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Thanks for writing this for me! Its great. You wrote Amber perfectly <3

Appreciate you saying so, and it was a pleasure. She's a real treat to write

Loved it. Keep up the great work:twilightsmile:

a catbirb is fine too (someone had to do it) great fic btw

There needs to be more birb foalcon in the world.

"a cute pegasi would drift by"

Pegasus. Pegasi is plural.

"Hungry.keep your..."

You missed a space.

Belated 'fixed!' but thanks!

Amazing story :rainbowkiss: Quite a Juicy story you written there :rainbowwild: Cat cuteness for the win i guess? :yay: Exotic tastes... Loved the including of Changelings :twilightsmile:

:trollestia: Thank :ajsmug: you :coolphoto: for :derpyderp1: reading :pinkiehappy:

Venlin #10 · Sep 24th, 2019 · · 3 ·

Later that day in his house.
But really, it's a good story.

The Chris Hansen meme is really tired and unoriginal, dude.

Ehh. It was a risk with that old meme. Sorry for failing.

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