• Published 6th May 2019
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Cafe Harmony - River Shy

A woman in Equestria, a small town, a mare-friend. They go to the famous Cafe Harmony where magic compels you to share your song.

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Day Trip

Dear River

That little filly is actually talking about feeling harmony! Can you believe it? At first I was thinking she was being metaphorical, but the more I talk to her about it the more I’m certain. Katie can physically feel harmony magic in Equestria.

It is causing her distress at the moment though, she says it is pushing her like waves in a pool. I’m not completely sure how to deal with it all, I don’t know what harmony magic feels like. I need contact info Flowy. Any pony that has experience with things close to this. If I could lean on your connections a bit, oh wonderful teacher of mine.

Always with you,
Strawberry Dusk

After eating breakfast Strawberry began to get herself ready to go out for the afternoon. Katie watched all this quietly sitting off to the side.

“Something on your mind love?” Strawberry asked.

The girl seemed to struggle with sharing her thoughts. “Do you have to go out?”

Since the incident in the kitchen two nights ago Katie was always underhoof. Even asking to sit in her office with her while she worked. Strawberry allowed it because she was in the room with her, she didn’t mind the girls attention too much, the only thing that got on her nerves was the worry of accidentally running into her. Katie did have a habit of sneaking up and appearing suddenly.

“You know, you could always come out with me. The town ponies are really rather nice. You don’t have to stay cooped up in the house all day.”

Katie expressed hesitation which Strawberry saw as an opportunity, the girl up to this point had been adamant in her refusals. “If it makes it easier I could carry you on my back while I do my daily rounds.”

To Katie the prospect of another afternoon alone in the house with little to do felt horrible. But to go out with Strawberry and endure the stares and attentions of the town ponies seemed equally distasteful. “If I come do I have to talk with them?” Katie was worried the pressures in the air would make her say things or do things she be embarrassed about.

Strawberry laughed a little. “No love you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. I’ll do the talking if need be.” Strawberry watched the girl knowing how big of a step she was contemplating taking. She silently cheered the little human onward in her mind.

“Ok, can I come with you?”

“Absolutely sweet tart, do you want to change into the pyjamas that don’t cover your hooves?”

Katie looked down at the strawberry patterned fabric that covered her hands. “Yeah I think that would be a good idea.”

The clothing had little butterflies printed all over it. This outfit was less comfortable, it put more pressure on places that made movement for Katie difficult. The upside was it allowed the girl to get a better grip on Strawberry because they didn’t cover her hands.

The mare lowered her head Katie looked for a way to climb on without tugging on her mane. Strawberry noticed the girl’s nervousness. “Just climb on love, don’t worry I’m made of tough stuff.”

Katie climbed up the pink mare wrapping her legs around the neck she settled her head between Strawberry’s ears resting on top of her mane. Taking a large inhale after climbing, the smell of vanilla was very strong, but not overpowering. To Katie it had become a relaxing scent, this prompted the girl to close her eyes a moment and take it in. Her reflection was broken suddenly.

“Comfortable up there?” Strawberry asked, getting the last of her things stowed away in the saddle bags.


“Good hold on tight love, I don’t want you taking a tumble. I rather have a pull on my mane than a hurt little human. Understand?”

“Yes Strawberry.”

“Good filly, off we go into the great beyond,” Strawberry chuckled at her own humour opened the door with her mouth. The two trotted out into a bright morning.

Katie knew from the few times that Strawberry did carry her, it required quite a bit of skill to stay on. A lot of her focus had to be completely on the mare, was she going to move her head? turn? laugh? all these behaviours became things to anticipate. As for Strawberry she just seemed to take for granted that Katie would stay on no matter what she did.

As the two began to walk towards the market Katie took everything in with different eyes. Atop Strawberry she was able to more fully comprehend the situation around her. Everything was so bright, quaint, and enormous. Things like benches and bushes which lined the path were large. Looking into the sky it seemed like a hyper real painting, impossibly blue, with clouds shaped into unexpected forms.

Suddenly the girl spotted a blue pegasus pony flying by pushing a big fluffy cloud. Katie closed her eyes suddenly her heart hammering in her chest, it’s too much she thought to herself burying into Strawberry’s mane. The girl snuggled down shutting the world out for a minute or two.

Strawberry felt the movement in her mane, the little heart beating rapidly against her back.

“You ok?”

“Mmmm hummm,” came a quite mumble.

Strawberry took the statement at face value, continuing to trot towards the market. She was rather enjoying the morning, feeling both proud of her little human, and boastful of herself. Having Katie join her was going to make the day quite enjoyable. With the worry of leaving her home alone lifted Strawberry felt like she could fly like a pegasus.

After a few minutes of quite companionship Katie lifted her head from the mane and spoke softly. “Strawberry what exactly do you do when you go out in the afternoons?”

“Oh I walk the town, talk to ponies, help them sometimes if they need a hoof. As a harmony pony it is good to be available, but most of what I do is talk. I usually have to visit doctor Kindly to hear updates on things. Which reminds me he will probably want to examine you when we get there today. A checkup from what happened in the cafe.”

Katie made a low growling groaning type noise Strawberry had not heard before. “I’d rather not.” She replied.

Strawberry did not acknowledge what Katie said, the girl was going to get looked over. Health was not a thing the mare would compromise about.

The two entered what looked to be a Main Street of sorts. Many different coloured ponies were trotting about, several were setting up stalls to sell merchandise. Katie took it in for all of a few seconds before choosing the safety of the bright red mane.

Strawberry spent a lot of time talking, Katie would rise up periodically look around and then snuggle back into darkness, as if she were grabbing gulps of air. Many ponies tried to interact with the girl, but Strawberry true to her word did all the talking, usually waving away the attention from the girl by saying she was shy or tired. In between conversations or locations the girl would ask questions of the mare.

Some were childish questions about what signs said, what plants were called, others baffled the mare though, she'd use words that didn't have meaning to Strawberry at all. She tried to answer the simple questions, as for the more confusing ones she told Katie she did not understand. The sheer volume of baffling questions really hit Strawberry hard, the pony was beginning to understand Katie's frustration at the cafe, when she said no on understood her and thought she was speaking a different language. The reality was that yes this little human was in some ways still speaking a different language.

Strawberry’s stomach let out a large and audible growl. “I think it’s lunch time,” The mare said aloud not really looking for Katie as she could still be felt resting on her head. Strawberry had a favourite restaurant to eat at, it was a quite Daisy sandwich place with a patio that backed onto the path. Strawberry enjoyed pony watching while she ate.

Placing an order for herself and a small dish for Katie that she would be able to digest. Strawberry went out to get a table, once she found one she reached around and grabbed Katie by the handle on her back and placed her gently on the table. The chairs were to big so eating on the table would have to do.

“So how are you doing? Not that bad huh?” Strawberry asked looking at the girl who seemed lost looking over the edge of the table. “Away from the edge please,” She added her hoof shot out and pushed Katie away.

The girl slid on the table surface toward the centre. Giving Strawberry a slight frown she stayed put. “It’s ok I guess.” Katie replied, the girl did not like how open and on display she was. The pyjamas fit oddly they were patterned for infants and she could not stand up in them. It was easier on Strawberry’s back, she could pretend no one could see her. Here sitting on a lunch table in a restaurant that illusion did not exist. Ponies walking by smiled patronizing smiles and waved at her. She couldn’t help smiling and waving back as the pressure in the air pushed her suddenly. Immediately a flush of red crept up into her cheeks and neck.

“Strawberry why do ponies see me as a foal?” Katie asked suddenly it was a question which she’d been afraid to ask. But the smiles from the passing ponies forced it out of her.

Strawberry tapped the bottom of her muzzle with a hoof, “ Let me see, well your size obviously, another could be your eyes.”

“My eyes?”

“Yep very young foals have smaller eyes, kind of like yours.”


“The major one though I think is your scent.”

“My scent.”

“You my little love smell very very much like a new foal. It tends to bring out certain behaviour in ponies. It could be because you’re still so new to Equestria.”

“Will it go away?” Katie had thoughts of patronizing smiles and being talked down to forever in her mind.

“Well can’t do much about your size and eyes, but I’m sure the scent will lessen over time.” The mare didn’t say it aloud but to her the new foal scent had done nothing but increase.

Author's Note:

I stopped it here suddenly because I kind of think the following events to happen need to be separated.

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