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Hmmm, intriguing.

Very interesting, I'm looking forward to what you guys do next :)

Why would Ahriman negotiate with other warbands? After legion war between traitors after they fled to eye of terror, shattered legions to warbands. There are several warbands that were as powerful as Abbadons, like in the black legion book where there was a iron warriors lead warband that dwarfed black legion. And they were racing to find a way to materium, because eye of terror was described to be a haven and a prison. No loyalist cant come in but no traitor cant leave. And if this is first black crusade then they would have same problems as Abbadon did. Abbadon made a deal with warp ghosts and sacrificed half of his crew sou that ghosts would lead them to materium. And after that they faced black templar fleet waiting for them, that decimated their fleet, until Abbadon and Sigismund had a duel.
Sou how is it possible to Kharn to simple ignore Cadian gate all together and just warp his ship in the middle of a system? It completely destroys Cadias gates whole idea.


In the Ahriman Omnibus book, it is stated that there are in fact other ways to leave the Eye of Terror, though they are constantly shifting and sometimes stop existing. They aren’t used as much because not many know of their existence, from what I recall.

As for why he’s negotiating with other Warbands, he knows he does not have enough military strength to assault a system like Cadia alone, and would need the assistance of other factions to do such a thing. He needs more bodies, and his ‘Legion‘ can hardly amount to anything like a proper one.

Also, this does not take place during the First Black Crusade. We called it the 1st Equestrian Black Crusade originally because it was a crusade against Equestria (and we weren’t exactly smart about these things). We decided to have it take place around the time just before the 13th, since that is the era I am most familiar with. Apologies if we made things confusing

What i meant about negotiations is that there was barely any in black legion book. Abbadon send his right hand man Khayon to subjugate, assassinate or threaten warbands leaders. Because all warbands have different goals and ambitions. And don't really want to bend a knee, if Ahriman went to ask Mortarion, Mortarion would kill him just because Ahriman is a sorcerer. Maybe Typhon would but he is quite umm prideful. I remember in one of the conquest books apocalypse. A warlord of word bearers had united several other word bearer warbands in a course of hundred years. And even then he did not have any control over them, at first moment of opportunity several warbands just went to do what ever they wanted. And then there was rival factions but thous were mostly from dark councils agents, mainly from Erebus. Ho wanted their crusade just to fail.
Sou chaos does not have any kind of uniting goals.

There are things that I do not understand.

Is this story a "sequel" to The Warriors of Chaos (Rebooted)?

The Midnight Sparkle is Twilight Sparkle (equestrian version)? Did I miss something?


It’s a bit... behind, so to speak. This was originally rebooted as a sequel to the original Warriors, but with the reboot of Warriors of Chaos I felt it better to make this a sequel. All will be explained in time, which is why I’m trying to shift my focus to Warriors for now until we can get it caught up a bit more

Ok, but is this story connected to The Warriors of Chaos (Rebooted)?

As the rebooted one is now, no. It will in the future, but right now neither story has a proper connection aside from characters. For now I think it may be best to put it back as a sequel for the old version, to avoid further confusion.

This is not entirely true. I have not yet read the Book “Black Legion”, but I am reading its predecessor, The Talon of Horus. Within it shows several instances of Warbands and Legionnaires bargaining and dealing with each other diplomatically, instead of threatening and other such things. It would probably be less likely during the time of the Long War, but the servants of chaos do often come together when their goals align.

This is merely based upon what I have been reading as of late, to better understand chaos and the legions. I do not claim myself to be a master of the lore for the traitor legions.

Well it does differ in some cases. Like in pandorax book there was a plague marine that was hinted to be fallen dark angel, followed Abbadons orders but in a constant fear that his soul would be flayed if he fails. And in the same book Huron blackheart and Abbadon did technically did negotiate, but in threats more than common cause. Because Abbadon really wanted Huron to defeat imperial navys fleet. And Huron almost succeeded by using graviton beams to hurl a massive meteorite to imperial navy carrier. But Huron been Huron immediately left when winds of battle started to swift. Even in their own legions barely any have cooperation. For a example in death guard, Mortarion and Typhon hate each other. Even when a great unclean one pleading for them to work together, they did reluctantly in the end but to their own ends.
I just personally have not come across with diplomacy in chaos with good faith in mind for common cause.

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