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On the Sliding Scale Of Cynicism Vs. Idealism, I like to think of myself as being idyllically cynical. (Patreon, Ko-Fi.)


In many ways, Bon-Bon and Lyra consider themselves to be exceptionally lucky ponies: after all, they have each other. They also have a place in Ponyville's society, paying careers, and regularly-scheduled days during which they both actively consider divorce as a prelude to wildly galloping through what would ideally become the smoking ruins of the former society. Because when you own a candy shop, it's never the holiday. It's the day after.

And when a married couple has been avoiding a discussion about something real, it's everything.

(A stand-alone, no-prior-reading necessary part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group. New members and trope edits welcome.)

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Awww! Sweet, at the end!

Lambvent for Advent, I think? Or name is Advent-ref, while it's timing is for Easter?

Woah, a Fallen. We've never seen them before now, as a POV?

Nice system for Lyra's career!

And also cool origin for Bon Bon's Mark!

Earth Pony... Hmm...

The mention of "blood"-borne illnesses, and it not being resolved even semi-conclusively, makes me think there will be an issue... But that's Law of Conservation of Detail talking...

But how Lyra filled out the form, so sweet!



with occasional doubts as to who went were)

who went where

"Bon-Bon smiled. It was the warm, contented smile of a mare who sent the police station a very large, totally-not-a-bribe free gift basket on every holiday."

(Makes a note of that....)

I think I enjoy the side characters in The continuum more than the main characters. A little bit, at least, cause I enjoy them all. But your Fluer, Mr Rich, and now Lyra and Bon-Bon are definite favorites of mine.

I love your take on these two so much.

I would love to see them as a happy familly of three, Or four.

Again, this story made me glad that I dont work with the public or with sales. But Bon Bon should have gone for a simple 25% discount, they were the only one in town with anything left to sale no?

Very nice indeed.

Your productivity amazes me, and it's one of the things that keeps me coming back to fimfiction: I know there will be piles of crap to wade through, but there's always a decent chance there will be a new story or an update by Estee.

I criticize at times, perhaps at times too harshly, because I have the social skills of a boiled cabbage: but I get solid enjoyment out of 90% of what you do, and that keeps me looking.

This gave me diabetes. The good kind.

Is Lyra's early life talked about in another story somewhere? I'm sure I've read some of this before. Something similar, atleast.

Not in the Triptych Continuum. Possibly, you're thinking of Pinkie's family or another author?

There's her bit in the CDA stories.

Well played, Estee. I really enjoy your take on these two, and somehow expect that Pinkie is the exception to the medical emergency list, given her habit of considering such trifles as physics and anatomy as optional if there's a good joke it.

so 'Fallen' 'Falling is like what Joyus Parents were before they got cured of the stuff?


Estee, I hope you write more like this. You excel at stories like this. It’s a privilege to read. Congratulations.

What an amazing story. I love the way they complement each other and how Bon Bon uses her old bullying habits to protect Lyra when customers upset her. The customer service was strong with this one. Bonbon's rant about the town conspiring against her on holidays and not actually registering customers as real ponies until they'd come in at least 14 times was too real. As was Caramel's brilliant note to squeak out of work on the post holiday rush.

The ending was sweet. I love the idea for the holiday, it's so perfectly Equestrian to have a day officially set aside just for appreciating how cute lambs are. Name is clever, too. I do find the idea of grown sheep having the discernment of children kind of disturbing though. Same thing with the heat season, it's almost too alien to be able to reconcile the ideas with fully sentient beings.

In a strange way, the last canonical bits as S9 winds through makes heart-tweaking stories like this all the sweeter for nigh nothing to compete against them.

(Also, the first time prices get bumped up the last hour of the holiday and 50% knocked off THAT a day later will be an epic use of wit.)

Oh that.. that was sweet.

Hopefully they’ll get the chance to raise one or two in your universe.

[Clementine will remember that.]

LyraBon, lambs, confectionery and worldbuilding. This story delivers. :yay:

Hooves didn't tap to the beat: hooves couldn't keep up and besides, it was a reminder that time was running out.

100 seconds left!
Actually, given the sweet shop OST, Lyra probably would make for an amazing video game composer if the technology were there. Recordings in general seem safe. Play it once and it's replayable as long as the medium holds out.

Good to see a few more ponies in Dulci's corner.

The oldest history texts claimed that ponies had once possessed a breeding season: a single time of year when they would be interested in sex, and it would just about always lead to foals. Modern ponies didn't have that.

Now that's very interesting. Is this paleontological data, or has ponykind actually demonstrated such a dramatic biological shift over the course of recorded history? And if the latter, how much was Discord involved?
Furthermore, I can't help but wonder how modern protectorate species lived through his reign. I can't imagine it was easy. But I digress.

That is a brilliant origin for Bon-Bon's talent.

"Did you know there's a school horror story about lemon drops? The candy? That if you name a pony Lemon Drops and raise them just right, you can turn their entire body into the candy?"

The Admiral's legacy lives on.

I figured that was what they weren't talking about. Brilliant work all around. I can see why you forewent the Romance tag, but the closeness here is deeper and more caring than what I've seen in some shipfics. Thank you for a great read.

Not exactly. That was a chemically induced talent boost, and because the Releases' talents were active actions rather than something passive like sex appeal, they were compelled to focus on weather surveying to the point of monomania. Lyra falling into her mark was a psychological feedback loop combined with social isolation. It's a case of poison versus addiction; one can be cured, the other can only be fought.

The glass door opened. The world blurred and in doing so, blurred pink. The actual words , once slowed down in memory enough to approach comprehensible speech, went something like this.

pinkie always brightens my day!

uh Miranda rights... you could have been slapping cuffs on him, bonbon was technically fully and completely supported by the law.

Wroth #23 · May 1st, 2019 · · 1 ·

Verbally yelling at someone does not = being forced through several display racks (wooden and metal I assume), along with being flung face first into a door.

Escalation and use of force far above what is needed, giving a death threat (If the sternum cut is an indication) along with the hush field's psychological effects are vastly above and beyond the ideal of force required for the situation.

excessive force at best and most courts would throw the charge out because under the Vulnerable Persons Act how he was treating Lyra is equal to a physical assault.

Hmm... Chances of Their baby being the first that Luna treats?

And sometimes, if you were very unlucky, were relatively new in town, had seen #1 and #2 in Ponyville's unofficial physical power rankings (Big Mac and Snowflake, with occasional doubts as to who went where) without asking any questions regarding the most commonly-proposed #3, it was going to be Bon-Bon.

Probably because #1 and #2 are generally level-headed, known for patience and restraint, and carefully manage their strength in a lifetime of being worried about accidentally breaking something or someone.

Whereas #3 is just looking for an excuse to break someone.

Is the filly Tootsie Flute?

Did you know there's a school horror story about lemon drops? The candy? That if you name a pony Lemon Drops and raise them just right, you can turn their entire body into the candy?"

In other words--and not to sound smug at all--I didn't miss my chance at all. :heart:

You are not helping. If you want to help, just keep in that the legal definition of every law is available at from the PEOPLE WHO MAKE THE LAW. AT ALL TIMES NO LESS. Jeez.

As for verbal = physical assault.... whenever you want to prove something like that just keep in kind that the definition for every crime is available to all in the criminal resource manual. We do live in the information age after all. Throw it in their face.

Here is the Criminal Resource Manual, section 1610 on the legal definition of assault.

Here: https://www.justice.gov/jm/criminal-resource-manual-1610-assault-18-usc-351e

He said she was lying about having extra stuff in the back. Not a threat, just stupid & insensitive, and unfortunately, being stupid ain't a crime.

Let me give you both some advice. If you are right then all you need to do is look up the law. If the person you are arguing with doesn't read it, they just are robbing themselves of knowledge. Can't do nothing about it, so give them the resource and move on.

Moral 1: Fact check every thing you know, because assuming just makes a- were on a pony site you know whats up.

Moral 2: You can not force people to learn. All you can do is put some knowledge in front of them and hope.

Moral 3: The shortest way to get people to not listen is to treat them like they are stupid. So stop doing that. Both of you.

You both are smart, just be less stubborn.

“Half price?! Have we all gone mad?” - Dr Venkman

“You got your family drama in my business humor!”
“You got your business humor in my family drama!”

This story is a Reece’s cup of sweet, yet slightly bitter goodness. Most enjoyable.

Cute, even though your way of delaying revelations drive me up the wall. Still, cute :twilightsmile:

I loved the inventiveness you showed with Lambsvent and falling. Would you mind if I used the falling reference in my own stories?

I.. Was just pointing out why Miranda Rights was possibly going to arrest her instead of him. I did not expect three large blocks trying to refute me in a manner. :rainbowhuh:

Number three eh!

I knew there was a good reason not messing with Agent Sweety Drops...

Look. Okay, so I do go and get chocolate directly after Easter when it's on sale, but only for a top-up (if I haven't had tons and tons) and AFTER I already bought and gave everyone else Easter eggs, and I don't get tons and tons... *looks over to full sweet-tin and new secondary sweet-tin* ... Look, I only bought one extra Easter egg, the packets of mini-eggs don't count AND I bought Mum an extra dairy-free chocolate orange one because she's been having it rough laterly (I'd have bought her more than one if I didn't know she'd rather not have the temptation of that much chocolate, especially when she's not feeling well), plus that will last me for, like months and stuff, come on, it was from ALDI, for Lichemaster's sake, it's not like your own homemade high-quality-stuff or anything, stop glaring at me like that Bon-bon!

It wasn't that Caramel was a bad employee. You couldn't justifiably call him 'bad' when the word 'horrid' existed and possessed its own permanent bookmark in Bon-Bon's inner dictionary.

IMO, you ain't a real boss until you've fired someone

(Current stock only.)

If Lyra is any good, the regular price is such that the sale price covers their costs + a small profit. :pinkiehappy:

The single best word to describe the impact was 'rebound'. Bon-Bon lived by a philosophy which said everything else had to get out of the way, and so the stallion was essentially bounced. Unfortunately, the word which described the follow-up landing was 'crash', because he had to fall somewhere and while Bon-Bon had paid quite a bit for her display cases, the reinforcement spells had just been out of her price range at the time.

The law on the use of force in the USA
1) Must be in imminent fear that yourself or another will suffer death or grievous bodily harm.
2) This fear must be objectively reasonable.
3) The response must be reasonable
4) Even so, you have a "duty to retreat" (What this means varies wildly from place to place)

Bon Bon possibly gets in trouble on point one -her fear that Lyra will get backlashed isn't imminent
(Lyra isn't casting yet)

Lyra, I'm sure that casting a spell on someone is assault BUT Lyra cast an area effect spell
It wasn't directly cast on anyone, could be negated simplify by moving a short distance + is harmless.
(Yeah, that's splitting hairs but IMO Unicorns make up a lot of the bureaucracy & they would push for rules like this)

Bon-Bon took a step back, and Sun streamed through glass and sign, with the blackened words blocking the rays. It meant their shadow fell across her fur. She was emblazoned with her own pain.

Bon Bon needs to be a lot less internally dramatic, because damn.

You know, this is probably not a good way to run a shop.

"Good. Let me go talk to Lyra, verify that he was verbally abusing her, and then I can try to put his tail back on the train. Pushing him with his own words helps." The dark-furred mare began to turn towards the kitchen. "You can't keep doing this."

No kidding.

Magical lesbian spawn! Given this Bon Bon, and this Lyra, I'm guessing the foal is going to be very musically loud.

This story took so long to get around to saying what it meant it could have been a politician.

I had not read any of the Triptych Continuum stories before now, but the writing style, along with the lore that seems to be in place has definitely convinced me to start reading them.

And here I was having just climbed out of the last rabbit hole I fell down with fics...

I interpreted that Bon-Bon was like Babs Seed, a blank flank who was a bully so she wouldn't be bullied(for being a blank flank). Then when she was stopped from bullying others she got her cutie Mark for candy making.
A cutie mark for thievery kindaoff defeats the idea that Cutie Marks are neutral and can be used for good or ill(as someone in comments of Totine stated the scammer could have become an investor with her cutie Mark.)

"legs next the fence"
"legs next to the fence"?

Very nice. :)

"Furthermore, I can't help but wonder how modern protectorate species lived through his reign. I can't imagine it was easy."
Maybe some of them were too boring to be worth focusing on?
Though also, now that you mention it, I also wonder what they were like before his reign. After all, might be funny to take a great and powerful civilization (...and now my imagination is helpfully providing me with the image of an entire nation of Trixies) and reduce it to what we see in one or two of the modern protectorate species. Not sure why the Elements wouldn't have fixed that, but there appears to have been some complexity in what they did and didn't restore; it seems like it's still plausible.
(And of course, where there's an ancient and lost but once-mighty civilization, there's presumably space for a Daring Do book or two. Hm, trying to herd some sheep into the Ancient Lost Whatever to work a genetic lock might be an interesting plot point, particularly if Daring and her nemeses-of-the-book are competing to be the last voice the sheep hear. Hm, and particularly if, say, some ancient sheep sorceror-king hid his undead soul away from Discord to retain his mind and power, and has been waiting these many long centuries for a new vessel...
...Oh, wait, that might actually be usable as Grogar. :D I hadn't even thought of that, at least consciously; my brain appears to be in a rather good story-spinning form at the moment.)

Heh, I was thinking rock music too from djthomp's comment, though not death metal specifically. :)

(And 9600064)
"I interpreted that Bon-Bon was like Babs Seed, a blank flank who was a bully so she wouldn't be bullied(for being a blank flank). Then when she was stopped from bullying others she got her cutie Mark for candy making."
That was my initial interpretation too, and I think I'd still lean that way. However, looking back over with Amanda Hayes's hypothesis in mind, I can see how it does actually seem a bit ambiguous. For one thing, it did kind of sound and seem like she was more practiced at being a bully than Babs Seed was before she stopped.

"A cutie mark for thievery kindaoff defeats the idea that Cutie Marks are neutral and can be used for good or ill(as someone in comments of Totine stated the scammer could have become an investor with her cutie Mark.)"
I disagree here, though; I think it's still in the application, though of course some cutie marks are easier to turn one way or another. For example, a pony with a mark for theft is presumably good at spotting vulnerabilities, and for turning the mark to good could reduce those vulnerabilities instead of exploiting them (security systems, self defense training, anti-robbery police...). I'm not thinking of any others at the moment, but that one came to me pretty quickly and seems to have a fairly wide range of applications within it.

"This space reserved for a more detailed comment."
Ah, hm. Do you think, when you put that up, you could >> us again please? I think that should send us new notifications, though I'm not entirely sure.

Regarding the teaser:
Well, I think a lot is still in the application. I suppose there's a potentially important difference between whether it's inherently a good thing or in practice, here a good thing. Gentle Arrival, as you mention, turns a cutie mark that would have generally been considered good to supporting acts that generally would not, and as I was talking about below, some creativity and good intentions can probably turn even an Evil mark to good in a lot of cases (maybe all, depending on how the system works). So inherently, I'd lean towards neutrality. In practice, though, we should also consider how cutie marks are handled in society, which is that good uses are encouraged. And that might well tip it from being neutral to being good.
Though combining that with your last point, I think they could fit together:
If all ponies were, somehow, good-natured with fundamentally and unpervertably good talents, pony society would be unlikely to develop methods for handling ponies that did not fit that. Even if such a pony never cropped up due to random mutation or mind-altering accident or whatever, there are beings other than ponies in the world, and some of them can pretend to be ponies. Getting potentially harmful talents and having some ponies who will turn not just them but good-leaning talents to harm does mean that ponies have to deal with the problems that causes, but it also means that they'll try to find ways of doing so, and those with negative-leaning talents who do turn them to good can be of potentially greater benefit in this due at the least their greater understanding of the opposition.
So, good point, it seems like. :)

I think Estee has it that Cutie Marks are always good, and that bad ponies turn their cutie marks towards evil. There is no such thing as a bad mark only bad ways of using them.

To Amanda's point on bad cutie marks acting as getting dirty. If you got a cutie Mark for killing ponies you could never rehabilitate without denying who you are at your very core, how is there any positive to that possibility? Also to point to that if Bon-Bon' s mark is for thievery then shouldn't we see her in Pain everytime she sells something? Shouldn't the effect of ignoring her mark effect her much more then random bursts of justified but overblown anger?(don't mean to attack you just disagreeing with your conclusions)

Mm, might be a matter of interpretation of definitions between marks being good and marks being neutral there, but it sounds like we mean pretty much the same thing?

Regarding a mark for killing ponies, well, yes, if it was really that narrow, I'm not sure how to best get out of that, unless Equestria needed a new executioner. I'd guess that such marks, if they occur at all, are very rare, though, and might only crop up in association with other problems.

Regarding Bon Bon's mark there, though, hm. Good point. Though she does sell them rather than given them away or something... yeah, I'm leaning more back towards my original interpretation now, I think.

Oh good lord, I've missed your writing. That was wonderful.


Bon Bon needs to be a lot less internally dramatic, because damn.
You know, this is probably not a good way to run a shop.

I think that's part of the point. Most of Estee's characters have pretty deep flaws of one kind or another; the fics tend to be about exploring how they manage to make a life for themselves in spite of that.

That's on top of the "what if ponies were literally as crazy as they're depicted in the show?" that Estee's been going with for Equestria as a whole.

It's a fascinating approach, and it seems to work quite well.

"offensive leg gestures" made me think of this fan-comic:

Lyra on her back, with her forelegs behind her head. (#12: three sessions and one follow-up to see if the shoulders had been properly recentered in their sockets.)

i swear, i've seen Rainbow Dash in that pose at least once in an actual episode...:rainbowderp:

There were also two framed family photos, because that was what you got on a desk. One showed Bon-Bon's clan, and the pegasus photographer had needed to pull a long way back and up before the entire crowded pasture was in frame. The other displayed two mares: one cream-hued, the other light green.

oh, this reminded me of a fan-comic called "heartstrings" on Devianart where Bon-Bon was the only earth pony in a unicorn family...

Bon Bon the Bully. I love it.

There's a pattern I hadn't really pieced together until thinking of it just now, and perhaps this gets explained in the main story which I've yet to sit down and start on. This version of Equestria is a terrible place to live. Every random pony is entitled, greedy, rude, abusive, and ungrateful. The system they live in seems chronically incapable or unwilling to protect them from anything. The stallion Bon Bon battered had legal justification to use lethal force to defend himself under laws in the US just from her first attack. When she stood over him while he was robbed of his hearing and made a threatening gesture, then continued attacking him, he had every reason to fear grievous bodily harm or death. Yet the police just let it slide, because Bon Bon admitted it was wrong of her to do and she bribed them.

This is a recurring theme in the stories in this setting. Again, not sure if that's covered in the main story, but this is definitely not the Equestria anyone wants to land in after falling out of a portal. It resembles one of the lesser circles of Hell.

No, this is a better version of reality: One where people acting badly face very real consequences.

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