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Silverstream is your typical peppy hippogriff. Even if she can get too excited, her friends still love her. Then one day, while she was in the library she found an old fashioned book. She decided to give it a read, but it wasn't for the faint of heart. She tries to forget about it, but something feels... Off.

Edit: New cover made from mellow91 from derpibooru

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This is an interesting story to say the least, I'll keep my eye on this one keep up the good work.

Also wow way to go Smolder, if it wasn't for her Silverstream may have done something that would've ruined her life forever.

I absolutely loved this story!

You know this story kind of reminds me of Rocket to Insanity. Only I feel this is much better as it's something that could be possible in the series given Silverstreams PTSD of the storm kings uprising. It also felt a bit grimdark at times even though there isn't any gore or blood, and the fact that nothing here feels extremely outlandish allows it to be taken seriously.

Man that was a very intense story Especially silverstream getting possessed by the storm king

Silverstream woke up to find she was in a locker room. She also found that she was wearing a Wonderbolts uniform, complete with even goggles. The hippogriff's excitement rose as she raced out of the room. She began running towards the cliff edge.

Yes I did remember and see the nine when she was dreaming about being a Wonderbolt which that's pretty awesome

So things escalated pretty quickly everything was just fine and dandy for the kids but then silver stream discover a book which supposedly resurrecting the Dead witch that is a really powerful dark magic I mean who would want to do that anyway she read the thing and it looks like it activated because it looks like the Storm King is on the attack Within silverstream

Gallus knew what to say to this. "I'm part bird and loin, Silver's part griffon and pony and can also turn into a sea creature, you can change into any living species, and Smolder's a flying reptile that can breathe fire. I don't think ghosts are so hard to believe."

Not to mention talking ponies a pegasus and a unicorn and an alicorn so basically we live in the mythical world so Supernatural is not that far-fetched

Apparently the storm King is starting to take control of silver stream right now he even try to kill flurry heart and even try to hurt smolder so silverstream try to stay awake so she doesn't hurt anybody but apparently it was a losing battle because the storm king is getting more powerful and even her transformation it's starting to take effect

It looks like staying awake is not an option because right now the storm king is getting more stronger and stronger and it's even trying to attack other creatures even sending the fire a Sweet Apple Acres this is getting too much they need to stop him before it gets even worse

"Which is why I'm not really all the sentences," Twilight replied as she flipped through the pages.

Is this supposed to be reading?

This has more potential than 4 chapters.

What did you have in mind?

Her using her powers to protect those she cares about.

Hmm, that would’ve been interesting, but I feel like the Storm King would have more control of those powers than her.

Maybe the pearl shard she has allows her control? Or she's like storm from X-Men?

Hmm, maybe. Though I’m not sure how I would’ve worked that into the story.

The power is absorbed into her DNA but it will take a while for them to manifest.

So you say there might be a chance she’ll release it in the future?

You don't just get superpowers overnight. Think of it like My Hero Academia.

Uh-huh, I had a feeling about them taking a while to manifest.

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