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Shortfics written from the Thirty Minute Ponies prompts.

#69 - Idle Hooves - Rarity deals with a day without work.
#70 - To the Dear, Late Applejack - Pinkie deals with an AJ problem.
#382 - In Which Colours Clash - A down-on-his-luck artist deals with a very strange visitor.

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The ending is hilarious!
Stop being so modest. It's annoying when people do that.

Such a drama queen, even when there's nothing to do. :raritycry:

Heh, like the idea and how the little squirt of a sister is Rarity's voice of reason. The prissy unicorn needs to just take a day and chill for once.

Also, saw the ending coming but it was still worth a chuckle.

Why you be so meta? :trollestia:

Ah, such a simple solution after so much buildup. Pinkie really knows how to get to the heart of the matter. Or the gears in this case.

Good stuff!

I feel like most people would catch the hypothetical reference at the beginning...

the source of time in Equestria

Mmm, that's some sweet worldbuilding.

See, I probably would have tried to do something with cyan-yellow-magenta. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

The ending is beautiful. Bravo.:rainbowlaugh:

*grins* Very nice. I loved everyone's reaction to Pinkie freaking out.

Oh god, the puns. I gotta admit, I love how you interpret the prompts.

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