• Published 20th Apr 2019
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Honour and Glory(hole) - Norm De Plume

To yak, there no glory in 'gloryhole'. Where glory in that? Why Yona have to take matters into own hooves to restore glory?

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Yak have good friends.

No charging, no smashing, not now. Yona marched slowly, putting her hooves down deliberately. Her head stayed up, horns held high, and she kept her gaze fixed ahead. This was how a yak met her match, with dignity and courage.

Indeed they do:twilightsmile:.

“Ocellus is holding down the fort back at school,” Silverstream said. She lounged casually on her side, tail swishing, but she looked ready to spring at a moment's notice. “She'll make sure we're all seen around the building, or in the grounds.”

“All of us,” Sandbar put in, appearing from around the other corner of the booth, “because we won't trust just anypony with you.”

“We're the backup,” Gallus said, head poking down from the rafters. “Smolder's the real muscle, since she could handle everyone on her own.”

Smolder nodded, flexing a bicep. “I'm the bouncer. Any stallion doesn't want to listen? I'll punch him right in the dick. Then we'll see how he feels about being pushy.”

“And I'm the inspector,” Silverstream chirped. “No one dirty's getting through to our Yona.”

“You are the bravest of us all,” Gallus told her. “Could not pay me enough to examine dicks.”

They're all right behind you Yona:twilightsmile::pinkiesad2:.

“I feel so dirty !” Ocellus wailed against the oak surface. “And I'm so sooooore! Don't wanna turn into a guy again for a week!”

Oh Ocellus:rainbowlaugh:!!!

Ocellus blinked big eyes at her. “I accept cuddles as payment. Nice, relaxing, comfortable feelings. Also, feathers are nice on chitin.”

I'll cuddle you Ocellus:rainbowkiss:!!!

Silverstream blushed and nodded “Oh. Sure! We'll compare schedules.” She nudged Gallus. “Want to come, too? You've got feathers. We can make a hippogriffon cuddle pile for Ocellus, yeah?”

“Cuddle me,” he murmured, “and I'll tell every creature about the secret sketchbook you have in your dresser drawer.”


“Oh, okay. Just me, then.” She smiled brightly at Ocellus, who waved at them all and limped off.


Smolder watched the changeling go. “Okay. Once Yona and Sandbar get out, we'll celebrate her victory, and crown her with whatever glory she wants. This wasn't an easy Friendship project, but I say we passed it. Now, let's never speak of this again.”

Or she will burn you all...:pinkiecrazy:.

Nice one Ocellus and never speaking of it again is the right thing to do.

After seeing how Smolder being overprotective on Spike during their Dragon Lands trip ft. Fluttershy.....

This was great! And I loved the twist at the end though I thought Gallus had gotten in on the action at one point. Loved it!:pinkiehappy:

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