• Published 28th May 2019
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Changeling of the East - Wingnut

A mutualistic changeling crosses the great ocean to observe the lifestyle of ponies in Equestria.

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Set Sail

I take a deep breath of fresh summer air, hold for a second, and slowly exhale. I let my body relax as much as possible as I observe the final rays of sunlight dip below the horizon. I close my eyes, taking in all the sounds from the critters of the night slowly waking. My moment of peace is interrupted by the soft sounds of laughter. I open my eyes and glance downwards towards the beach of the natural harbor. A small group of grubs are playing a shapeshifting game, trying to outdo each other for the most ridiculous design of a pony imaginable. The latest attempt was a tall hot pink stallion with lime green hooves, a short slick dark teal mane, a goofy light green tail, and both a horn and butterfly wings. I let out a small chuckle, unaware of the approaching steps behind me.

Watching the grubs play gives me an idea to practice one of my own forms. I recall the image of the pegasus in my mind while I let my magic flow through me. I look myself over making sure all is in place. let's see, snow white coat? Check. Blue mane and tail with a streak of white through each? Check. Cutie mark of snow clouds with a lightning bolt? Check. Eyes? Well, I can't really check those at the moment. Eh, I'm sure they're fine. Now to practice my introduction.

"Hello fellow pony. My name is Arctic. Arctic Thunder that is to say...uh...so yeah." I never was good at practicing.

"Well hello Arctic. I'm Queen Shinuie, guardian mother of a thousand changelings."

I swore my heart stopped the moment I heard the elegant voice of the queen. Luckily, my instincts kick in. I swiftly turn around and bow before her grace. Said bow quickly turned into a full kowtow as during my overly eager movements I lost my balance and swiftly ate dirt. I take note of the active link bond that I, as well as all other changelings, share with my queen as a sense of amusement filters over.

"Rise young one," she says. "This is not a formal occasion."

I slowly raise my head, unable to hide my embarrassment. I stare at the queen wide eyed in admiration. She stands with the height of possibly 3 changelings, her pink hair like membrane is like silk flowing down her back from her long jagged horn to her transparent pink tinted wings. Her tail, also pink, barely scrapes the ground while standing at full height. Her pink slitted-eyes are soft and radiates with the love and care she has for all she considers to be her children, which is to say the entire swarm. If there was a way I could describe her in short it would be the perfection of changeling elegance and beauty.

"My queen, how may I serve you?"

I curse my lack of knowledge in the proper form of addressing royalty as her smile turns into a frown. I avert my gaze in guilt and make a note of attending the next speaking seminar to rectify this.

"Arctic." Her stern voice sends a shiver down my spine. "What did I just say to you?"

"To rise my queen." I smile as I note how quickly I answered her question, hoping that my timeliness will make her proud of me.

"And after that?" she sighs.

"That this is not a formal meeting?" My smile grows more forced as my anxiety spikes.

"And what does an informal meeting mean?"

I pause, trying to decipher this puzzling challenge the queen has presented me with. "uh...it means that..." Suddenly a light bulb goes off in my head as I come up with what is positively the most plausible reasoning behind this meeting. "It means you wish to make your request off the record?" I beam up at her knowing she must be happy at my quick deduction skills. The queen, however, is not amused.

The queen lifts a hoof to her face while she lets out a quiet grown of annoyance. "It means, Arctic, that I am not here as a queen or leader, but like a mother who wishes to speak with her child." The queen takes a deep breath to regain her composure and lowers her hoof back to the ground.

"Ah, yes...of course...that was definitely going to be my second guess," I say. Although the reality couldn't have been farther from the truth as I had completely dismissed the thought as preposterous. This isn't good, only seconds in and I already annoyed the queen. I'm also still in pony form and ponies sweat and sweat smells and if the small puddle next to my hoof is anything to go by I've been sweating a lot. Oh dear queen, it's starting to get harder to breath! A moment later I sense a wave of comfort flood over the link. I felt steady on my hooves as the warm heavenly glow pushed away the harsh coldness of panic.

"Feeling better?" the queen asks with a sweet soothing voice. Unable to form the words in my throat I simply nod my head. "Very good." She takes a few steps towards the cliff edge and lays down on her stomach observing the crumbling waves break upon the beach. Unaware of the proper thing to do I simply join her while keeping a respectful distance.

We sit there for an unknown amount of time watching the moon, bearing the face of the night queen, taking its place among the stars while greedily glaring down at the land below. A reminder to all creatures the consequences of abusing one's talent and abilities for selfish purposes.

Tell me Arctic, why is it that you seek the lands across the ocean?The queen asks through the link. I turn my gaze to my small, one mast ship in the harbor as I careful formulate my response before answering.

My queen, during your reign the hive has known nothing but peace and prosperity. However, with this prosperity the swarm continues to grow in numbers and soon the small towns and settlements of ponies of this land may not be able to properly sustain us as we outgrow their numbers. Connecting with ponies across the ocean may bring in new opportunities to continue our prosperity without threat of famine.

Yes, you said as much and more during your presentation. She turns her narrow gaze upon me and tilts her head slightly. But why is it that you wish to travel across the ocean?

I gulp. Though I believe what I explained to the queen it was in fact not the true reason I requested the voyage. Truthfully, I only came up with reason of finding potential sources of additional food as an excuse to get my journey approved. I feared that the true reason behind my desire would not be approved because...

In truth my queen, It is a sense of wanderlust. Ever since I was a little grub I would hear stories from the merchants and elders of this paradise across the sea. A land filled with the most beautiful sights, drenched with serenity, and stretching miles upon miles. A land filled with ponies who accomplish great achievements in short time due to the unification of all three pony tribes, a feat unheard of here. Every year, my desire grew. I must see this land for myself, to experience their culture. If what is said is true, it could be a true paradise for changeling kind. Think of all the great things we could accomplish if we were to integrate into their society!

In my passion I lost track of whom I was actually speaking to. As my senses come back to me, I grow nervous at what the queen thinks of my spiel and fear that she may cancel my voyage. As such, I start reaching for ideas in my head. Any excuse I could think of to sway her mind. But as I look to my queen I see that her expression is not one of anger or disappointment, rather her eyes sparkle with amusement, her smile is soft, and she is rubbing a hoof along her chin. I let myself relax and shift my eyes back towards the beach.

My, oh my. I don't think I've seen so much passion flood from a drone before. I feel her mood shift as the sharp scent of caution rolls over me. Be wary of placing too much expectation on the unknown young one. Fate has a way to turn our life sour in an instant and I wish for you not to become its next victim.

Yes my queen. I attempt to take my queen's words to heart. As the ever optimist I am my attempt completely fails. The queen needs not to know this.

The queen begins to stand and I follow suit. She turns to me with her forehooves outstretched and embraces me.

"We wish you a safe and calm voyage and we'll miss your presence among the hive." I am dumbfounded by her words.

"My queen, I am but one among a thousand others, I doubt my absence will be felt." Her face flattens as she lifts my face so that I am staring straight into her eyes.

"Never doubt the impact one life can have on a thousand others young one."

Lost with words, I simply nod my head in acknowledgement. Relief rushes through my veins as the queen's smile, once again, makes its triumphant return. She releases her embrace and begins her journey back towards the hive.

"I leave you now to rest for you have a long journey ahead. Farewell young one and know that no matter the distance I am with you."

With little else to do I return my gaze to the far off horizon. My heartbeat increases as I run through tomorrows journey through my head. It will take a hour or two from now to be calm enough to fall asleep so for now I just lose myself in my thoughts.

Oh! Before I forget, you may want to fix your eyes. They were two separate colors again.

I snap my blue and orange eyes open.

"Stupid, complicated pony eyes!"

Author's Note:

So I have been reading a lot (and I really mean a whole lot) of changeling fanfics recently and decided to play along with my own idea of one. A lot of times I read about changelings defecting from Chrysalis's evil hive which appears to be parasitic in nature and figured what if there was a hive that was mutualistic instead. A hive that uses it's abilities to do good deeds for ponies in exchange of positive emotions. That is the general idea I had when writing this fic.

I don't exactly have a set plan or path for this fic to follow. Instead I have a couple scenarios I plan to put Arctic through and see what happens. The biggest one, I'll go ahead and say, being the aftermath of the Canterlot Invasion.

Speaking of Arctic, the name Arctic Thunder is a reference to an old arcade game that I don't see around anymore. Instead It's all Hydro Thunder nowadays. Hell, I remember getting Arctic Thunder for the Xbox and spending hours playing and mastering every course.

As for the queen? I had trouble coming up with a name for her so I took the simple solution of just translating a word from english. In this case Shinuie (She-nu-ie) is Hebrew (שינוי) for change. So in essence her name is Queen Change.

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