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That was a good read. Good job, Leech.

I praise to the Almighty Candyass!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Please make a sequel. Maybe have Sektiss giving birth to a bunch of eggs.

I bet if Sektiss did lay eggs the kids would be adorable.

There is already talks of a sequel, yes :trollestia:

Well, that was really something. Really good story by the way. Real good.

Glad you enjoyed it! I try to put out something new every week!

I humbly request the Prince of Love’s presence in the sequel, when and if it happens.

I like this featured story! Another!

That's one T H I C C changling:rainbowderp:
Wouldn't expect anything less from Suirano:rainbowwild:

Oh please, it'd be marvellous! And I bet Sektiss would also love the sensation of laying her big drone eggs, being stretched and absolutely ruined... And then filled again like the little brood slut she is.

Bonus points if Cadence gives Shining the equipment to enjoy the same pleasures as Sektiss. I'm sure the soldiers will understand when their brave leader shows up a little bloated. Then a lot. Hey, who are they to judge the princess of love?

Thank you God. Just please have Sektiss lay some eggs in Cadence so she can give birth to them.

I counterpropose a sweet start with a hesitant, preggers Cadance introducing Sektiss to Shining, leading to 9612811 as the dom switch is flipped. End with belly worship and talk of half-siblings.

Good, but I expected some shapeshifting involved with a changling.

Lately I have been wandering if the success of FiM was greatly influenced by the invention of changlings. Just think about it. New dangerous species that can disguise themselves as anyone. The theories about how feeding off love works, the hierarchy just everything. That is why I love chrysalis and changlings so much, there can be so much done with them, an entirely new field of ideas for everything. I love in how many ways I have seen people write changlings and I must say, I as always interested in a story involving them. I belive in human history we have never seen a race simmilar to changlings. That is why I think changlings were much more important for the show than most of us think.

And yeah, the porn, the possibilities are endless.

Good fic, standard for you (leech score 5/10, overall copfics 7/10).

As usual I tried to write anything to at least show that I like your stories and yet again I started rambling, I wanted to leave this comment as just GOOD and be done with it, but nooooo, I had to write an encyklopedia in the comment section of porn fanfiction on a site about horse fanfictions, jesus christ I'm gonna be so tired tommorow from my lack of sleep, because I am writing this instead of sleeping.

M8, you're fine!
Next time, I'll aim for a higher score.
Although I am wondering, which stories of mine score higher than a 5/10? :unsuresweetie:

You make some really quality clop fics. I could learn a few things from you to improve my own.

P.S. if there is a sequel, will Shining join the fun and it becomes a threesome?

Depends on what the commissioner wants.
Honestly, a sequel could go in several directions! :twilightsmile:

Everything is rated in leech score

-Sleight of Hoof: you can easily guess 10/10
-An Outrageous Outing: I am less into anthro and stuff that is absurdly hard to imagine but still 6.5/10
-Rough Around the Edges: stories about tekky and leech are all rated the same and it goes highies with every story, right now i'd say 8.5/10
-A Diminutive Dragon: what to say about this one? It is definatelly something different than other stuff and another thing I'm not into. I have no idea how to rate it, it is not an advanced story, but what did I expect from clopfic?
I don't want to go any further, I have no idea on what aspects I should rate these? Hitting my kinks? I like tekky and leech stories because I like reading a lot and getting to know the characters better. Right now I am reading 'Diaries of a Madman' https://www.fimfiction.net/story/continue/45860 it is the longest fanfic on FiMfic.net. I've been reading it for 2 months now and read 450k words, what is like 11% of the whole thing. I also read and follow dadonequss discord from Crazed Laughter. I just like the character of discord in that story, it is why I started reading diaries. Discord is another character as changlings that has infinitely many ways you can write him and never get bored.

It was mostly what was aspected.

I think your getting more destriptive with these tales, but I might just be forgetting stuff with other ones already. :twilightblush:

I'll rate this, an average leech fic/an average leech fic with eggs and beacon on the side.


Loved it. I still hold out for the day we get a reverse of this situation

Hot but the relationships don't feel entirely consistent. Does Sektiss treat her as an equal or a superior? At one point she even took dominance over Cadance with the teasing during the message.
Also I would think for Cadance it would be kind of strange to be a stallion for Sektiss and a mare for Shining.

Nice one shot but it somehow lacks something... O well... There are plenty of your other masterpieces waiting to be enjoyed

Was kind of hoping for the first meeting described to progress into something more.. sneaky quickie in a closet sounds great

Well your husbands gone you got two days with your curvy lover, well you know what that means MONOPOLY TIME BITCHES!

Man, you know Monopoly has ruined more friendships/relationships than you can count!


Oh I know I've lost many a friend to that a cursed game. :trollestia: none but I survived that night:fluttercry:

I know its mean but sometimes it feels like Shining armor gets kinda brushed off by Cadance i do the stories where she brings him in and they both have some fun... even if he is a dork.

Don't get me wrong, I love me some Shining Armor, but this was a commission.

That being said, I should write some wholesome Shining/Cadance stuff 🤔

Don't get me wrong i love this stuff but after reading Shining Armor is Goddamn moron and Daddy's little Gothicc Girl i have to say after seeing cadance be loving and loyal too him in those two I find this version of where Shining Armor is sometimes compared to others by her. Just my thoughts also sorry for rambling.

It's all good, my dude!

Comment posted by Blue-Bolt deleted Jul 21st, 2019

Hmm although... Fluttercord my duddett?

Maybe at some point.
I really should get around to writing more Discord

After watching the early release of ep 18 i cannot get that ship out of my head.

“Did Shining put you up to this?” She flatly asked, cocking an eyebrow. They remained silent, nearly motionless, as they stood rigid. “I presume you’re to escort me to my bedchamber?” She pressed. Again, the guard didn’t speak, although they did give a slight nod. “Well then, feel free to escort me. I’m sure you’re just as tired as I am,” She tutted, continuing towards the exit.

The sensation of a fingers gliding over her hip snapped Cadance from her thoughts.

After chastising him, she’d be sure to report of his actions to her husband.

She struggled to find the proper words.

She politely asked, waving a hand towards the bed.

She said, glancing over her shoulder.

Remember to capitalize She or He after they speak a sentence.

Openly staring at the uncovered goods, Sektiss could feel herself beginning to drool.

and she’d do anything to please her newfound Queen.

That was a awesome and cute read.

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