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I'm just someone who likes to share several ideas I've thought of.


Silverstream is your typical peppy hippogriff. Even if she can get too excited, her friends still love her. Then one day, while she was in the library she found an old fashioned book. She decided to give it a read, but it wasn't for the faint of heart. She tries to forget about it, but something feels... Off.

Edit: New cover made from mellow91 from derpibooru

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 7 )

This is an interesting story to say the least, I'll keep my eye on this one keep up the good work.

Also wow way to go Smolder, if it wasn't for her Silverstream may have done something that would've ruined her life forever.

I absolutely loved this story!

You know this story kind of reminds me of Rocket to Insanity. Only I feel this is much better as it's something that could be possible in the series given Silverstreams PTSD of the storm kings uprising. It also felt a bit grimdark at times even though there isn't any gore or blood, and the fact that nothing here feels extremely outlandish allows it to be taken seriously.

Man that was a very intense story Especially silverstream getting possessed by the storm king

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