so quickly?"

"I agree with Twilight," added Sunset. "I think its best we keep on our guard until this matter is resolved. If anything, this so-called Sombra might be after Equestrian magic."

Little did Sunset know at that very moment, both Thanos and Sombra were listening into her conversation through the mind stone.

"She is definitely Princess Celestia's former pupil," said Sombra. "And the one with the most Equestrian magic in this world."

"Good, once you are placed in the school, I want you to stalk them until their magic is in our possession, understand?"

Sombra nodded and the two of them retreated from the school and back into the woods.

Meanwhile, at his sanctum in New York City, Dr. Stephen Strange and his assistant Wong were responding to a strange summons from the cauldron of cosmos.

"What is it?" asked Wong, as the cauldron moved around slightly.

"I don't know," answered Dr. Strange, activating his magically powered hands. "But, be prepared in case something comes out."

The cauldron moved more and more slightly and then finally, a flash of white light covered the room and a few moments later, an all too familiar red armored hand stuck of the cauldron, causing both Strange and Wong to become shocked.

"Impossible," gasped Dr. Strange. "It can't be possible. Tony Stark?"

"Doctor," Tony replied, stepping out of the cauldron. "Look, I…I know this is a bit of shock for you, but…"

"How could you be brought back to life?" he asked, a look of sheer shock on his face. "You are not a modern day Jesus and you know it."

"Look, I'm just as confused about all of this as you are," Tony said. "To put it simply, I was in purgatory and…"

"And what?"

Tony stammered for a moment and after a deep sigh, he finally gave his answer out.

"I was sent here," he said as Natasha Romanoff climbed out of the cauldron of cosmos. "Because it seems that the Thanos I killed was just a past Thanos."

Both Strange and Wong gave each other worried looks on their faces, but allowed Tony to continue to speak.


"The real Thanos, the one that caused half of life to be extinct," Tony answered as Natasha walked next to him. "He's back from the dead and looking to finish what he started…unless we stop him."

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