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Very good start and King Sombra seems well in character. I like the tie-in to his most recent demise in the start-up the last season of MLP:FIM.

Normally I avoid Fallout universe stories like the plague, but this one being at the very top of the new stories feed and its description intrigued me to go on and give it a go. Knowing the nature of these stories is a no-holds-barred fest of extreme gore and sexual violence, you handled the descriptions of such acts with an admirable balance of graphicness yet tact. That's the reason I am setting it to track future updates, that as well as your gift of storytelling, the fact it is King Sombra and is so far very intriguing in its potential. Please do not leave this one dangling as so many other feckless Shadow King writers have done on this 'site!

As a side note, I consider its placement and my timing of seeing it as no coincidence because it is a Gawd-awful time of morning in my part of the world (4:30 am!) and were this six months ago, I never would have seen it as I should still be in bed another two hours before I get up and go to work. Because it is so goddamn late, I will save the full read for the weekend (I only skimmed it just now) and give some more constructive comments for later, if needed. I at least most likely have the honor of being the first Like for this story as it was literally minutes old when I liked and tracked it!

Until later, looking forward to reading more. Goddess speed with your quill, my fellow Sombraphile and remember to always

Hail King Sombra!

interesting let see where this go's

This was Interesting. I eagerly await more.

I am eager to see more.




Thank you for reading and leaving comments, I am already focusing on at least making Chapter 2 and possibly 3 of this story before I temporarily take my attention to my unpublished fics and Spire of Madness.


I cannot express how much I appreciate your comment, especially coming from someone who is so clearly a grand fan of the King! Thank you very much for giving this a chance. I have been planning for years to bring Sombra into a Fallout or Fallout-esque setting, but I could never find the time to sit down and just write MLP-related things until recently.

I have absolutely no posting schedule; hopefully, that explains the random timing. As for abandonment, I have no intentions of doing so! There are, of course, things that could happen outside of my control, but that's for life to play out and I am no prophet of the future. I am looking forward to your critiques of the story so far, be they positive or negative. I am working towards learning from mistakes so that I can improve the quality and quantity of entertainment I can provide.

Hail King Sombra indeed!

Hail to the King!

It is a seldom rare occasion when one finds a good Sombra fic, TARTARUS knows I have been planning on incorperating him into one of mine but I will most certainly be keeping an eye on this one. Indeed

I'm going to give this story a chance, but it had better not die after only one chapter!


I am working on Chapter 2 as I type this reply. I may or may not be cursed with sluggish slowness.

Finally some good Sombra Material. Time to break out the snacks

You have peaked curiosity with another interesting chapter. The forboding of the dog makes me crave the answers to the questions I have.

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