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I don't know what kind of stuff I will write here yet. I guess we'll see! Pronouns are She/He/They

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Just a heads up My Little Orgy: Debauchery Is Magic was a very popular clop story back in the day. From your profile, you're new enough that you probably weren't aware it existed. But the core premise is similar enough that petty people might accuse you of copycatting.

I didn't know about that. Thanks for the heads up. I'll wait around and see, I guess.

If it's not literally word for word, then the admins won't do anything. It has to break site rules. Those sacks of flesh would just have to get over it.

Spike is best pony, couldn't agree more

Will there be an anthro version of this story some day?

True, and there is a sequel being made as well, but always liked alternative universe stories. Adds a certain change to the normal storyline of the show.

That's not what your cover art says

Cover art makes it look like Dash is a nightwing pony. Also Luna and Twilight.

Those pixel specs really suit pinkie and everyone looks super cool too

This feels....off speed wise. Let's say a average fic has a speed of 1.0x, this fic seems to be going along at 1.4x speed. Not fast enough to seem jammed but just fast enough that you notice how somethings seemed to have been steamrolled over or past.

It's because I didn't find the right cover art or drawing to use, as my personal User Cover Art. Plus, it sounds a bit xenophobic to make Spike act like a pony. And clearly, he is NOT! It will insult his Dragon Heritage and Pride. 😡 🐲 🐉

I do have that trouble with a lot of writing. Thanks for the tip!

Spike was raised by ponies for the most part though. So he would be like a pony, at least, in the beginning.

I do love casual sex world stories! this should be good!

pretty good its defiantly not a carbon copy of elements of debauchery

that was intreating, wonder why pinkie doesn't like sex? loving this story so far

im liking this story so far

I didn't understood.

What does it means Fluttershy got replaced?

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