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Having a special somepony in your life can be the most wonderful feeling in the world, and for Quibble, he's most definitely experiencing that feeling right now. But, as good as things are with him and Clear Sky right now, there is still one thing on his mind. One question that, until now, he's done his best to avoid asking.

Will contain some spoilers for "Common Ground"

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Yeet, new cute, well-written story! :D

mrk #2 · May 5th, 2019 · · ·

Huh... I assumed Wind’s father had died. You can’t very well forget someone you see often, even if someone else is trying to be like that other person. And Quibble said her dad “was” a big athlete, not “is”.

very cute. i'd love to know who winds actual dad is

Clearly there is only one answer :pinkiecrazy:
He could be called an athelete as he performed in the equestria games on a team that nearly won against the wonderbolts

Always did wonder exactly what became of Wind's father, they never really hinted at it.

Especially when you consider the context-Patton Oswalt's wife died suddenly a few years ago, and it's acually Clear Sky's actress who's the new addition to the family. So I think their pony family are supposed to be a mirror of that ... but it is phrased a bit vaguely.

That was my assumption as well. Both the context cues in the episode and the behind-the-scenes details of Patton Oswalt's family implied it.

N8ce change of pace. Instead of the whole, husband is dead or an ahole. The love just fade.

Maybe this story would be better if Quibble asks whether she worries their relationship might end up like that?

That's actually where I thought this story was going since after hearing how the past relationship ended, one would naturally be curious if this one could end the same way. In the show itself, though, certain phrasing and dialogue has me fairly certain that Wind Sprint's father passed away.

"Don't worry. You're no intruder in this. Never have been. I'm happy being with you, Quibble, and I'm sure Wind feels that way too."

The two looked down to the filly in question, and sure enough, she was smiling to them, even giving Quibble a wave. Quibble himself waved back, and as he looked back to the mare at his side, he began to breathe a sigh of relief.

"That's...good to hear. And Clear?"

"Yes, Quibble?"

The stallion hesitated, then smiled wider than before.

"I'm happy to...to have a family like you two."

I bet he is:rainbowkiss:.

Great work on this!

that was a really lovely story, very calming to read

Clear Sky's voice actor voiced the cat lady from The Secret Life Of Pets 2

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