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Spy Glass is a private investigator, hired by the princess herself for a very special task: To find and arrest changling spys she suspects to be placed all around Canterlot. He is especially happy to hear that the pay will be great enough to get his life started with his wife, Melony, and his soon to be born foal.
But once he makes a shocking discovery, he will have to make a decision that will either crush his dreams, or begin his future!

Note: This story takes place after the Changeling Invasion, Long before they've been reformed. In this alternate timeline Changelings do not reform into colorful beings when reformed, nor does the entire race reform at once. Please do not critique that, because it will not happen. But I hope you like the story anyway^^

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It only let's you use a few tags. There would be a lot more if I could. Also, these aren't actual OC's, not yet anyway. They are just a few names and descriptions I made up.

Iā€™m not complaining about your details because I like the Changelings original looks

Hey, I like them, too! But the only reason things are done this way, is because it makes more sense to the story. That is all the the information I can give you without spoiling the story, unfortunately.

But I do hope you enjoy the story nonetheless!

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