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Though she always planned to do so, Twilight never managed to find time in her schedule to go an visit her old Canterlot friends. After recent events, however, she decides it's time to rectify that. So, after getting back to Canterlot with Spike, the Princess of Friendship tracks down one friend in particular, and prepares to enjoy a nice meal with her.

Will contain some spoilers for The Point of No Return

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I suppose sometimes we all need to take stock of what we do- and be reminded that always at least trying to do the right thing is nothing to be ashamed of.:twilightsmile:

This was really nice. A very good follow-up to the episode. :twilightsmile:

I got a feeling that season 9 will have returns from supporting characters from the earlier seasons.

Moon Dancer could always visit Twilight ya know.

But why would she want to?

Made yet another fanfic reading from your stories.

And here I was thinking Twilight had made up with Moondancer then immediately abandoned her yet again. But it was very nice seeing her again. :twilightsmile:

"By the way, who was that yellow unicorn you and the other Princesses were showing around the back stacks a little way back? I'm pretty sure she was a post-grad at the School when we were freshmares."

(Reference to the fact Moondancer was reading in the library when Sunset Shimmer came with Twilight, Celestia and Luna in Forgotten Friendship.)

"But the thing is...you don't just leave it at that. You take action, you do what you can to make up for your mistakes. Like you did with me. You're not perfect, sure...but it's the fact that you try to be better that really matters in this."

This is why Twilight's my favorite pony. :twilightsmile:

Love the character interaction here

Nice story.

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