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I make stories... sometimes.


So, I told the Cutie Mark Crusaders one day that they are in a show and then this happened... …they decided to make the world learn 10 ways to deal with bullies. This takes place before they got their cutie marks.

READ THIS: The first chapter is my perspective, everything else has nopony or my perspective whatsoever.

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Comments ( 8 )

Alright, let's see how my new story does.

It's a noice and snarky idea, but the profanity hinders it a bit imo.

Lol kind of like reading something from South Park, a few of the 10 ways did have me laughing a bit though, good job!

Hi! This is MLPFan9000's 2nd account and I have just read your comment.

Incredible. A classic of our time.

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