• Published 9th Aug 2012
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More Than Thirty Minute Ponies - Exuno

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#70 - To the Dear, Late Applejack

The party inside Sugar Cube Corner was in full swing, with banners and balloons everywhere the eye could see. Also a number of places they couldn’t. Ponies were spread across the hall, chatting and dancing and generally having a good time.

Nearby a punchbowl, Twilight Sparkle was trying to explain something to a slightly unnerved Rarity. “...And that's when I realized the cocoon was a metaphor for the shackles of our forced social relationships, and the lack of description is because we never truly look at the world around us!”

“Oh, uh, yes, dear. That all sounds very... enlighten—”

The unicorns were interrupted by the doors crashing open, a cloud of dust flowing between them. Inside stood the mud-coated, fatigued figure of Applejack, an expression of embarrassment across her face.

“Uh, howdy everypony. Ah’m real sorry for bein’ late, but there was a whole row a’ apple trees Ah had to give a good buckin’ to ‘fore Ah could come, and Ah lost track a’ the time.”

It was only a brief moment before the attention of the gathered ponies fell back from the newcomer, and things seemed to have settled to as they were.

Well, with one notable exception.

A streak of pink burst from under a pile of balloons, launching them across the room. It accelerated straight into the orange farmer, knocking her onto her side.

“AJ that’s no good! Do you know how many parties you’ve been late to in the past month?”

Applejack looked up into the interrogating azure eyes, hovering above her. “Aw, Pinkie, Ah know. Ah’ve jes’ been so busy with the harvest this season, and—”

“No I mean there’s been so many and I’ve completely lost count! Me, losing count of something to with parties! This is a real problem and we have to go fix it RIGHT NOW.”

The pink mare lifted her head back further than should be possible, and let out a bellow to the rest of the partygoers. “Sorry everypony but this is a huge emergency and I’m going to have to leave you here alone! NOPONY PANIC.”

Nopony did.

Pinkie Pie grasped her hooves underneath the mare beneath her, and fluidly rolled over. With a single motion, Applejack was on her back, and the two ponies were charging out the door. “Hold on tight, AJ, this is gonna be a crazy ride!”

Applejack begrudgingly tucked a foreleg under her vehicle’s barrel, the other reaching to hold down her stetson. “Consarn’ it, Pinkie. Where the hay are ya takin’ me?”

Pinkie raced through the park, knocking over several ponies in the process. She bounded from bench to fountain to tree, never stopping for a moment.

“To make sure this this will be never be a problem again!”

“Now what in the seven stables does that mean?”

Applejack soon had her answer, as the pair stopped in front of a towering, ornate building. Deep inside, a cacophony of deep sounds rang out, as if the very structure was a living being.

Pinkie unceremoniously dropped her passenger. She turned to face her with a maniacal grin on her face, and gestured backwards. As she gave a smooth chuckle, she said, “Well, what do you think it means, silly?”

Applejack gulped and nervously glanced around, trying to make some sense of the situation. “Uh, Pinkie, Ah’m not sure Ah’m entirely comfortab—”

Pinkie kicked open the door the the tower behind her, revealing its contents.

“We’re buying you a watch!”

Author’s Notes: The tentative title for this piece: "Clock Pun”. Once again I try to twist the meaning the prompt – “Pinkie Pie shows Applejack a good time.” – Once again I end with a terrible twist ending. I’m starting to think I’m not a very good writer.

Anyway, I actually planned this one out! There were a few hours of wondering what kind of time Pinkie could be showing off: a clock factory, the source of time in Equestria, a literal different time period. Eventually I settled on just a clock shop, with the impetus that AJ was starting to be chronically late.

The original outline called for much more of the fic to take place in the shop (that is, any at all), involving picking out a nice watch, and an argument between AJ’s desire to take things as they come and not rush them, and Pinkie’s need to do everything quickly because there's just so much to do! I couldn't actually think of a resolution to it, and hoped it'd come in writing, which I suppose it did, considering I ran out of time long before that.

The ending was quickly retooled to give create any kind of a climax, so enjoy another cliché bait and switch. Hopefully it worked at all, but I'm not very proud of it in any sense.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn't chastise you all for not being able understand Hypothetical as well as Twilight. I mean, really, I tried to make it pretty clear, but I guess I can't put faith in anyone anymore. (I’m kidding, I just tried to come up with something ridiculous to be said at the party, and quoth my notes "
- self-indulgent meta humor, my favorite!
- i hate myself")