• Published 7th May 2019
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What a wonderfully fucked up life (rewrite) - Mr_Jekyll_and_Dr_Hyde

So turns out death isn't the end or at least for me it isn't my name is...well that doesn't matter you'll find out in a bit.

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it feels a bit rushed ,we went from them going to eat something at the end of last chapter to him creating a behemoth and killing changelings .You should probably work on smoother transitions .If you want you could read some other stories with a lot of likes since they're usually the best (except for clop)

I like Titus Bruz (just not with the betrayal thing hope you removed that)

whats next you gonna make like a small fast logistics drone thing and give them the personality of ratbag just with less conspiring contrivances cause that would be nice

Who is Titus Bruz? also, the second A.I. will be more along the lines of VEGA from Doom.

More words in chapters !!!

I forgot the comma its that you made the character Titus act and with the way his words are sounds like Bruz from lord of the rings; shadow of war the first captain you dominate is an olog named Bruz

I understand now. Thanks for clarification

hello, private message me, I know a way you can find his old fic


Well what now?

any updates before 2020? or no?

Probably not been busy with college/work/holiday shit

no more updates

that just sucks

My computer died saving for new one it’s a pain typing on phone

update sometime this century please

yo ya ever gonna reply? or are ya jus gonna deny, seriously, respond to comments my guy, its rude af to ignore them, moreso when your readers are tryna talk to ya about a story they love, so whats the situation here, story dead? story paused for a few years? story cancened? update soon? what one is it, pick one my boi

I’m sad to see this cancelled it has potential and thought it was doing well

Comment posted by ryans177 deleted April 23rd


good story are you going to come back or is it dead :rainbowkiss:

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