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Hoo boy, now this one looks very interesting...

Right as I start to read the predecessor, here comes some more. Don't mind if I queue this up as well.

Yeah, I saw the Dazzling upload and thought to myself: Y'know, I really should start posting Etiquette.
That's the hope, lol. Hopefully you enjoy this one as much as you enjoyed Engagement.
Mm, yeah, well, at least you won't be starved for content, right?

Well, I'll be certainly be keeping an eye on it, that's for sure!:raritywink: Octavia and Ser-Sorry, Adagio's relationship intrigues me...

great start. can't wait to see more

Hopefully it stands up as strongly as Rules of Engagement did, although that one might be in its own league.

i;m sure it will be just as great, kinda embarrased to admit i'm looking forward to the more sexy scenes.
Also hoping that Sonata hooks up with someone too. maybe an older sunny flare from crystal prep

Damn straight. At least until i burn straight through these. I read too damn fast

I’m so excited for more of this!

Also have I mentioned how much I like Tempest in these stories? All I can think of is Ares from John Wick 2, but like, bigger lol

Damn fine start to this part. Holy hell what a damn fine start.

Please tell me there's a third story for Sonata in the works for after this? I feel she doesn't get as much love as Adagio and Aria, and the way she is in these stories is practically perfect.

So I actually do have a plan for Sonatas story, but the thing is, in my head, she’s Ace, so it wouldn’t be a smut story it would be purely a cute fluff romance. But I do actually have a story in my mental workbench for her.

Would be perfect. She doesn't seem like the type (in these stories) to be romantically inclined toward someone unless there was a real good reason. And, ya know, come for the story, stay a bit for the smut, stay longer for even more story :P



Oh I can't wait~ Oh this is the kind of romantic drama I live for and God yes, give me your Adagio, give me your Octavia, give me the conflict, give me this story just, yes yes YEEEESSSSSS~ <3

Glad you’ve enjoyed it so far :twilightsmile:, per usual I’ll be updating regularly so you’ll get your fix. Hope you enjoy my rendition of Octavia and Adagio as much as you liked my AriaSet stuff.

What a start. Mah poor hart. I cannot wait for more.

Off to a good start so far!
Well, good for the reader. :)
Characters might have some rough times before the ending...

Soft, sweet, succulent. you never fail to amaze.

I highly enjoy writing Octavia's voice, she's very clear in my mind.

I can tell, she seems like a natural fit for you, which is odd given you're at your best with gruff, tough girl types like Gilda and Aria.

TOO SOON. That ended too sooooooon.


Best Octavia voice I've read in a very long time.

~Skeeter The Lurker

as always, spectacular
although I did kinda expect the drama to last a bit more, it's probably for the best it not be dragged out overmuch
though I'm sure the morning after will bring its own mess of "oh sweet lord that happened"

The Rules stories have always been more fluff and romance than drama, but rest assured there’s more drama as the story unfolds.

fluff is good, fluff is exactly what I was craving
I suppose I'm just used to the drama+reconciliation=make-up fluff formula you see so often
to be honest, regardless of what you do with it it's lovely, and I am going to just sit and impatiently await the next delicious morsel

Nice to see sickeningly-in-love Aria drop in for a bit, I certainly wouldn’t mind more cameos from her and Sunset :rainbowlaugh:

Such sweet, delightful turn around! From hysterical sobbing wondering if life could get any worse to sweet, passionate love with a romance for the ages in 10 seconds flat, Rainbow Dash would be proud!

My absolute favorite thing about this is how natural the transition from drama to romance was, and how heated and passionate it was right after all the emotional turmoil. It really only made sense for Octavia to be willing to go all in at that moment, and with how perfect you write the sirens, it only made sense that Dagi knew she had found her mate then and there.

And of course, best Siren made sure to save the day. God I love you Aria~

I eagerly await my next morsel, just like how sirens devour emotions, these stories absolutely sustain me~

She and Sunnybuns have a cameo in a later chapter too :twilightsmile:
I’m glad you enjoyed it. I try my best to write the transitions from one state of emotion to the next as naturally as possible. Real life tends to swing hard in multiple directs, and bad day and become brighter with startling speed, and vice versa. I’m glad it came across that way. :twilightsheepish:

That was a fun little end to the chapter, very cute

Is it wrong I imagine adult Octavia to be voiced by Alex Kingston? ...Seriously, that's my mental voice for her.

You know what, that’s not bad actually, lol :twilightsmile:

Don’t forget the home girl Tempest!

“Thanks for the drink, Snoots, I’m gonna go pound my girlfriend into her mattress now, but do me a favor and talk to ‘Dagi, alright?”

Yup that’s Aria for you.

The way you’re writing the dialogue for Octavia and Adagio really lines up with they are portrayed and is really spot on!

Dialogue between characters is one of my favorite things to write, it's one of my favorite ways to explore a character's story and who they are.

9693933 :facehoof: You could have chosen literally any other character in the fandom to say that about, and instead you said it here and got rid of the one thing Adagio has in common with Octavia that she lacks with anyone else.

Wow. Octavia is getting literally everything she's ever dreamed of all at once.

You've done well to fill me with dread at the thought of whatever could possibly be big or bad enough to bring the drama.

Oh, you know me, the other shoe will eventually drop and everything will be terrible. :twilightsmile:

I didn't realize it before, but I really HAVE Found the Magic!

And it was your siren stories all along!

This was a delightfully fun chapter, filled with heartfelt romance and the super warm fuzzies! I was even expecting a little drama with the concert chair, but you swerved my expectations greatly and they were an absolutely endearing couple!

I know for certain the next chapter will be just as big of a hit as this one too~ ❤

Oh the orchestra drama is coming, don't worry, I can promise you that much, and it'll be all kinds of fun. :twilightsmile:

“It was burned down by a brute named Nobuneighga,” Adagio replied, and her voice carried a faint tightness to it. “My sisters and I lost many friends that day.”

“I’m so- wait…” I narrowed my eyes for a moment, then glanced up at her. “Oda? Nobuneighga Oda?”

“Something like that, yes,” Adagio replied dismissively. “He ended up some kind of a warlord, at least until we got our revenge,” Adagio chuckled wickedly. “I seem to recall Aria convincing one of his retainers that Oda was going to betray him, give away the man’s fiefdom to his boytoy or some such, it was all very dramatic at the time.”

“You… that…” I stammered, lost for words. “A-are you aware of the larger… historical implications of your actions?”

“Not really,” Adagio replied with a vague shrug. “We were wanderers, we try not to affect things too much, but that one was personal.”

“Oda Nobuneighga was pivotal in the restructuring of Neighpon,” I replied uneasily. “His death, and the resulting power vacuum, left the country in turmoil for… over two centuries, I think.”

Been there, shaped history much? Nice little tidbit, really. Few people seem to get really, how ancient the Dazzlings actually are. Just being reminded of that... well, it always manages to throw me for a loop. Also, I am curious how you'll incorporate Sunset's Backstage Pass into this. Ignore it entirely, or make a small nod to it?

I know you're setting us up for lots of drama, but I honestly kinda just want more infatuated Octavia and Adagio. They be cute.

that is the kinda sex scene i love, wish more people wrote like that

I think currently there's too much of my own canon in the Rulesverse that I'd be able to incorporate Backstage Pass, so I'll probably ignore it or, yeah, at best make a small nod, but probably just ignore it. As for their age, I enjoy making those nods to their age because they have been around the block, and while they aren't always influencing events, there's always something happening in the world.
I mean, that'll be the case no matter what, the Rules series is fluffy by nature, but yeah the next few chapters are gonna be more drama.
I'm very glad you approve :twilightsmile:

Yeah, it does make one wonder what the Canon Dazzlings did in history, aside from giving rise to certain Greek myths. Also, the Nobunaga pun is truly groan worthy.

thank you, I hated it when I wrote it and I needed all of you to suffer with me :twilightsmile:

I was gonna wait til I caught up with the new chapter to leave a comment, but by God, what an emotional start....

From a heartwarming introduction & sister like bond to sad, heartbreaking reunion/rejection between Octavia & well, Serenata as so depressing, but powerful too. The next 3 chapters are gonna be interesting to read.

And just like that, I caught up in time before the next chapter & I haven't been disappointed at all. Kinda interesting that (so far) Adagio's feeding is under better control than Aria's in the 1st story. Anyways, great job with the sequel so far, it's proven better than the 1st.

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that Adagio is more in control than Aria. Also, Octavia was already essentially in love with Adagio/Serenata, so this story is less an adventure in growing love and more like... a rekindling of something that had been there for a long time.

As for better than 'Engagement'? I don't know, I know they're very different love stories but for some reason I still feel like Engagement is superior, if only slightly. Although I do love writing Octavia's voice.

You got got a point there about their love being different. For Adagio, I think her love for Octavia was either like a sister/daughter thing or possibly she mark her all those years ago. As Octavia, it was clear as day that she wanna to being with Serenata & being loved by her again.

Yeah that was the point of the statement Adagio made, about how if she let herself love Octavia again after she’d grieved her loss, then it would be a very different love.

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