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Have become a big fan of the series and the fandom since I was introduced to it. Probably the best decision I have made.


In May of 2019, a dedicated group of Volunteers for the Union Pacific Railroad after over four years of hard work finished a task that no one thought would ever happen. They brought back to life one of the most legendary steam locomotives that the world had even seen, the Big Boy!

But as the group of volunteers make their way onto the mainline for the inaugural run, a strange occurrence begins to form on the tracks in front of them. What in the world could it be?

Whatever it is, on the other side is a world that is blown away by the sheer size and power of the mighty engine. Some are excited and there are those who think it may become a threat to their daily jobs.

The main star of this story is the Union Pacific Big Boy #4014, who just recently returned back to steam for the first time in 50 years and now holds the title of the largest operating steam engine in the world!

Hope you all enjoy.

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Ah yes. the good o' Big Boy. I was so glad they restored and brought it back into full working condition. Amazing piece of American engineering and locomotive history.

I think I'll wait until a few more chapters are out before reading this story. I wish luck with it.

I will be tracking this story. Going to reserve my like until it’s developed a bit, but this is a good start. I would recommend some proofreading, as there are several grammatical and spelling errors. Keep up the good work.

'Ordinary' Pony Train Engineers in awe over the sheer size and power of this mighty engine.

Luna going nuts over it because she's secretly a huge rail fanfilly!

Twilight in awe of its history, seeking knowledge of it, why was it built, what was it used for?!

Pinkie going nuts because - well - you could host the BIGGEST PARTY EVER aboard the train's many, many, many coaches!

Rarity in wonder of its mechanical precision, so many moving parts!

Fluttershy frightened - at first - of the haunting sound of its great horn/whistle...

Applejack, greatly respectful of its craftsmanship, the sheer effort and work and labor to build it!

... as for Big Boy itself... slowly but surely, affected by the magic of the world, over time it starts to develop a kind of sapience; not to the level where it forms an Avatar - like the tree of Harmony - but... 'good things happen' when ponies board the train, and it 'wants' to work well hauling ponies and goods; it develops a paternal fondness for its passengers; sometimes it acts or moves on its own; Celestia starts to sense something odd yet benevolent about the mighty train...

I've been watching the 4014 restoration on YouTube and now it's on here... fuck it I'm down to clown let's do this. :rainbowdetermined2:

Those are awesome ideas for sure😁
And what would Rainbow Dash think about the Big Boy you think?

Some grammar issues, but otherwise a good start. Reminds me of an older story called Smokestack Lightnin'.

Well... she'll like it because (fanon) many of the 'Daring Do' Series feature trains, so Rainbow (secretly) researches steam engines, mechanics of steam, gets so into it that she has a secret model workshop where she builds tiny but working steam engines. Twi loves the historical stuff but Rainbow is the secret train "gear and engine head", knowing them mechanically inside and out! "Meh, I could make that thing 20% more efficient..." She and Luna would totally geek out over the Big Boy! BUT... call her out on being a steam mechanic/nut and she'll clean your clock for it or straight up deny it. And if you should ever spy the back issues of Steam Magazine she keeps under her bed... well... you'll wish you hadn't!

A good first chapter. Certainly got me hitched :derpytongue2:. I'm looking forward to the rest of the ride.

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