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*Mild violence and gore, nothing explicit*

Mystic is a mysterious unicorn and not the easiest pony to get along with. She travels a lot and doesn't rely on anypony but herself. One fateful night she learns of a potential invasion against the land of Equestria. When she decides to look into it, it sends her down on a path with lots of friendship, and meeting very familiar faces.

However, her journey might spiral into an adventure much bigger than either of them expected.

Cover art of My Original Character by Metal-Jacket444 on Deviantart! Go check him out!!

*Takes place after Season 8 and Best Gift Ever*
*Some Season 9 elements and characters will be implemented*
*Some comic book and chapter book characters are in the story, but some haven't happened according to this story. I picked characters and stories that seem the most likely to have happened in the show, in addition on which ones fit the story the best.*
*Chapters will be submitted on by my decisions and my pacing because I want this story to be the best I want it to be. Speed isn't the point, quality is. :twilightsmile:

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 4 )

I'm surprised this story doesn't have that many comments, it's pretty good so far. Though, where's Mystic? Still traveling? Is she going to become a vigilante?

Yes, Mystic is still traveling, this was just a transition chapter to show what's going on with the Mane 6. Mystic will be seen again in the next chapter. Again, about the comments, I'm a little surprised but I'm writing this story because of the show I love, not for fame. I guess people will show up at some point, at least I hope so.

Before I read this, I must know: Will Mystic ever fight using only her hooves?

First off, why do you ask?
She'll use her hooves, knives, and machete at times but nothing graphic will be shown. She also has unicorn magic.

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