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It’s always a good day when Wandering Pigeon posts a new story.

for some reason I can see twilight walk buy and buy that lulu doll for flurry heart.

Aww, thanks! :pinkiehappy: I'm glad I could brighten up your day.

Oh, she'd be tempted if she saw them.

“But, uh, heads up. She’s not a fan of changing diapers. Just get used to that.”

Uh oh, what’s she going to do once she messes herself. She’s going to have to get used to wearing dirty diapers for a long time. I hope she doesn’t get rashes easily, but being an alicorn should help.
I just really like them. Can’t wait for the next FOAL 9000 chapter!

You'd hope Luna would be able to handle it, but no matter how well she holds up a rash is definitely in her future.

And that next chapter of FOAL 9000 should definitely be worth the wait. Expect it soon-ish!

She might learn to enjoy wearing her well used diapers. One purple princess has. I can’t wait for the chapter now. :raritywink:

Besides, being forced to wear a messy for maybe days is kinda hot~

The way Luna acts as though she's going to yell her ass off, then just says "Stop it." Made me laugh for some reason. Leave it to Luna to not go overboard with her Royal Canterlot voice. .. For once.

This is actually pretty good, don't know why all the downvotes :rainbowhuh:

Glad I could make you chuckle

Because diaper, I'm guessing.

This was a really fun story, I think it would have helped the story better if Luna had been shrunk into a more doll size, but it was still good. I hope you can make a sequel out of this, keep it up.

Not bad, but it doesn't feel complete.

Great job! I would love to see a sequel where she's bought by a filly. Myabe Crazy glow can add a sound box and a pull string to her as well. XD

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. I did consider shrinking her, but ended up liking the life-size dolls more.

Yeah, I did leave it pretty open ended in case I wanted to continue it later.

I’m sure Cozy would love to add some modifications to Luna, but Chrysalis might get pretty upset if her favorite doll gets sold.:twilightoops:

Other than a few grammatical issues, this was pretty great!

Thank you! Sorry for the errors. I try to catch them, but some always seem to slip through.

Continuation idea here: Ah, but when she is unable to move the moon, the jig will be up, and she will have an ENRAGED Celestia to deal with. One that is DONE with giving chances. She WILL tell Celestia what has happened to her sister, or she WILL feel as much physical pain as Celestia has felt emotional pain due to her.

No nonsense, angry Celestia could be fun to write. I’ll have to consider that one.

9625751 yeah but with the super glue holding Luna in place, how would the filly it even cozy even play with her.
How would anypony change her held down like That

Wel well written as always. I just wonder how chrysalis intends to raise the moon. Kind of a big deal.

Chrysalis’ plans tend to have some... holes in them

Hope that diaper holds quite a bit before it leaks.

It's a big diaper, so probably.

Please do write it, I wanna see Chrysalis punished

Maybe have Celestia give Chrysalis Laxatives and diaper her permantly hehe

Luna will never be the same after this experience, even if she survives... IF.

"Mommy, mommy, my Lulu has gone all floppy. And it smells nasty!"

"Oh, goodness, yes - almost like rotting meat. Ugh! What have I told you about not looking after your toys? Well, I suppose you'd better throw it away. I'll buy you a new one tomorrow."

I still might, I'm just kicking around ideas in between bursts of free time. Eventually I might crank something out.

Oof, dark :fluttershyouch:
But she'll live, I'm sure. Unless she dies of embarrassment that is.

“ mommy why that doll got a ring on its horn ? None of the others dolls have it . And its eyes are moving and blinking and crying “

Neat story, a few typos. Reading it, once I got to the big reveal it became formulaic, but it was a fun formula. Speaking of formula... I wounder how Luna's going to take to that.

Part of me hopes Celestia's ultimate punishment for not helping her sister is to end up beside her in the new, probably less popular, Celesi doll box.

You know, if I do write a sequel I probably won't be able to resist the urge to do just that.

Yes I did! Skitter let me know ahead of time about it. Have to say, it came out great.

Вынужден отметить глупость Принцессы Луны. Допустим, у вас есть тысяча лет свободного времени, и вы одни и вам никто не мешает. За это время можно выучить десятки языков, к примеру. Но Луна, простите за русский фразеологизм, пинала хуи, иными словами, ничего не делала. А ведь нужно было просто выучить азбуку морзе. Мне кажется, это куда проще, чем язык, потому что нужно просто запомнить буквы. Но Луна не знает морзянки.. иначе бы могла при помощи глаз сказать другим пони о происходящим. Если бы она просто моргала "SoS. Кризалис", кто-нибудь бы это понял, тем более на улицах густонаселённого города. Пусть "кризалис" расшифрует не каждая пони, но думаю, большинство знают "три коротких, три длинных, три коротких" и обратят внимание..
Хотя всё проще...Луна не русская, и не привыкла в экстренной ситуации искать способ спасение, а не ждать помощи неизвестно откуда. А ведь морзянку можно передавать и мычанием...

I have to point out Princess moon's stupidity. Let's say you have a thousand years of free time, and you are alone and no one bothers you. During this time, you can learn dozens of languages, for example. But the Moon, sorry for Russian idiom, kicked penises, in other words, doing nothing. But you just had to learn Morse code. I think it's a lot easier than language, because you just have to memorize the letters. But the Moon doesn't know Morse code.. otherwise I could tell the other ponies what was going on with my eyes. If only she'd just blink "SoS. Chrysalis", someone would understand it, especially in the streets of a densely populated city. Let "chrysalis" will decipher not every pony, but I think most know "three short, three long, three short" and pay attention...
Although all easier...The moon is not Russian, and not used in an emergency to look for a way of salvation, and not wait for help from nowhere. But Morse code can be transmitted and mooing...

If you do not understand something, it may be a mistake of the translator. Try to translate the text above into English by some other program.

Morse code would be pretty useful in her current scenario, but I don't think there's any reason to believe it exists in Equestria in the first place.

A little rushed at the end, but a great story. Found this via Skitter's amazing art. Say, um, this reminds me of All Dolled Up - another great doll story by Zubric.

It's interesting how you went with the "villain in disguise" route while Zubric used the "stuck on a factory line" idea. I will admit, Zubric's trapped idea was more enticing, but you won me over with Chrysalis. All in all, I like both stories tbh.

Also, is it any coincidence that both your stories' chapters have almost the same title? xD

It's how I found the story.

Great! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my fic.
(Also All Dolled Up is pretty great too)

This was a good story. Sad but good. I want a sequel to this

Probably not going to make a sequel to this, but even if I do it won't be anytime soon, sorry.

That's okay. The story is still good.

Would be fun to see a sequel. Maybe with Twilight ending up next to Luna on display?

Knowing me, anypony who tried to help Luna would end up on display :rainbowlaugh: Still not really sure if I'll be writing a sequel for this one yet.

Next thing you know, the Mane Six and Spike all have dolls based on them being sold, and the display case has one of each of them there.

But yeah, when/if you make a sequel, I’d love to read it.

“Mmmm…” Luna’s heart thumped in her throat. Chrysalis had thought of everything for this little plan of hers, hadn’t see? .

Hadn’t she not see

Knowing how the show ends and all, I feel slightly better about this story

Took me a few reads to realize the dolls have the slow auto blink motion to them.

Actually, the wording would be "hadn't she?"

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