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This story is a sequel to Act in haste

Thinking over what happened the last time she asked Anon for a favour - and thinking about it over and over again at some length - Twilight has grappled with some new and unexpected feelings. In an effort to better explore these she concocts a cunning plan, and wraps in the guise of another favour.

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Comments ( 25 )
Coretz #1 · May 6th · · ·

Don't even have to read before knowing I'll like it!

Edit: Now I can't upvote after reading it. darn Loved it.

this was nice

Always a treat when a new story from you pops up.

I really love how these two interact!

Better pay attention Twilight, this dude's a keeper.

Ah, nothing like adorable awkward Twilight and your Anon’s dialogue to start off my morning right.

Too cute. You tried poisoning this particular sweet, didn't you? Ah, well, too late anyway. Died with a smile.

Man, I love this kind of Anon. Most of the time they come off as cocky assholes, this guy is like "anti-cocky", He's just so chill, lol. Add in that the way you write Twilight makes her even more adorkable and you got some real chemistry to them. Good on ya'.:twilightblush:

Kratz #9 · May 6th · · ·


This is the chillest Anon I have ever seen.

And he treats Best Pony like a true gentleman. I love this story a bunch~♡

Well, the score for this one is off the charts. Again. God damn it.

...more please.

another chapter pls if you dont mind!:trollestia:
pls and thank you!:pinkiehappy:

Just saw this was a sequel. Saw what it was a sequel to. My grin is breaking my face.

You've certainly just made my day!

This was cute and just the perfect size for a 15-minute break at work. Thanks for writing it! :twilightsmile:

Rarity’s a pretty good judge of character, I reckon.

Anyway, it's simple, cute and fun. Feels good to have a chill Anon and not one of those tsundere.
Great job.

I love this.

Ah yes. It is with a heavy heart that we have but one upvote to give.

And yet another of your stories is added to my favorites. God she was even more endearingly adorkable than in the last one. I likely sound like a broken record by now, but I just adore the way you write Equestria and the ponies in it. You just have such a great talent with characterization and attention to details, especially when it comes to body language showing how Twilight is feeling. Plus, I seriously like this character you have; he's easy-going and polite and sweet, but he's also rather sharper than you'd expect from how he acts.

Honestly there's not much left for me to say aside from hoping to get a longer story following this relationship. It's heart-meltingly sweet and I'd love to see more. The obvious follow up being having to explain things to her friends from Canterlot, not to mention I'd love to see Rarity's reaction to Twilight using her as an excuse to get a date.

Thank you for the story, Cackling Moron!

Great contrast of high-strung Twilight and low-strung Anon.

Probably needs a Romance tag though.

Rokas #21 · May 7th · · ·

It's so adorkable and cute it hurts. I think I have mega-diabetes now.

I concur, this made me a Type-2 :rainbowlaugh:

Fun little story with the right amount of adorkableness.

Daww adorable if a bit short.

“You do know that if we manage to make a go of it then we’ll probably have to explain to your Canterlot buddies that we were stringing them along the first time,” Anon then chipped in with, as breezily as if he were discussing the weather, puncturing her mood somewhat.

I really hope that talk becomes a story too. Maybe even some shenanigans with them not being told it was an act before they find out they're together "again". It's practically setup for the misunderstanding Olympics if you're into that kind of plot.

They corner Twilight thinking he's an abusive boyfriend and she's the girlfriend who rationalizes his abuse or something. And they take her talk of how it was just an act the wrong way or something.:rainbowlaugh:

I think I skipped my happy ass straight to type-7 from this.

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