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What would writing be without a little MLP. I'm just you everyday MLP fan who loves Spike...to an uncomfortable level. Appreciate the support Sugar!❤


People say spring is a time of happiness, to experience the best of what nature and people can offer, the plants and trees will show their most vibrant colors, the insects and animals will come out to play. Like a tally mark on a chalkboard, people seem to accumulate more and more happiness each spring, becoming more generous and loving this time of year. I should be the same right? The trees, their colors swaying in the breeze of the comforting wind, blow away like a cloud of dust leaving now, grey, silence. The sounds of the city, the kids talking, the birds chirping, they're all so...average now. Everything has lost its color, everything except...her.

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It's good, though the cover for the fic made me think this would be aGuy meets girl. But I still loved it, keep it up.

You have no idea how thankful I am for that, I must've stayed up 2 days straight writing this, and at least another half just designing that cover, I'm so tired now Woomy...

I hope everyone else enjoys it like you do, and thanks again.

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