• Published 13th May 2019
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My Little Avengers: Part 1 - twilightsparkle3562

Thanos and King Sombra escape to Sunset Shimmer's world and attempt to steal the magic of her and her friends...

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Chapter 1: "After the Endgame"

King Sombra could not believe what he was seeing before his eyes. Twilight Sparkle and her friends had somehow gathered the power of their destroyed elements and were now about to use them to defeat him.

"This…is not possible," he gasped, a horrified look on his face while looking up at the ball of energy they were all encased in. "Your magic cannot defeat mine! I DESTROYED THE SOURCE OF YOUR POWER!"

"You can't destroy our friendship, Sombra," said Twilight.

"And we keep telling bad guys," added Rainbow Dash.

"But, y'all just don't seem to remember," added Applejack.

"FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!" they all cried out.

Sombra's last desperate attempt to break through their sphere failed and could only watch in horror as the energy destroyed his body and erased his dark magic on Equestria.

Screaming, Sombra suddenly found himself no longer in Canterlot and was once again back in an all too familiar place: a void that was nothing but darkness. Only his glowing green eyes, red horn and purple eyebrows remained. It was a place that was deathly quiet, but Sombra wouldn't be alone for long. A cackle sounded, revealing a pony like creature made up entirely of shadow.

"Welcome back, King Sombra," the creature laughed, gloating at Sombra in the eyes. "It appears that you shouldn't have left Grogar's ranks after all."

Sombra said nothing, looking away from the creature.

"And now you are back here in limbo with me, the pony of shadows! Hopefully this time, for eternity."

Still, Sombra ignored the shadow pony, choosing instead to reflect on what just happened to him.

"It appears that Grogar won't bring me back now," he said to himself. "But, that doesn't matter. I still refuse to do ours, only mine."

"And it backfired," cackled the Pony of Shadows, looking at Sombra in the face. "Face it, King Sombra, you are nothing more than a floating entity like the rest of us. Get used to it!"

"I will NEVER get used to it!" retorted Sombra. "NEVER!"

Suddenly, they heard a low moan, almost coming from a spirit in pain.

"Who is that?" wondered Sombra.

"Oh, just your new limbo mate, King Sombra," said the Pony of Shadows, looking at a purple cloud forming in front of them. "He just got here. I'll tell you what, why don't I leave you two to get acquainted? I'm sure that you both…have a lot in common, don't you?"

Laughing, the Pony of Shadows disappeared leaving Sombra alone with the purple cloud. Two eyes appeared in the cloud and then arms, one of them possessing a golden glove on the right hand. Sombra watched as the purple cloud formed further and further, taking the form of a hulking humanoid shape.

"What are you looking at?" the creature asked, his head slowly tilting off of his body. "He went for the head like I told him."

"Um, I don't understand," Sombra replied. "Who did you tell to go for the head?"

"Thor of Asgard."

"Is he a pony?"

The creature's eyes widened with surprise, almost as if Sombra didn't fully understand of his situation.

"A what?"

"It seems you have never heard of Equestria," remarked Sombra.

"I have not. All I care about is bringing balance to the universe and thanks to the infinity stones, I was able to do it."

"Balance?" wondered Sombra. "Who…who are you?"

"You may call me…Thanos, father of Gamora and Nebula and savior of the universe."

Right away, Sombra couldn't help but feel intimidated by the presence of this creature. All he wanted was to rule Equestria, but he couldn't help himself but have a feeling, a feeling inside of him that was telling him that something about Thanos was bad.

"I am…King Sombra, ruler of the Crystal Empire in Equestria," he said, awkwardly. "Or at least I was until recently."

Thanos chuckled to himself upon hearing Sombra speak, knowing that he had found himself a pawn in whatever plan he was cooking up.

"So you say?" Thanos remarked. "Like you, I am not a king, but a simple creature who has a dream….that can never be fulfilled because I am no longer alive."

"What is that?" Sombra asked, pointing towards the charred gold glove on Thanos' right hand.

"This…is the infinity gauntlet," Thanos replied, showing the glove off to Sombra. "The one weapon that gave me my victory over the wretched Avengers."

"If you don't mind me saying….this looks as if it is destroyed," Sombra remarked. "Why do you still wear it if it is destroyed?"

"Because of as a reminder of my greatest triumph, King Sombra. Although, I would like nothing more to create a universe of my own vision. That would put…a smile on my face."

For that very moment, Sombra couldn't help but admire Thanos' goal. Thanos had a vision to change for the better and Sombra had a vision to rule Equestria by his own vision. The two of them were sharing the same goal.

"Well, I will say that we certainly aren't going to get our goals accomplished by being in here," said Sombra, now onboard with Thanos. "We must return to the living at once. I have a way for us to escape, but it is going to take some contribution on your part."

"The infinity stones may have been destroyed by me," said Thanos, suddenly producing a gold shimmering light that engulfed the infinity gauntlet. "But their energies allow me to bring them back as needed."

Suddenly, the Pony of Shadows appeared, having been alerted by the glowing light caused by the infinity gauntlet.

"What are you doing?" the shadowy creature cried out. "Don't you even think about escaping again, Sombra!"

"That's what you think," Sombra replied defiantly, charging at the Pony of Shadows striking him with his red horn. But, the Pony of Shadows wasn't going to go down easily and fired a blast of shadow magic at Sombra, only to be deflected by a shield spell by Sombra. Using the gauntlet, Thanos engulfed the Pony of Shadows in a hold while Sombra used his horn, striking him several times. As the Pony of Shadows cried out in pain, Thanos snapped his fingers, sending him and Sombra out of Limbo. When he opened his eyes, the Pony of Shadows frantically looked around, but both Sombra and Thanos were gone. Angered, he let out a loud roar in defeat.

Meanwhile, in the entity known as Purgatory, souls of the departed waited for their judgement day on whether they go into heaven or hell. Among those was the human that was billed as the Universe's Greatest Hero.

"Even though I saved half the universe, I still have to play by the rules on whether I go to heaven or hell."

"It's the same with everybody, Tony," said a young woman with red hair. "We all have to go through judgment, even those who are named Tony Stark."

"Yeah," Tony sighed, lowering his head down. "I'm just hoping to get into heaven and wait for Pepper and Morgan to one day join me."

"They will, Tony. These things just take time, unfortunately."

The words of his fellow deceased comrade didn't bring any consolidation to Tony's mind. He was dead, despite the fact that to him, Thanos was defeated once and for all.

"Still, I stopped a genocidal nutjob, Natasha. I deserve a little recognition for what I have done."

"Maybe there is one little test that we both have to take or something," suggested Natasha, much to Tony's chagrin. "I mean, God works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?"

At that moment, an angel flew over the crowd of souls and looked down at Tony and Natasha.

"Anthony Edward Stark?" the angel asked.

"Do you see anyone else named that?"

"Your judgment is upon you."

This gave a sense of hope to Tony, knowing that at least in his mind, he would be entering heaven's gates before he knew it. Instead, he found himself in a secluded room with only a hulking figure sitting at a small table.

"Sit down, Anthony," he said.

"Yes, uh, of course, St. Peter," Tony replied, sitting down in front of him. "You know, it's not every day that I get to meet someone who was Jesus' second-in-command."

"So you say, Anthony," remarked St. Peter. "It appears that now is the time for you to have your judgment passed onto you."


"Despite the sinful actions you had caused in your earthly life, you have earned the right to enter heaven gates."

"Thank you," Tony cried excitedly, reaching out to shake St. Peter's hand. "Thank you so very much!"

However, St. Peter pushed Tony's hand away much to his surprise.

"But, there is an urgent matter that must be attended to. We had received word from our junior spirits that a creature called Thanos has escaped!"

With those words, all of Tony's excitement quickly disappeared.

"Are you sure about that, St. Peter?" he asked. "Or is this some kind of sick joke you are trying to pull on me?"

"It isn't a joke, Anthony. This creature escaped from Limbo and is now back to life. As you know, the master requires a test of character in order to be placed into heaven. Your test of character was to defeat Thanos once and for all."

"But…but I don't understand, Thanos should have been destroyed once and for all, St. Peter!" protested Tony, who then suddenly got an epiphany. "Unless…it was the past Thanos we destroyed and the real Thanos is still alive."

Tony felt sick to his stomach upon realizing what was happening. Thanos was alive, the real Thanos who had snapped the gauntlet in Wakanda.

"Oh my God."

"And unless you stop him," cautioned St. Peter. "Thanos will cause an effect that will affect both above Earth, on Earth and under the Earth. You must stop him, Anthony, at all costs."

"But, are you going to send me alone?"

"No, Anthony," replied St. Peter and he directed Tony to the door where another angel brought in Natasha. "You shall not be going on this quest alone."

Meanwhile, it took a few moments, but both King Sombra and Thanos found themselves out of Limbo. However, upon opening his eyes, Sombra realized that he wasn't in Equestria. In fact, he wasn't even a unicorn anymore!

"What…what have you done to me?" he cried, turning around to look at Thanos, who was no longer a titan, but a human. "For that matter, what did you do to yourself?"

"Why, I have just only enforced the first part of our plan, Sombra," he explained. "Look down at the water."

Sombra looked down and his fears were confirmed: he too, was a human with his colors and his cape still on him.

"I look…different."

"Only for a short period of time, Sombra. Until we get what we came for."

"And what is that?"

Peeking through the bushes, they saw a teenage girl walking along the side of a road heading towards a school.

"Do you know who that is?" Sombra asked Thanos.

"She is a former student of your kingdom's current ruler, Princess Celestia," guessed Thanos, much to Sombra's shock and amazement.

"How do you know that?" he asked and Thanos produced his infinity gauntlet once more with a glowing green light coming out from one of the holes.

"I have ways of learning about the enemy," Thanos chuckled. "Now, you are going to follow my instructions very closely if both of our ambitions are to be satisfied."

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