• Published 6th May 2019
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Cafe Harmony - River Shy

A woman in Equestria, a small town, a mare-friend. They go to the famous Cafe Harmony where magic compels you to share your song.

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Dinner Party

Katie watched from the edge of the kitchen. Strawberry was moving back and forth with speed and dexterity, she was prepping everything and getting ready for all the ponies to come.

“Are you sure you don’t need any help?” Katie asked, she was feeling useless and aimless. The girl had been carrying a lump in her gut all morning and afternoon, deciding doing something would help, she had been pestering the mare relentlessly.

Strawberry let out an exasperated sigh, her voice climbed to a sterner tone. “For the last time love I am fine, go practice your reading, or drawing. I’ve got things under control.”

Katie had no desire to do either, hearing Strawberry’s tone she exited the kitchen. Walking into the living room she climbed the couch and lied down looking up at the ceiling. Being naked in the house had not gotten any easier. But it was an inevitable outcome, movement started to become more important. She began to feel guilty asking the kind and caring mare for help. After the trip out she took the pyjamas off, and had not put them back on.

Of course they would go back on for the party though, the girl was not prepared to bare all to a crowd of strange ponies. She closed her eyes, focusing on her body she could feel the movements of magic around her. Little pushes, little pulls, here and there. It seemed chaotic and nervous like her mood. Strawberry said it was not a force acting on her, but Katie had a hard time seeing it any other way.

There was a clattering and banging coming from the kitchen. Thoughts traveled broken and quick in her mind, What am I doing? Who I am is not who I am here? Strange thought. Should I leave? Go where? Everyone and everything is so big! Fucking magic!

Suddenly a voice came right near her ear, a whisper unexpected, and not Strawberry.“You look so serious little bit.”

Katie leaped from her relaxed pose with a shout, “What the hell!” She instinctively pulled away from the voice into the corner of the couch. Knees tucked up to hide her nakedness. In front of her stood Rocky White, head lowered his large eyes were twinkling and a massive smile lit up his face.

“Frick Rocky! Don’t scare me like that!” Frowning Katie pulled the throw blanket over her body.

The stallion’s ears dropped suddenly, he looked sheepish. Rocky was not expecting the reaction he got. Katie seemed so jumpy, he felt guilty about scaring her so. Most foals wouldn’t react as if something was going to leap out of the dark and get them. Katie apparently does. He filed the information away, do not sneak up on her. “I’m sorry, I was just going to surprise you is all, you ok?”

“I’m fine,” her tone was short and clipped. Silence passed between them. As Katie started calming down she began to feel for the stallion and broke the awkward quiet. “So you were invited to the party?” She asked as a form or reconciliation for her attitude.

Rocky lifted his massive body onto the couch beside her. The whole thing sagged under his weight. “I’m always invited, I practically live here.” He smiled wistfully and looked toward the kitchen.

“Really? I haven’t seen you all that much and I’ve been here for a little while.” Katie winced at how confrontational she sounded, there was a growing irritation inside her which she couldn’t explain.

Rocky didn’t seem to acknowledge her attitude and laughed it off. “Strawberry asked me to give you and her some space.” He admitted giving an almost human like shrug.

The girls stomach dropped, she was getting in the way. Her mood shifted again and the magics around began giving shoves. It made her fidgety as each bit hit harder.

“You ok little bit?” Rocky asked, with concern written on his face.

“I’m fine! I just... I just need some space. I need to get dressed, can you go see Strawberry or something.” Her voice was attitude, irritation, and pleading mixed together. Katie just wanted him to leave, his presence was causing so much confusion and mixed feeling. Harmony magic was practically bullying her around. She carried a deep fear it would make her do something strange in front of this strange pony she really didn’t know. With Strawberry it was kind of ok, she understood, with Rocky it was a terrifying prospect.

“Ok, Ok, I know when I’m in the way,” Rocky got off the couch his tone and body movements showed his feelings were a little hurt. He started walking toward the kitchen not looking back. Katie was suddenly hit with a force that shoved her, she leaped off the couch and ran to Rocky. “Rocky wait!” She cried suddenly. Rocky stopped and turned, Katie ran right up to him and hugged a foreleg tightly. The words tumbled out of her, “I.... It is good to see you, I just... I’m sorry....please don’t be mad at me.”

“Mad at you? I’m not mad, little fillies need their space like all ponies do.” Rocky’s eyes narrowed in scrutiny. “Did lots of ponies get mad at you little bit?” The question seemed to suck the air out of the room. Rocky felt the tiny body stiffen against his forleg. Katie had her face buried into the short fur, and he could feel her warm breath against him. “Katie?” Rocky spoke softly, using her actual name not a nickname trying to engage the girl. And suddenly she shot off like a rocket towards the bedroom.

Bursting into the room, flushed and embarrassed Katie put all her weight into closing the enormous door. Putting as many barriers between her and this ‘party.’ She climbed into the bed and made a decision, she was not going to participate.

Rocky White entered the kitchen shaking his head deep in thought. “Wow Straws look at you go, you’d think you were throwing a party or something!”

Strawberry turned away from the stove, “Rocky! You’re early!” She exclaimed, trotting over she gave the kind stallion a hug. “Why are you so early? I have nothing ready?”

Rocky and Strawberry stood at the closed door, Strawberry lightly knocked. “Katie the party is about to start are you ready.”

“No I’m not going.” Came a muffled reply from within the room.

“Now sweet tart that is not what we agreed to.”

“CUT THE SHIT STRAWBERRY I’M NOT A CHILD!” Katie yelled angrily. Strawberry stepped back from the door eyes watering, ears dropped.

“Katie what’s wrong?” Strawberry voice shook this was a version of the human she hadn’t seen before.

“EVERYTHING! JUST GO AWAY!” An object shattered against the inside of the door. Making both stallion and mare jump on the spot. Strawberry winced not knowing what object of hers the girl broke.

Rocky’s face grew darker and he stepped closer to the door, he had a package on his back nicely wrapped with a bow. “That’s enough, I’m coming in.” He announced with calm determination.

“DON’T YOU DARE!” The girl hollered. Rocky began to push on the door he felt extra weight. Katie had piled all manner of objects in front of it. Being an earth pony this was not a problem, Rocky slowly pushed harder until it swung open just enough, he stepped inside the room alone.

“GET OUT!” Rocky turned towards the voice, just in time to see an alarm clock sailing in his direction. Ducking quickly the package on his back fell, the clock struck the wall. Rocky sprung quickly from the duck moving straight for the bed the girl stood on.

Katie always knew ponies moved fast and were very nimble when they needed to be. But given her state and blurred vision she was unprepared for Rocky’s advancement on her. The blanket under her moved and her balance gave out. Before she could understand what was happening she was ensconced in comforter. The massive stallion holding it tight.

“LET ME GO!” Katie practically snarled. Struggling against the confinement.

“Is everything ok?” Came Strawberry voice outside, more timid than Katie had ever heard before. Rocky turned towards the door, “Everything is fine Staws you go look after the party for now. This little bit and I are going to have a conversation.”

“Are you sure?”

“Trust me.”

“GET OFF ME!” Katie yelled.

Strawberry could be heard moving away from the door. Rocky turned back to the small human struggling wrapped in flower patterned comforter. He leaned in, Katie noticed he smelled of pine trees. Rocky meanwhile noticed the girl smelt of lavender with strong hints of Strawberry’s scent.

“Why should I? You going to throw stuff and act like a brat?”


“Ain’t that the truth, my foals would know better than to break things that don’t belong to them. Or to throw them at others.”

Katie looked away, “You wouldn’t understand living in this world of kindness, colours, sweets, and magic.” The girl’s tone was bitter and dismissive.

“Oh you think you are an expert on Equestria now!” His tone was sarcastic and dripping with fake surprise. “What have you seen? A run down shack? A clinic? The guest bedroom of a gentle mare who wants what’s best for you? Yes I can see now how you’d understand everything about this world.”

Katie was silent having given up struggling she just lied there passively.

“Try me, you say I wouldn’t understand, well put it to the test.” Rocky said simply.

Author's Note:

This story became very hard to write. Emotionally I found keeping up a break neck pace was not healthy. I stopped here for a reason, I need a break. This story is messing with my head.

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