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The kids in Pinkie Pie's class have been waiting forever to take their field trip to Cherry Hill Ranch, and things seem to be going well until Pinkie suddenly dismisses class, leaving them all to find their own way back home. Gallus, though, has some questions about a previous lecture, but there are some things that he's going to find out that he'll wish he never knew.

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This is very thin line between PG-Y and Rated X

Yeah, this does toe a few lines a bit, but it was amusing for a quick read, and the characterizations are all spot on, so there's that. :twilightsmile:

I was debating whether or not I should rate it T, but then I remembered that they're literally just talking about butts. Then I remembered every single butt joke that Spongebob has ever made and thought, "Well, if they can get away with it..."

The show has been able to get away with a lot of buttplay with the ponies as well. With her more than any other pony, and the only thing I'd question about this story is why a pony who hits a ball with her butt, dedicates part of her song to bouncing on it, is fine with Rarity putting her hoof on her butt to push her forward, and facesits Rainbow Dash, is embarrassed about having a splinter in it. She's the last pony who would be, in a world where a ladylike pony doesn't react to getting slapped there at all, and a shy pony loves to shake her butt. I wouldn't be surprised if sitting on those jacks in A Friend in Deed wasn't even accidental.

But, I've made them more out of character than this in some of my stories.

Question: Why.

Answer: Comedy.

I had MRSA on my butt.

It was awful.

Yeesh. I'm so sorry. Everything alright now?

“Couldn’t you ask one of the girls to do that for you?”

“Gallus! Boys have butts too! EVERYONE HAS A BUTT!”

I love that exchange.

:pinkiegasp: "It's alright, Gallus! You're not being asked to do anything you haven't done before in the privacy of your own home! NOW PULL THIS BRANCH OUT OF MY BUTT!"

9604372 Yes. All the holes have closed up. Except the one that's supposed to be there.


My childhood elementary school playground briefly had a wooden playground slide, I shit you not. Sure, it had a sanded finish, but eventually wear and tear created uneven surfaces...

My right buttock has a small indentation that is the scar left from an incident that appeared as though Van Helsing confused my butt cheek for a vampire.

branch sized splinters can and do happen. I have lived it.

Holy cow! What kind of third world playground did you grow up in? Montana?

There is a difference between BUTTS and BUTTHOLES!


...as though Van Helsing confused my butt cheek for a vampire.

I have got to use that line some time!

Wait? There was an episode where Rarity sat on Dash's face :rainbowderp:

No, Pinkie did. My mention of Rarity was just Rarity pushing Pinkie forward by her butt.

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