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I am not thrilled with Applejack being Mensk

sadly, she was the best pick for it and wanted one of the mane 6 to be on bad side. Plus, AJ and Dash have a history together, so other reason i went with AJ as mensk inspired role and Dash as SC2 inspired Raynor

Feels very OOC for her. Ratber not have any mane 6 in the Mensk role. Raynor didn't know Mensk at first.

if it feels ooc for her, i'm glad, that's what i'm hoping for! there's a big reason for it later down the road. In the next chapter, it focus a bit on the past and Firefly comments about AJ from the past and the future.

since this is inspired from SC world, some things will be different(not using the UED stuff from brood) or ideas taken from different episodes from SC or SC2.
the last few points that will led to the ending i have in mind for the whole thing, is something that i will feel will make readers go "oh! yeah, totally makes sense in this alt timeline."

Sorry but what you have done to AJ is too much. She would not leave Applebloom.

tbh, i had to do it but if u ever read the story ever again, just make sure to read EP9 and 10

still, thanks for reading these chapters

The premise is good, bit iffy on what happen to most of the alicorns. But AJ just kills this story for me. I just can't see her being like Mensk. Another pony should have been chosen for that role.

Also note. Ever make another story i will give it a try. I judge each story on its own not who writes it.

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