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WARNING: There are some Christian themes involved in this story here and there.

Private Tobias O'Leary, 21 years old, once found himself in the thick of a war he never wanted to fight. He has seen many things - too many - and finds himself hoping it will all stop one day, even if it means through death.

Vietnam - a tropical nightmare.

However, when he finds himself in a strange new land, how will he cope? Will Twilight and her friends be able to help him before things get too dark? Or will Toby let his PTSD get the better of him? Will he allow himself to heal from his wounds, and rebuild his faith?

Oh, DANG! Featured! How about that.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 227 )

Ho-LEE FUCK dude. Looking forward to reading more of this shit...

Bonus points for the accurate reaction...

GOD-FUCKING-DAMMIT!!! Now I have to wait for more...

Question; Why did he switch from being able to understand every word the ponies said to incapable of communication literally overnight?

It will be explained. Don't worry, I've got things the way they are for specific reasons :twilightsmile: I appreciate your perception, though!

Very nice work! You showed how difficult it can be. I can't blame Toby, it happens if the stress becomes too much. Thought, I wonder what the story behind Marietta is.

Nice work, though having a injured being imprisoned seems a bit overkill. Or did they not notice his injuries?

Can't blame him. Luna takes protocol a bit too serious

Very good so far. Nice to see someone use a uncommon car as well, seeing as I have a '65 Covair Corsa Turbo :scootangel:

I'd wolf-whistle for ya, but I'm depressingly lack skill in that area

Toby nodded, feeling lightheaded. I'm going mad - it's like living in a show meant for Kindergartners!!

He broke the 4th wall

Is this based on The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien?

Comment posted by readsponies deleted Sep 12th, 2019

No, he only leaned on it. :moustache:

it was called battle fatigue before that

Wait a minute...... By any chance, was this inspired from the short story, "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien?

Frankly, the story would be better if Toby had actually shooted the first guard, or even the pony family after freaking out. That would have been a realistic response that would justify the harsh treatment from Luna and the guard, giving the chance of exploring the personal hell of shellshocked veterans and its consequences on society.

Instead we have Lulu being an idiotic bitch for no reason: "Oh, he said his people make wars. Let's put in a cell and throw away the key."

I was joking around with that idea.

It sure was - it was a really inspiring book.

Or maybe there's a bigger picture, and the author is aware of the temporary holes in the plot.

:twilightsmile: Thanks for the perception, though.

Comment posted by ArcticWolf584 deleted Sep 10th, 2019

It was morning - as far as he knew - when he woke up. A tin platter of some sort of green mush was pushed into his cell. While he looked at it in revulsion, he caught a whiff of daisies and hay off of it.

Several days with an alien captured yet they didn´t bother trying to learn anything else from him, including his biology or what he eats. :facehoof:

Before he could shut the door, the telephone in his car rang.

[visible confusion]

Exactly. My. Thoughts.
It shows how dim witted ponies can be due to the isolationism from other species

For example, look at the griffin city to the east, its in shambles and yet its extremely close to baltimare and trottingham but because they dont care about neighbouring countries (?) They never notice how terrible the conditions are in said place and therefore cant help or learn about dealing with foreign species. making them xenophobic and isolationist

Also an example of xenophobia from the ponies is when zecora first appeared in ponyville, despite her equine body they still hid from her because she wasnt a pony, they hid because she was a zebra, a foreign species that they SHOULDNT have been scared of due to the high number of similarities between ponies and zebras, but they are just so xenophobic that even such simple differences in looks and accent made them hide in fear.

Don't worry he's has the phone part wrong by three years.

Well, i guess Twilight and fluttershy could make him willing to speak and i am Sure rarity Making him some nice Clothes would be apprechiated by him. Pinkie would probably understand him. I am just unsure about Rainbow.

As in holy shit, that was actually a thing?

Yes, car phones were an actual thing, all though my facts were incorrect. Ah, well - no turning back now.

Comment posted by Makerofthebuttswagger deleted Sep 19th, 2019

I wonder what happened after his death back on Earth, it would be interesting to know, and good work so far!

Comment posted by Pederson28 deleted Sep 20th, 2019
Comment posted by Makerofthebuttswagger deleted Sep 19th, 2019

I enjoy the story a lot so far. <3

Nice work, you truly show the conflict in Toby.

In his shock that she remembered his name, he yelped, "Twenty one!!" Realizing his blunder, he instantly bit his lip so hard it tasted like iron.

He is going to give in when one of the elements asks him to eat something. Let it at least be on his own terms that he eats not at another ponies wishes

Injured or not he’s still an unknown and this Equestria seems more Xenophobic than usual. So he’s potentially a threat. But it IS immoral to do so without at least treating said injuries.

EXactly, medical treatment should be first. What would you have of a prisoner dying of his injurires in his cell?

Magic horse land, logic need not comply.

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